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Alright, awesome!

That's not in the pipeline but I plan on eventually letting you rebind all of the keys; I can definitely add mouse button support then! But there's no use for cursor support as there's no real way to "aim."

I played this for all of 20 minutes last DD and didn't get very invested at all, but now that I have I find the whole game really unique. I haven't really played anything like it.

I'm not sure how to utilize the second damage level of some cards like the dagger. It says it attacks a lone target for 3 damage, or 1 damage. I assumed that the nondescript "1 damage" applied to multiple targets because of the "lone" specification beforehand, but it doesn't seem to.

It would be nice if there was some kind of initial notification that you were taking damage from hunger, but once I realized it happened that wasn't a problem.

Fighter doesn't get bread. How do you restore hunger to 0? Does bread even restore hunger?

I wish you could cancel out of some things or undo, I know that's part of the initial difficulty, but it was something I wanted constantly because I made a LOT of mistakes. It took a long time for me to even get to the dragon. I might be uniquely stupid though so feel free to disregard; that's not even particularly bad anyway. Sometimes it takes time to learn shit.

The dragon healed for 4hp, not 2. I can't beat it as any combination; I don't think I'm prioritizing the right cards but I can't really figure out what's most important. I would hit the dragon for 4 damage and then he would heal for 4 damage, rinse repeat. He never dropped below 26. Again, i'm Dumb so maybe I'm missing something.

The bat has hit me for 1 damage instead of 2 and I can't figure out why. I didn't have armor.

That was really fun though man. I can't wait until it's more polished because what's here is really addicting and infuriating at the same time; keep up the good work!

Absolutely, friend!

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This is hands down the best puzzle game I have ever played.

Good looking visuals/feedback and great sounding audio aside. It's the definition of the cliche "deceptively simple." It's just a bunch of squares. I mean how hard could it be

I'm without brains, so I couldn't get super far. And it took me quite a while to understand everything here, but once I knew the mechanics and the way things interact, finding the right solution to a puzzle felt so incredibly rewarding, even with minimal feedback from the game. That's impressive. The game makes me want to keep playing with puzzles alone.

And the puzzles are incredibly difficult. I think I beat six? Maybe seven? That's my only complaint--I wish I knew how far I was advancing. But damn. I really don't have anything else to say. Keep it up, and I'm going to keep trying to progress further. Great work!

Took me a minute to understand what exactly was dealing damage to me. Might need a bit more of a description as to what the directional arrows mean--but I mean I eventually figured that out, so maybe not?

I figured I was at the bottom of the screen, so I thought the enemies that left the screen on the bottom were doing damage to me for a bit. I agree with Rokas that there should be like a gameboard piece or something that represents the player which advances forward.

It seems like the rows of 3 crossbows (or whatever the side-to-side cards are) are kind of unfair. If you get 3 consecutive rows like that you just continuously take damage without any ability to recover health, relying on RNG to deflect attacks, and eventually die.

But I really like the idea of navigating a dungeon like this, picking your battles and taking best of the worst choices. It's really fun and I've played it quite a bit! I can't wait to see what else you do with this, there's really so much potential here. Keep up the good work!!

Yep that was it!! Alright I actually played it this time! As others have said it's comfy as heck, I really enjoyed playing it.

Jumping on a croc's head repeatedly doesn't reset the "down" timer so it just kind of pops back up while you're jumping on it.

If you move onto a screen from blank space to where a block is you get stuck, like this:

And you have to jump to get out. You can hit the colored block switches while standing inside of the colored blocks to get stuck as well, and that one requires a restart to fix. Gave me a chance to play as Corel though.  Are there any differences? I can't seem to find any.

The coin pickup things look more like arrows than pickups. I was trying to figure out what they were pointing at (i'm probably just stupid)

The bomb timer seems kind of random? Sometimes it would just explode immediately and other times it would take quite a while. Also, this is a small thing, but I didn't expect it to pick up automatically so I kept hitting S and immediately dropping it like a dummy.

I think I already saw something about this but that far left area underground is a REALLY tight spot, took me several tries to get out.

Overall I think it's an achievement you did this in HTML5! I wouldn't even know where to begin. It's very charming and all of the mechanics are tight/responsive and fun to play with. Great work! I can't wait to play more!!

Hey, this is what I meant by lines! On second glance they look like clipping problems maybe?

