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Thanks, haha. I don't really know anything about music-making. The OST is actually all royalty free music I've found. The song with the vocals is this one.

Oh, I see. I'll look into that. Thanks again!

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It's no problem. Thanks for taking the time to play the build and writing such lengthy feedback!

Currently there's no mouse control in combat, but for the next demo I'm planning to make battles playable with both/either. I'll try to make the other screens playable with both the mouse and keyboard as well. I'll try to think of a good way to remedy the portrait problem, whether it be moving the enemy UI further up or something else. I'll try to make it more challenging. There will be some enemies that can "lock" the polarity bar into certain ranges for a period of time. I'll try to think of some encounters that force you to use it as well. I'll also adjust the tooltips to be a little more descriptive/consistent in terms of damage.

Settings: Thanks for reporting those. I will check them out. I wonder if it happens on Windows but I never noticed because I hadn't wiped a certain player pref or something on my machine.

Battle: I'll check out those issues with hard mode and bar-manipulating in menus. Thanks!

Bleed: Was Bleed removed from the enemy after you attack it or after the Bleeding enemy attacks? When Bleeding enemies are attacked with a physical attack (either basic or skill), the attack does more damage and the status is consumed.

Since OT's textbox only displays the number as an int, if Jean gives each character a <1 amount of OT, it will still pass, but will not change what is displayed. I decided on that to stop too many flashing numbers from appearing.

There's no party member dialogue after defeating Mizar - maybe I should've added some to thank/congratulate the players though!

Regarding the sound effect when selecting skills... Thanks for pointing that out. It seems like each time you select a skill it plays the sound effect n+1 times... Very weird.

Thanks again for all your feedback! I'm glad the Linux build seems to work as well as the Windows one.

I didn't want to leave the town because the song is so comfy. I like the character models a lot. It's really cool seeing this game come together.  When I returned to the town zone after entering and leaving the zone to the left of it (Sixton1->Sixton2->Sixton1, I guess?), I ended up stuck in the trees and needed to restart.

I really like how different the battles look compared to the first demo. The lighting seemed a little off for the character though, but overall it looks great visually. I love the attack animations though. Maybe the background pattern moves just a little too quickly, if anything.

Really good job. Can't wait for more. I can feel the SOUL.

I uploaded a Linux build. Let me know if that works better. Otherwise, I can't really target it since I only have a Windows machine. I'm sorry.

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Yeah, I have to figure out why that's happening. I'm not sure if it's because the characters are drawn at a high resolution or some other reason when I'm setting up the sprites in Unity.

Thanks for playing!

First of all, thanks so much for such incredible feedback. Waking up to this has really made my day. I'm glad you like the characters, art style, and found it fun to play. I always feel weird posting progress in the threads because the game is mostly UI.

I wonder if I can change the appearance of the scroll bar to indicate you have more skills below, or have an arrow that appears in the top/bottom right corner when there are further possibilities. What do you mean by 4x2 though?

I'll try to think of ways to make the Bio Seeker health peek stand out. Whether it be some change to the panel or an additional animation in the screen center. For skills to do their max damage, you have to be at the proper OT limit for that skill. Avicenna Beam's is 40 while Headshot's is 3, so it takes a while for ABeam to do max damage. You can pass OT with Isaac's Believe and distribute OT with Jean's Self-Care, so that can help mitigate the waiting. Each enemy does have their own weaknesses/resistances to Bash/Slash/Magnet/Digital/Nano, but it doesn't show up in the Bestiary yet. Generally  a full powered ABeam will do a lot of damage(10k-20k) if it's been charged up.

I'll fix that status glitch. What it should be doing is displaying 4 at once, but rotating through them slowly to show every status a character has when it exceeds 4.

Jean is my favorite too! I'm glad you like her. Thank you again for playing and taking the time to leave such a large comment.

The story seems cute and I like the art/models a lot. For some reason my movement was locking up at the start. It happened after I moved to the right during the WASD tutorial and again after coming from the chest. I was able to move again after pressing C/Tab/~ several times. When removing an item and opening up the shop, the menu and buttons were void of text. The UI for selling an item was also missing text so I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.

The house sinking into the ground when you are behind it was a neat effect. Overall I thought it was pretty neat. It has a lot of potential.

That sounds great. Definitely looking forward to seeing more!

