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I played this for all of 20 minutes last DD and didn't get very invested at all, but now that I have I find the whole game really unique. I haven't really played anything like it.

I'm not sure how to utilize the second damage level of some cards like the dagger. It says it attacks a lone target for 3 damage, or 1 damage. I assumed that the nondescript "1 damage" applied to multiple targets because of the "lone" specification beforehand, but it doesn't seem to.

It would be nice if there was some kind of initial notification that you were taking damage from hunger, but once I realized it happened that wasn't a problem.

Fighter doesn't get bread. How do you restore hunger to 0? Does bread even restore hunger?

I wish you could cancel out of some things or undo, I know that's part of the initial difficulty, but it was something I wanted constantly because I made a LOT of mistakes. It took a long time for me to even get to the dragon. I might be uniquely stupid though so feel free to disregard; that's not even particularly bad anyway. Sometimes it takes time to learn shit.

The dragon healed for 4hp, not 2. I can't beat it as any combination; I don't think I'm prioritizing the right cards but I can't really figure out what's most important. I would hit the dragon for 4 damage and then he would heal for 4 damage, rinse repeat. He never dropped below 26. Again, i'm Dumb so maybe I'm missing something.

The bat has hit me for 1 damage instead of 2 and I can't figure out why. I didn't have armor.

That was really fun though man. I can't wait until it's more polished because what's here is really addicting and infuriating at the same time; keep up the good work!


Thanks for playing!

I've definitely got problems with descriptions, I couldn't really figure out how to say that daggers do more damage to enemies that are alone very well. Hunger can't be restored by anything, but it certainly makes sense that you'd assume that bread would do that.

It's definitely pretty poorly balanced right now, the changes I made right before the demo kind of ruined it and I had a hard time getting it down to a beatable level that still had the same mechanics.  Having the wrong descriptions on the dragon doesn't help. I think the bat hitting for 1 damage was a bug too.

I'm glad you like it! I'll make sure to have something new for next demo day, I've already changed how the dungeon works a lot. Hopefully it'll be a bit smoother to learn.