And no problem!!

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(I just saw that some stuff I said was already mentioned, sorry about that)

Since the text is orange I think the first highlighted text for "orange" should be a bit more contrasting than red, I couldn't really tell it was highlighted at first, but that's not too important.

The player seems to move really slow around the town while sprinting, and while it's not agonizing, it's still kinda tedious. The animation might contribute to the feeling of moving slow as well.

The camera gets stuck when you leave the alchemist's shop, and just points down like at the door no matter where you go. Had to restart to fix this.

Using the leftmost sign in Verdant Forest seems to soft lock the game--I start reading the sign but no text shows up and I can't exit.

If you place an iron short sword on the table when you have one in your inventory, one will stay in your inventory. So as long as you have one in your inventory you can dupe them and fill up the shop with iron short swords. A young boy bought 4 swords in one go and told me not to tell his mom. 

I didn't realize you could have 4 items on a table at first; I thought the papers were indicative of how many items I could place.

You can get on top of apple trees from specific angles directly after shaking the tree.

When I tried to buy the key from the lady it said my inventory was full and the key was lost. Somehow after talking to her the camera got locked in a position pointing at both stalls until I went near them again. I also couldn't pick up coin bags, which leads me to believe either the inventory is smaller  than it displays or a couple items can't be picked up.

I'm assuming time doesn't progress, and there's a lot of unfinished stuff like that, but wow! This is great and has a lot of potential. The shopping mechanics feel good, I can't wait until there are actual models, and I'm really excited about the exploring aspect. I noticed the gear/weapons you equip mostly have to do with bartering stats but it made me curious. Is there going to be combat?

Anyway, I like it a lot! Keep it up!

Hey I tried to play it but I can't seem to get it to work!!

I just see this with both characters from the start.

I like the unreal-esque application style start menu, though.

I haven't gotten around to playing this one before, but I figured I'd give it a shot and I am seriously glad I did. Sorry I didn't play it sooner! I spent so long on the menu reading through each piece for each breed; it took me nearly ten minutes to even get to the gameplay. It gets so in depth right off the bat! I love all of the different components giving different stats and access to certain abilities, and the various breeds all kind of fit to their own theme.

It's like your thesis is just: "Spore's cell stage on nanoscale steroids." And that's not a bad thing at all. I fucking love it.

I'm sure you know this but the breed description text extends into the adapted zooids selection pane so you can't read it very well. Also how do you pronounce that? Is it Zoo ID or Zoo-Oid or Zoid or what?

Even small enemies seem very smart and are hard to kill--they don't wanna get near anything I have to damage them with, and are ruthless as hell when they get close. But that seems to change when things get larger and have more mass, as they can't just frantically swim away anymore.

The grappling hook is fuckin brutal and I love it.

I don't like that enemies can just immediately pick up destroyed parts of their body as food to heal themselves; it makes sense but it seems kind of off, like maybe there should be a short timer before they can collect it or something.

Every once in a while I came across a green food item I couldn't pick up. It didn't seem to drop from anything, but was just there in the level.

It takes a very long time to recover lost pieces once you've gotten your ass kicked and had all but a few of your pieces stripped off. I sense that it's probably meant to be that way, but it just makes trying to survive a slog once your weapons are gone, and can be kind of irritating that you spend 5-10 minutes swimming around collecting enough green pieces to come back and then just get blasted away by some 50 clawed behemoth because your dash fin fell off.

Depending on your build/piece configuration, sometimes enemies can just push you against a wall and you can't turn anymore, so you just get stuck and die. I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily, it teaches you to be cautious while building.

It's very challenging and addicting and I'm gonna keep playing for a bit just to see what all there is to see. It's so polished and tight in most areas that it made me forget I was playing a work in progress. This is great stuff! Can't wait to play more!!

Took me a bit to figure out the controls/the fact that you have two weapons equipped by default.

I really like the art, and the mechanics are all pretty fun; reminds me a lot of Isaac and games like that! The enemy types are challenging but still fun, and I can't wait to see more of them. Overall it's very difficult and took me quite a while to get good. It was really difficult to understand what some of the abilities did, and Tana doesn't seem super balanced? (I literally can't finish a single area as her. Maybe her health is too low or maybe I just don't know how to play her well.) Speed just seems more important, like Malorin's default movement and Brogg's dash.

