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I forgot to fix the bug with the gem, currently it crashes the game if you break the gem after restarting.  If you break it in one try it should work.

The shapes are ammo, currently the ice sword uses the mercury symbol.  I need more in-game feedback to indicate that, I think a simple +10 Mercury (or sulphur, antimony, and zinc) would be a good start.

Bar under player health is gold/exp a la original dnd rules.  Level ups don't do anything yet but will let you pick a power up between stages.

Anyways, thank you for the feedback!  I'm glad you remembered my game.

Did you ever play the X-Men game for the Sega Genesis?  Thats what the sound effects remind me of.  Lots of nostalgia there.

Also its an interesting game but I find the movement and combat unfun.  The swings don't feel that impactful to me for some reason.  Maybe I'm not the target audience but I did really like Dark Souls.  Hard to say whats wrong about it though.

Yea, honestly I'm not even sure whats wrong with it right now.  Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to play my demo!

Yup, sorry about that. Procgen is very placeholder and shit right now. Thanks for playing and leaving feedback though.


-intentional, it's a shit demo with lots of bugs so if someone runs into weird shit maybe they'll be able to send me a screenshot of the console

-to make risk assessment symmetrical between vertical and horizontal areas.  Nuclear Throne dev Rami has a great video in this. Dunno if I'll keep it though.  What do you think?

-fuck yea

-yup, I'm just learning procgen.  Very placeholder.

-q cycles between the two held weapons.  E picks up an item on the ground, dropping your held item.

Glad you like the base and thank you for leaving feedback

I was actually planning to make an armory screen similar to risk of rain.  I hope weapons will be fairly intuitive since I want to avoid too much UI getting in the way during gameplay. I'm glad you like the feel of it though.

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback

Yeah I tried to make an html5 version for demo play but it didn't work. Should be reverted to download mode.

Its meant to be multiplayer dungeon crawl, also yea.  I gotta figure out how to lower the default volume for it.  Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks man, I've seen your comments on a few entries and you seem like you give really good feedback.  Next demoday you won't get stuck and maybe I'll even have the end of level mechanic in place, but probably not.  I want to work on making the multiplayer  functional soon.

Yes, thats exactly what I mean.

Pretty cool!  I think the health and stamina bars could easier to see.  I also agree with jdoe that it can be hard to tell if you are actually lined up with enemies due to the scale+perspective.  Really Jdoe gave great feedback that says pretty much anything I would say.

Cool game, some of the level assets don't read well though.