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I like this a lot, glad the game is back to demo day again (and with an english translation this time!)

I think some of the bosses could be more predictable, to make it easier to avoid their attacks. I also think just spamming attacks at close range should be less effective, since it doesn't feel particularly satisfying as a way of killing bosses.

All combinations might not be winnable, I haven't really tested or balanced them

Thanks for playing! I should probably fix those bugs

I'll try and improve the text some more for next version, probably bump up the size some more.

The restart thing is known to be broken in that you have to finish whatever action you're on, but shouldn't loop, I'll have to look into that more.

Thanks for playing!

oh yeah, I've only set it up for that, I'll try and restrict starting resolutions in future builds. You should be able to drag the window to fix it at least

Thanks for playing!

I've definitely got problems with descriptions, I couldn't really figure out how to say that daggers do more damage to enemies that are alone very well. Hunger can't be restored by anything, but it certainly makes sense that you'd assume that bread would do that.

It's definitely pretty poorly balanced right now, the changes I made right before the demo kind of ruined it and I had a hard time getting it down to a beatable level that still had the same mechanics.  Having the wrong descriptions on the dragon doesn't help. I think the bat hitting for 1 damage was a bug too.

I'm glad you like it! I'll make sure to have something new for next demo day, I've already changed how the dungeon works a lot. Hopefully it'll be a bit smoother to learn.

I liked that you added more guns

pls no lives