Reloading is painfully slow, and reloads from the bottom of your magazine no matter how many bullets you have. The cooldowns for some abilities seems too long as well, for example the 7 second CD on the grappling hook is kinda annoying.

I wish there was some kind of outline when you go under the bottom wall; it's hard to tell what's going on and I've died to it a few times because there are crates/barrels behind the wall that you can't see. Once you get stuck enemies can just surround you and pummel you to death, and even with spamming jump/dash I wasn't able to get unstuck.

Pits are kind of strict about your position--it doesn't seem like you can overlap that much before falling off. And it's absolutely infuriating to get knocked into a pit because of moving backwards while shooting or because an enemy kinda taps you.

I loved the Carmine boss fight! That was intense and incredibly fun. I just wish I woulda got something for beating him!! Also the boss music continued playing after I beat him.

It seems like for how many weapon upgrades there actually are, the player isn't given enough, and you probably won't see one before you die the first time, which is a mistake in my opinion. Upgrades are enticing and an important part of the gameplay loop, so I'd want to introduce one ASAP to familiarize the player with it!

This was honestly great! I didn't know what to expect going on, so I didn't have very high hopes, but this surprised the heck out of me. It's already really clean and polished aside from the few things I said above, and I had a blast sinking a couple hours into it. Keep it up! I can't wait to play more!!

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I didn't play this for so long because I didn't want to stand up and walk across the room to get my controller. But I did it. I moved for you.

The ship segment was incredibly difficult for me to understand at first, and I don't much like turning being on the bumpers (though the joystick seems to do something, I just don't know what.) At first I wasn't sure if I was supposed to go to the asteroids, or the tiny rapidly spinning planets, or the giant one, or what. I might just be an idiot though, so keep that in mind!

If you hit select while on the ship, the different hats just kind of spin randomly in the ship.

Pausing doesn't work outside of the ship segment.

You already said there would be collision problems and stuff, so I won't really harp on it, but I do have a couple things of note. If you jump too close to a wall you collide with the wall and won't do a complete height jump (not a huge deal). In that same vein you also seem to ball up in places where you shouldn't, making some potentially easy jumps pretty difficult. Landing near/while touching a wall seems to apply reverse momentum when I keep the stick held down, so I move opposite the direction I'm pointing.

I don't love the camera--it gets stuck behind stuff and generally makes platforming more difficult, but I can't really put my finger on why other than it getting stuck on stuff.

The platforming feels really good; it's really tight and varied, and I appreciate all of the little things, like turn around high jump and roll dashing. It lets you do some complex and interesting stuff, and I love how fast it is. The gex tail-spring noise for roll dashing is very nice.

I got out of bounds and found this lil ticket stand:

Kicking the pumpkin ball kills you after a few hits. Is that intentional?

I managed to collect all 4 super gems! Getting on the roof was awful and took me quite a long time, but I managed to do it!

Overall this was a great experience and a very fun platformer, my main complaint is that there isn't more content! Can't wait to play more!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you liked it!!

Alright I played it again! Much better than last time! You've improved it in almost every single way.  I love the little blocking projectiles with your arrows mechanic. My only real complaint was that the boss strategy is kind of simplistic, just stay close, wait for shots, back up a step, repeat. And the shots seemed like sometimes they would stop at my spear, and sometimes they'd go through it. But for what you have I was pleasantly surprised!!

Keep up the good work! I can't wait to play more!!!

thank you so much for playing! Yeah, I actually had fog of war in a much earlier build but I didn’t like how it turned out. It’s on the list to redo, for sure!

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I love all of the progress you've made! The art is so much better, and there's some pretty decent level design!  The platforming feels pretty good.

I wish I could say more but there's a really big problem, at least for me, and restarting several times hasn't fixed it. I can't use the tossin spear. I can attack just fine but right click doesn't do anything. I thought maybe it was intentional at first, but I can't get out of the pit.

I'm really bored alright
i unpacked your art and did this in the time i was gonna spend playing your game:

From the art on the page I can already tell it's improved significantly, and the sounds/music are great!

The first time I played I didn't even know there was a hud. It didn't appear until after I died. This is repeatable, happening 3 out of 3 times I started the game. It's obviously much easier to play with a health bar, and really adds to the tension, but honestly playing without the hud was kind of neat. I just kept on typing without any fear of death. Is that intentional?

