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Destroy the gem!
Submitted by HellDev (@HellDev1) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline
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As others have stated, I tend to get stuck in rooms with no way out. Most of the time it just dead ends and there's nothing. I had to restart 4 times before I had a large level, but then this happened:

Obviously the procgen needs some more work. Though, I'm not adamantly against it like some of AGDG, save the fact that it can get stale and samey. Otherwise the game is fun, nice quick controls and the weapons are cool. Ice sword is the best obv.

also am i playing as mickey mouse with a helmet on or not

Keep it up though, this has promise!


Yea, honestly I'm not even sure whats wrong with it right now.  Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to play my demo!

The game controls really well and the Ice Sword is fun to use. I kept getting stuck in rooms with no way out. Maybe have a way to see the stats for weapons like a window when they first drop or one when you walk on top of them out of combat.


I was actually planning to make an armory screen similar to risk of rain.  I hope weapons will be fairly intuitive since I want to avoid too much UI getting in the way during gameplay. I'm glad you like the feel of it though.

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback


***.zip the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves***
-you exported with the Debug option on, which keeps the console window open
-why is the screen square, let it resize properly
-ice sword OP
-procgen is garbage, got items stuck in walls, couldn't reach level areas -- would not matter if  you could destroy walls
-QE should cycle the weapons not turn to them

Game is smooth and sounds fine, but the procgen is garbage.
Base is solid, need some ironing.



-intentional, it's a shit demo with lots of bugs so if someone runs into weird shit maybe they'll be able to send me a screenshot of the console

-to make risk assessment symmetrical between vertical and horizontal areas.  Nuclear Throne dev Rami has a great video in this. Dunno if I'll keep it though.  What do you think?

-fuck yea

-yup, I'm just learning procgen.  Very placeholder.

-q cycles between the two held weapons.  E picks up an item on the ground, dropping your held item.

Glad you like the base and thank you for leaving feedback

Lots of bugs in your proc-gen code. I've spawned inside isolated rooms with no way out, had treasure chests and enemies spawn inside walls, and had to give up halfway since the path to the next room mysteriously cuts out for a tile.


Yup, sorry about that. Procgen is very placeholder and shit right now. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback though.