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Action Platforming Clean-Em-Up featuring a Slimegirl
Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 7 hours before the deadline

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Finally got around to playing your game. Things I've noticed while playing:

- Initial controls image doesn't fit to 3440x1440 screen
- Up/Down selection in menu could be "click to select next" rather than "hold". It cycles very quickly and there's nothing much to select from in order to gain from such fast scrolling.
- Whole UI doesn't fit to my screen or wider aspect ratio resized window
- Can't change resoultion from main menu. Pressing escape in rename screen just asked if I wanted to be named Jelysa
- Mouse selector could move faster when snapping to buttons.
- "Enter" keyboard button could also work as select
- I like elevator selector, the first person level select is nice
- Slime girl clips through window. You can use stencil buffer to make girl not to clip through window and render her nicely
- It's silly that you're breaking windows and leaving slime everywhere when you're supposed to clean things
- Sometimes you can get stuck in corners between boxes you want to jump on and not be able to without stepping back
- First level could be a lot shorter - it wasn't clear what collected trash will turn into and what is the main game loop. It could definitely be a mid-game level.
- Had the game paused for 2 hours. Coming back to it, changing menu categories was very laggy. Also entering/exiting menu froze the game for more than 5 seconds. Finishing the level fixed menu lag.
- Sub-menu title overlaps its contents 
- Objects nicely fade away, but things hidden behind terrain remain invisible
- Little robot bunnies can step inside you, avoiding further attacks
- Things spawned from enemies drop down the ledge
- I didn't know that pressing the button will end the level
- Restarted the level - noticed that instead of junk there's parts of my slime now. This is nice to see where I've been and not, but it promotes unnecessary grind to get as much junk as possible. Maybe your old splats could remain in the level instead as flat, which would be more consistent. And your old slime could become collectable after you finish the level or get promoted to a "better slime" which now has to collect own old slime, since it's "obsolete".
- Previous notice becomes a lot more inconsistent with glass - I can't remember which glass I broke last time, but they're all back and not slimey. Then some of them give completion percent, some don't
- There seems to be a little difference between doors that can be squeezed under and those which can't. I can't remember how first squeezable door looked like, but I keep wanting to try to squeeze under other doors and not being able to feels bad

Some thoughts: 

I've only noticed later after completing first level that I could shoot. It was fun enough to continue trying to collect things.

Platforming felt nice and consistent, except for one little thing I wrote down before - walking into corners and trying to jump on them sometimes doesn't work. I liked that there are defined edges in levels that I know that I can jump on. Everything is neatly placed in uniform distances. Some smaller edges were also jumpable on, which I guess is nicer than not being able to.

I really liked diegetic interaction with lobby things - cleaning myself and changing looks. The washing machine door was annoying to get past at first since it pushes you far enough to close itself.

Enemies. Chickens could be a little bit better at telegraphing their death. After killing each I had to wait few moments to verify if they're really dead. Deer were annoying since I couldn't attack-spam them to stagger them and kill, but I guess that's fair.

I like consistent quality in game assets - looks and sounds were very cute. I played around 40mins game time. Keep it up!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Good job! I recorded my playthrough - not sure how useful this is without commentary but perhaps it will help. 

I should mention that I didn't really understand what the two types of pickups are, or how the percentage one works. But you're off to a good start, and I like the textures. Not sure if this is 1MA but the music is pretty decent too.

Also, please add controller rebindings! I was playing on a Dualshock 2, and the pause menu got default mapped to R1.


Pretty good. Premise and combat are pretty simple but platforming felt pretty good. Maybe add some kind of movement ability like a dash or run, something to break up walking. The real question is who cleans up the piles of girl goo after shes done?


Thanks! Glad you liked it

Later on (possibly next update) there will be upgrades for faster movement and some movement abilities, also upgrades that increase attack speeds and reduce the simplicity a bit

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The presentation is top-notch, I love it. I like the sound effects, music and pixel art textures.

I found the camera a bit restrictive when you're moving south. It's not clear what the items represent and do. But still, they were fun to collect.

Good job!


Im really glad you loved it~

The junk you collect is mostly a means to buy upgrades with after they get broken down into Minerals. The camera I may adjust a bit, thanks for pointing that out


Combat feels really slow, what with the player standing still to attack. With both combat and platforming I feel you should be leaning into your character's unique abilities more.


Later on there will be upgrades for faster movement and some movement abilities, also upgrades that increase attack speeds