Every text prompt after the first had the same block about a utilitarian accessory.

The varied enemy types are fun! The word difficulty curve is great.

The blocking mechanic is really cool, but I don't like to have to backspace the entire word when you miss typing the block. But is that part of the difficulty in a typing game? I don't know. I can't tell if this is a good design choice or a bad one. It would be nice if there was a delete-all key or even if Ctrl+A was allowed, but that's just me. And either way it's not that bad to deal with.

I wish the window for blocking a boss attack was a little bit wider than it is. It seems like the window closes right as the boss "casting" animation starts, instead of when the projectile sparks actually hit the character. Same with the floaty green ghost and his big chain.

But dang I wish I played this last demo day, it's really polished and nice; I can't wait to play more! Keep up the good work!

The game crashed a bunch randomly after shot jumps. The timing seemed inconsistent but  it would only happen after launching myself with a shot jump; location didn't matter, it happened anywhere, just not very often. I couldn't get a screenshot cus it happened too fast.

Falling into a pit just kinda crashed the game. Then when I tried to continue it just kept crashing with this error:

I don't like how much horizontal momentum is applied when I walk off an edge. The level design calls for pretty tight platforming, so it caused me to be very cautious when I approached ledges, lest I jump out really far and kill myself. It just slows down potentially fast paced platforming. Everything just feels kinda floaty when you're in the air.

But dang I really like this. Tiny lil platformers like this melt my heart. I said this already for another demo day game but it's not a bad thing at all: this reminds me of N+, except without all the wall jumping. I would love to play more, and I just might, but it keeps crashin on me so I'm gonna take a break. If I find anything else I'll comment again.

This has a lot of potential, I can't wait to see what you do with it. Keep up the good work!!

Nice, I was wondering if you were gonna post your game! I like that new DOOM-esque logo.

I spawned and died instantly. Good start. In fact, every single time I spawned I was surrounded by enemies and took damage.

Most of the menu options don't work, but I'm sure you know that.

Do those little shapes that you pickup actually do anything? And on that note, what is the bar under player health for? I can't tell if either of these change anything about the game.

Those little shape pickups/coins can spawn outside the play area (on walls and stuff) and can't be collected.

Destroying the gem crashed the game. 

But wow! That's a lot of progress! It's so much more fleshed out--the levels seem more consistent and I never got blocked in anywhere. Nice work, keep it up! I can't wait to play more!!

Clicking where the buttons are when you're on the controls screen will click those buttons when you return to the main menu, so I clicked controls and then promptly quit the game.

Footsteps kinda hurt my ears.

Aside from a couple annoying things like doors being automatic, I like your architecture/level design. And I'm assuming you meant for exiting through doors to take you to random places, which I also really really like. Adds to the whole strange vibe it gives off.

The statue "aphrodite of salamanca" says it "was no double crafted by aliens." Not sure if that's a typo.

Walking is kind of weird? If you look all the way down while moving you stop moving, and if you do it on stairs you start moving up the stairs.

Sometimes clicking on a painting from far away hitches the game a little bit; can't replicate it consistently. It might not have anything to do with distance away from the painting, that's just speculation.

The mushrooms under the museum are super rare and seldom seen, yet the area is littered with them.

The big pink dr. seuss area with the generated ground is sick. I love the weird shapes/objects embedded in the ground. Walked for 5 minutes in one direction just to see what happened. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Though the terrain can generate in away that causes collisions between pieces, and makes it hard to navigate

I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised by this. There's so much more than what you'd think from the outside. It's already very enticing just exploring what you've done, even without anything to really do (aside from reading painting/item descriptions). I really enjoy the atmosphere/world and most of the sounds. This is pretty unique and has a lot of promise, like some weird MSPaint Adventures version of Myst but not awful. I can't wait to play more! Keep up the good work!!

I really like what you've done so far! It controls well (save shooting the gun, which I don't think works quite right) and it instantly reminds me of SH2.

Hitting space at a sign with a text prompt up just repeats the crouch action (nice animation though); I hit it reflexively attempting to dismiss the prompt.

Lines on the character are an obvious blemish, but I like the filter.

Some of the camera angles last a long time when going far away (like around a corner), so you can't see yourself anymore and you're still moving forward. But maybe that's intended.

