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***.zip the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves***
-you exported with the Debug option on, which keeps the console window open
-why is the screen square, let it resize properly
-ice sword OP
-procgen is garbage, got items stuck in walls, couldn't reach level areas -- would not matter if  you could destroy walls
-QE should cycle the weapons not turn to them

Game is smooth and sounds fine, but the procgen is garbage.
Base is solid, need some ironing.


-intentional, it's a shit demo with lots of bugs so if someone runs into weird shit maybe they'll be able to send me a screenshot of the console

-to make risk assessment symmetrical between vertical and horizontal areas.  Nuclear Throne dev Rami has a great video in this. Dunno if I'll keep it though.  What do you think?

-fuck yea

-yup, I'm just learning procgen.  Very placeholder.

-q cycles between the two held weapons.  E picks up an item on the ground, dropping your held item.

Glad you like the base and thank you for leaving feedback