Card games are fun. I like that it's simple, feels just like the type of game you would find in a place like this. The portraits and biographies of the characters are great to look at and read. I love hand-drawn games. The strategy of figuring out what card you should place based on what has the least-likely chance of being countered is fun. The NPCs snowballed me a few times though which was funny. Is the AI different for each?

Are you planning to take this further? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with to supplement the card game matches.

The character sprite art is really cute. Having the character snap back to the center was a little disorienting for me. I was able to receive the beach ball but had a lot of trouble with the volley ball so I was probably misunderstanding the gameplay/controls. Seemed like after I set the ball I couldn't hit it again - though maybe I'm supposed to charge and hit it back with that?

Looking forward to seeing this developed further.


Some sort of signposts or being able to talk to the radios to get the low-down on the controls would be cool. Maybe the markers for your dash should pulsate so they stand out from the background?

The visuals are really cute, nice job!

This looks very different from the last time I played it! I like the sprites for the cats. They are very cute and creative. The classes themselves are creative too. I like how rather than a generic Healer class, you have the Fisherman and Kingpin. I'm looking forward to seeing what other actions you give these classes. The animations that you've finished are nice.

I think it would be helpful if you had a glowing outline or something around the cat whose turn it is. When I cast South Paw as the Brawler, my sprite would occasionally change to the Ronin. It can also be a little unclear when the enemy is attacking you. Some kind of notifier like a window popping up by them would help or maybe them flashing like I remember some old Final Fantasy games doing. Overall, I like how this is coming around. Great job!

Thank you so much for playing it! Is it difficult to make out the characters from the background in both the novel and battle scenes or just one? I think I’ll try placing thicker lines on the outside of the characters  

I’m gonna play around more with the battle UI in the future to make it playable with a mouse so I’ll keep those skill and enemy memory options in mind!

The low poly is very nice looking. The spell animations look great. I think it would be nice to be able to select a skill before moving and having the character move into the appropriate range. That would avoid having to double-back between the icons/tiles to see if moving to x spot would let me hit the enemy. I like your mechanics, with move and actions consuming the same resource, allowing you to perform multiple actions per turn.

Looking forward to seeing more with some updated UI and sound effects/music.

This is cool. I really like the visual style. I think it would be nice if PP filled up when you returned to camp. I would also like to transition between the tower and camp without having to go back to the title screen - but I'm sure that's something you already noticed and am working on.

The first person camera was a lot of fun but I also found it disorienting at times. When playing the Fighter, attacking moves you a few steps forward so it was very easy to lose track of my surroundings in the more difficult encounters. The fire mages were the hardest enemy I came across. Much easier in third person than first - because attacking them at melee range sometimes pushed me too far ahead and I could no longer see their tell.

The environment looks great though. I love the atmosphere. Can't wait to see more.

Firstly, thank you so much for playing it and giving such detailed feedback.

I agree that right now the balancing is pretty off. I keep going back and forth with how much time skills can add because I want to avoid the player waiting around doing nothing, but at the same time enemies feel too slow as well so encounters are pretty simple. Right now Attack and Defend reset your time completely, but I’ll experiment with having them instead lower it by a certain amount. 

The time penalty shouldn’t be carried between fights so I’ll have to fix that. The non-battle stuff hasn’t been fully decided yet but you likely won’t be exploring a big world. But I’m still debating how to present it. The party spends a lot of time in a spaceship so I’ve been flipping between a hub similar to the prologue’s but lively with more interaction, something Danganronpa-like, or top-down 2D with sprites.

I’m glad you like the art. I agree that Jean is a cute!

No problem! I’m looking forward to playing it again next Demo Day!

Nice job! I love seeing other peoples Unity RPGs. The sound effects for attacks during battles are really nice. The player model is nice as well, though I think I would prefer the option of being able to zoom out the camera more. Can't wait to see more!

And submitting 51 seconds before the deadline? You are very daring.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! And I love this comparison.

I had seen your progress posts and really liked your art - I had no idea it was a browser game. That's cool. Is the whip making contact with the enemy only at the tip intentional? That made it a little inconvenient to attack Crocs or hit the block-changing orbs. I do like the mechanic though. I only played it in single player but I'll have to find someone to try out the multiplayer with.

Cute as heck though... I love Raxy.

The furthest I got was Room 10 of Dungeon 3! Once I understood how it worked it was a lot of fun. I really like the art for the enemies. What do the letters on the top left stand for? I didn't seem to encounter any bugs. Great job on this prototype!