The ambient noise sounds very good but doesn't loop properly, there's a brief gap in there. I like all of the sounds effects, actually. The whole aesthetic is nice. Animations are a bit stiff, but it definitely hits on the "silent hill" feeling.

While I REALLY enjoy not being restricted when moving over varying terrain, it doesn't have enough restraint. I can scale the walls:

I walked around the flat lands looking for extra stuff for a few minutes before pitching myself into the light grey void:

The inventory clips through the ground/walls at certain camera angles. Or at least I think that's what's happening here. This was at the gun pickup spot:

If you're a bit too far to the right when you walk all the way to the top of the tower the abrupt camera angle change causes you to just walk off the staircase and fall down.

Anyway, I love horror games like this and I can't wait to play more! Keep it up!!

That explains it. I’ll play it again.

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hitting escape seems to cause some problems. while on horseback it just froze my horse in place and I couldn't do anything--had to reset. while fighting it freezes your camera in place and you can't attack anymore; had to alt tab out and in to fix that. also the AI just kind of stands around and looks at you if you walk far enough away.

when elf girls die they just kinda fall through the floor.

The capture heart is huge and hard to see through.

where does she put that sword when she puts it away????

I can't fight for shit, everything just beats my ass immediately.

anyway kawaii elf girl mount and blade sounds fucking great, please keep working on this!

Real neat man, smooth as heck once I understood what the hell the multiple keys for select were. I love the minimap also. Is there any way passed the tombstone or is this the whole thing? I always feel fuckin stupid when I play your games.

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I know this is basically a tech demo but hey it works! I walked in one direction for 5 straight minutes to see if anything would happen/break, and nothing did, it just kept generatin' walls, arches, and balls. I like the camera sway as you move.

Good work, keep it up!! 

Wow thank you so much!! Yeah I'm rewriting the movement controller it's just taking me forever.

I love your game btw but i'll post my Critique over there.

Thank you so much for playing!! I was goin for adventure so that's good to hear!

Good to know about the Xbox controller! I had no dang idea! And yeah, being locked in that first room is intentional, to force you to use that checkpoint (cus you start with 4 hp.) I meant to put a visible wall but couldn't get it in time. I'll change the text to "checkpoint set" or something instead of spawn point so you know what's happening. Jeez, I hadn't experienced that shield bug. Yeah,  LT puts up the shield, but when you let go of LT it should disappear. I'll look into that!

I literally just slapped the hud over there. It used to be fixed on the character's position so I did a rush job just intending to get it out of the way. I'll have the UI placed properly in the next demo, and it's actually going to look different--this is just the placeholder art, including the dark numbers. Using potions while being grabbed/attacked/whatever is actually intentional, because I used to have it disabled and it just wasn't fun to get grabbed with 4hp left and then immediately die. When the grabber grabs you it counts down his grab timer with any key/button press, so that counts all buttons on the controller. But now that you mention it I'm not sure I ever tested the joystick, I'll have to go check.

 I just redid the player movement controller and it was a rush job so the bouncy collisions are the result. Definitely intending on fixing that.

Thanks so much for your in depth critique, it helped a lot! I really appreciate it!

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As others have said I'm not a fan of the screen shake; I would be more comfortable if it was reduced by a bit, or had an adjustable slider, and wasn't applied to everything. But that's just my take.

I really enjoyed the gameplay loop. Even without sound effects; the juicy enemy death/coin collection, the punchy spells, the bouncy text when you pick up an item and the wavy damage numbers; it felt good and had a lot of weight. It reminded me of nuclear throne.

My major complaint was already addressed by Magbo, the camera panning away from you but the game continuing as normal.

Right click spawns a bunch of lil digglets like in debug mode.

I think I might've found a bug? When you end a dodge with the player on top of a bullet, it seems to apply damage multiple times. I lost almost my entire health bar from one bullet. But maybe it was just a really strong bullet. Also, a bunch of those digglet guys spawned outside of the play area at the end of level 2. Couldn't attack me or anything, so I had to use fire to kill them. I don't think I would've been able to get them without having fire.

I don't know what this is but holy shit it's overpowered:

The recharge time was faster than the attack animation (because I got so many power ups?) so I was able to infinitely spam them and just wipe the field. It can even hit enemies directly on the other side of a wall. Made it very easy.