This game is awesome. The setting and atmosphere reminds me of No More Heroes, which I love. Combat is fun and I like how you interjected humor into it too like the demon using the toilet in the mansion. I also encountered the pistol freeze, though it worked aftwards. There was also a time I used a medkit but it didn't seem to take effect. Can moving cancel the activation?

There's no point in staying asleep. Kamui will just repeat his dialogue. In the full version/later iterations you'll be able to make choices though.

Buffs and debuffs don't stack yet. They only reset the timer.

Thanks for pointing out those bugs for me. Protect always seems to break things for some reason.

Thank you for playing (again)! I'm glad you enjoyed the story mode.

No problem!

Even though it's in an early stage, I really enjoyed playing this. It has that Binding of Isaac sort of feel where I want to just pick everything up to see what it does. The spells are all a lot of fun to use. It's fun and I look forward to seeing where else it goes. When a large amount of enemies spawned at once, the camera continued to follow the spawn while others proceeded to attack me. That was the only thing that stuck out to me negatively, but I know that likely wasn't intended and just a result of it being very early in development.

It happened around here. I had went to the lake, returned to the castle, bought more health, and it crashed as I approached the corner. 

Thank you! I'll work on improving the general readability in battle.

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I'm sorry about the story mode bug you encountered. I just checked the build now and for some reason it doesn't seem to be taking you to a cutscene at the start of each chapter, just the placeholders and then sending you right to battle. I'm going to update the build - this issue was happening because I didn't realize the differences in reading text files in Unity editor/game itself. I'll let you know when it's fixed so that you can experience the story in addition to the battles.

I'm glad you liked the art! The UI is something I've been struggling with but I think I'm slowing beginning to improve it? I'm trying to reduce the different amount of colors I use to the white/blue/red/purples.

In Settings there is an option that will pause timers when you are in the skill select and enemy target menus. You can also disable the zoom there if you'd like. That should make battles more manageable for beginners. You could even turn on God Mode if you want.

I played as the Marauder and had both the Sword and Axe.

I really enjoy playing games like Puzzle & Dragons and thought this was a fun take on the genre. I think it has a lot of potential and your monster girls are really cute. The arrow effect for lining up orbs is really nice - great job on that. I agree that difficulty-wise it was kind of easy. I think orb-manipulation abilities would be really fun, whether it be spells you can perform yourself or attacks by the enemy. That could potentially make it more strategic as well.

Nice job! I think you've progressed a lot since your first demo. Movement feels a lot better. I couldn't beat the boss though, maybe add some kind of invincibility after you get hit because it's pretty easy to get juggled by the white things he shoots out. I don't know about others, but I had a really hard time just getting it to 75%.

I ran into a crash after repairing my armor and heading south. This was after going to and from the lake several times. No dev commands were used.

But overall I enjoyed my time with it! I'm really looking forward to seeing you continue to expand on it.

The cats are very cute. I think it would help to have some kind of tooltip in battle explaining what each skill or spell does - for example, I wasn't quite sure what Draw or Shadow did. The core functionality is there though. It was easy to select different cats when multiple were ready to perform an action. There was a weird issue where the same cat allowed me to enter in actions several times at once without the timer resetting, but maybe that was the effect of a skill I wasn't sure about. I can provide more info if you need.

I think this is a nice tech demo though! Unity is a fun engine for creating JRPG-style games. Keep up the good work.

Great job! I thought it was a lot of fun.  Some of the puzzles were pretty challenging.

When I spoke to the nutrient-giver, I didn't realize it was a conversation at first. I would put some kind of indicator that a conversation is taking place - maybe allow me to press the interact button again to go to the next line? Like others have said, it feels slow. I was rolling everywhere because walking felt too slow. That feeling may be magnified by the large field of vision. It seems cool so far and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Your base is really solid!

Thank you so much for playing! I’ll put an option to disable the camera in the menu next time - for some reason I have one in the editor but never brought that to the pause screen/options. 

Sorry about the bug related to enemy targeting and pausing. That’ll definitely be fixed for next time. 

I really enjoyed playing this. Your pixel art looks great. However, I found it difficult to read the red text against the background and although it isn't a problem as often - there are times it's difficult to read the white text as well. Maybe include an option to outline the words and/or use bigger text.

This is incredibly fun. I thought it controlled really well. I'm really excited to see where this goes. Web powers in the future, maybe?

Incredible stuff,  dude. It's great seeing your progress in threads but actually playing it is terrific. The visuals are soooo nice and the atmosphere is perfect.