Anyway it was super fun, great work. I can't wait to play more. Keep it up!!

and lastly, I got this crash after spawning digglets in the regular game and then killing them all:

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object oEnemy:
<blockquote>Variable oCyc.boss(100044, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_oEnemy_Step_0
stack frame is
gml_Object_oEnemy_Step_0 (line -1)
called from - gml_Object_oCyc_Step_0 (line -1) - <unknown source line></blockquote>

For some reason malwarebytes flags this as ransomware. I know it's not, but hey I figured I'd let you know

The sounds are top notch, and everything has a real smooth level of polish even though the level itself is just placeholder. I couldn't really find anything wrong with it, but on that note I didn't really know what to do. Is there a goal to navigate towards? I can't really tell.

Doors are kinda buggy whenever two people are standing on either side, so it just flops back and forth randomly until one person moves.

These giant pink flesh men are god damned terrifying. Dying was also very spooky and made me sad.

Great work though! It's very smooth and fun to play. Keep it up, I can't wait to see more!

I know you got called a whodev but it's apparent you're not shilling. I really like this game a lot. Reminds me of N+ or some of those other really seemingly simple level editor games.

I love the strange carousel RCT music. Really sets a mood.

Touching the sides of spikes kills you sometimes, but it seems inconsistent.

There's a bug where bullets would bounce off of me as I died and then stay in place (rolling on the ground.) Can't replicate it consistently.

The controls are a bit disorienting at first; I don't like having to change the direction I'm pressing for movement, but that might just be because I'm using keyboard--I feel like it would feel more natural with a joystick.

Lastly I think the "end of level" thing, whatever it's meant to be, should be a different color as well. Maybe blue like the player, or something, so it would stand out more. Because I had no idea that's what I was aiming for.

Anyway, I played all of the levels and the designs are pretty neat. I'll probably play around with the level editor later after I've played more DD games. This is really fun, keep it up!!

I don't really have much more to add that hasn't been said; it's very easy and it seems like too many same colored orbs spawn together, cus I literally never had a single problem defeating a girl. But I know you said it wasn't balanced.

Overall I like this style of game so this was fun and easy to play! Keep up the great work!!

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Small bug: pressing "back" on the options screen also automatically started the game when I came back to the main menu.

The music is great.

I'm a huge megaman fan so all of this critique is based off of that and what I expected.

I don't like that there's a slight pause after you shoot a sword charge shot; it's not like that in megaman so it threw me off a few times, but there really isn't a default charge shot like in megaman. I do like having more than 3 lemons on screen at once though, that's nice.

I expected dash to be on the slide hotkey but it wasn't, small complaint. I tried changing the key in options but I couldn't make it two keys (down + A) like megaman. I had to think of it more like the dash from megaman X.

And damn did it feel like megaman X. It looks like the original series but god damn, I swear those tanks that lob shots in an arc are straight from X. Those guys are why I felt like I needed a slide. The arc was perfect for a slide to fit under. 

Anyway, I like all of the weapons. The triple blade (I mean that's literally blade man's power from 10, except it doesn't invert the bullet path when you jump) is probably my favorite, though I had to use the sword to beat the last boss.

Very fun!! I wanna play the other demo because I liked this one so much. Keep it up!! I can't wait to play more!

There are a few typos in dialogue but that's not a big deal, I really like your cutscenes!

Reducing stats on the character select screen auto focuses the player name text box again.

I also got the "Ow that hurt!" prompt from Anna when attacking a bandit.

When fighting the big boy and Anna's first turn came, she just kind of stood there with the arrow over her head and didn't attack anymore, forcing me to restart.

If Anna dies while fighting, the boss continues to attack her and her death animation repeats.

This is great though; I truly love the blocky PS1 models even though it's kind of a meme, and the menuing is all nice and neat. Good work! Keep it up!!

dang this one is really fun!

I wish there were direct keybinds for yaw as well, but it controls well enough to play with the mouse. Aiming is pretty hard because of this; I can't really line myself up accurately with the mouse alone and muscle memory is making me hit the A and D keys to try and rotate, but I just do infinite barrel rolls. Also I can't tell if I hid something or if there's just no indicator, but I can't tell what missiles I have equipped or how many I have left. Aside from all that, I love what little art/sounds there are, and it's really fun to just fly around this huge open map.

Great work!! I can't wait to play more!

also I flipped my plane on the ground and got stuck