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Obtain machines and explore. Buggy prototype.
Submitted by Plutoneus (@plutoneus) with 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Two vids for you! The second one contains a surprise. :)

Developer (2 edits)

super helpful! you said you feel gimped while in the 1st mech. While that is on purpose, I don't like that the player is 100% helpless vs enemies, so I'm giving it the ability to stomp worms to escape being cornered.

You also say "it'd be nice to switch in mid air" that will be coming too! in some way, shape, or form

you said the savepoint looks as if it will interact with the mech1 better, and it does, but most players will be holding down while jumping with it, that's why it just exited the checkpoint instead of letting you get it. I'll change the key as some players have been confused by it.

Yes the worm under the room is mean, I revamped my systems to no longer keep worms persistent and so it will appear("spawn") to the right each time you enter the room rather than in an unknown position.

"doesn't appear to be a charge indicator." it's in the works (in my head).

"bomb doesn't work on those guns" they will.

"weird how the bombs roll forward, or backward" it is, it's a glitch with some of the physics I haven't looked into.

Tab key will be changed. menu has changed in every iteration of the game, I'm starting to get stuck trying to deciding how I actually want it to end up.

I'm 14 minutes through the first vid, and I'm really hoping this surprise isn't you jumping out of the boss room ;_; (EDIT: god damnit, liq did the same thing LOL)

Checkpoints weren't really checkpoints this demo, more like a teleporter you're sent to when you die. That is changed already at the time of me posting this, theyre real savepoints now.

The boss will also be changed a lot, thank you for the suggestions on him.

His fire rate is terribly unforgiving, and so is being unable to jump as tank, sorry for the needless frustration. Balance will be tough but there will be changes I assure you.

Yeah sorry about being unable to continue where you left off (for pt. 2), the data will truly be saved at checkpoints from this point on.

Thank you immensely for the gameplay, your comments and criticisms. Feedback this dense often helps me exactly understand where I should take things next, and what to fix, etc. You're a great help!

You never opened the map. Which is not your fault. I will most likely fill the pause screen with controls and include a prompt to hit pause near the beginning of the game.


Did I break something? The boss didn't spawn. 

Gameplay video: 


You didn't get to the boss area.

Thank you for playing! you made me realize I need better hit detection on breakable walls. Your vids are a great help

Submitted (1 edit)

First off let me say that I thoroughly was enjoying myself with this game and the simple presentation is really fantastic. The art alone probably wouldn't work but the music cements the aesthetic and it works really well.

I think that your game could benefit a lot from coyote time. It's very easy to walk juuust too far off the edge and miss a jump which is frustrating.

I think that while the mechanics here are actually pretty cute and fun, the TAB button is just the wrong button. It is really, really the wrong button. It's super out of the way. Something that my hands are more used to reaching for on games with an arrow keys and spacebar control scheme would be more fitting.

You should probably ditch the platforms during the later phase of the boss fight. They really distracted me and made me think I was supposed to be using them, when in reality by far the best strat for the boss is to just strafe around the bottom of the screen shooting charged shots.

At first I was confused by checkpoints, I assumed they were save points, but in reality if you say, die after getting a new powerup, you still have it when you respawn, and your progress on breaking the walls during the boss fight are kept between attempts to which personally puts me off a lot.

Final comment, there should be a more gradual animation for the charge jump and charge shot. I was under the impression for the whole thing that the big guy can't jump at all until he's fully charged, and it's not super intuitive that different charge times fire the bombs different distances. A bar that shows how charged you are would be really nice.

Overall though this game is super cute and enjoyable and I'm excited to see how you expand on it further.


Thank you for playing and the thorough feedback.

Yeah the boss was just a bit rushed to where as soon as I finished him, and I dislike that the best route for the player is to sit on the ground and charge bombs for its entirety. I agree with what you said.

Checkpoints will work as real savepoints at some point, they were kind of hammed in as a safety net to not send the player back to the beginning, as it would be much too punishing. 

progress being kept on the 'stage' of the boss fight are also something I plan to fix, as it wasn't intentional and I just wanted the boss in the demo even though it's, to my standards, broken. The boss will be a truly restarted sequence in the future.

Ok I'll most likely have multiple keys for switching other than tab in the next demo, as I've already gotten a bit of feedback telling me that it's uncomfortable and hard to get used to.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the tips and suggestions.


The presentation and all the movement feel crisp and responsive, I'm not that good at platformers but I managed to get all the way through. I didn't realize that I would stay stuck to the checkpoint thing until I pressed down. Not really sure what the context of the Hello message is supposed to be. I did find my way through the glass to the worm fight, though. I liked that you kept your progress of environment elements (knocked down walls, shield disabled) through the checkpoint, but the pace the boss attacks and with so little health it was very challenging to get shots in/ charge up the jump to knock down the shield. All in all, it feels fun, looks pretty good, and sounds nice, I'd like to play a longer more involved level of this.


Yeah the boss 'intro' in which you're getting shot while having to hit the button is a little silly

Thanks for all the kind words & for playing. I hope to have a longer more involved game at some point, glad you liked it.


Very nice game! Love these small, clever puzzle platformers


  • Tab is a weird button in general, would much rather prefer something like A or S. Would also like a button to change to the latest suit.
  • I wasn't really sure if i beat the game or not, i came into a room where it said hello and then dropped out of the room and went i went back i think it faded to black? Also it has no save lol
  • Very nice and tight controls
  • your current level design is a+, keep that shit up really dope!

Yeah I suppose most of my control preferences are 100% personal bias and that will never work for everyone. At some point I hope to have remappable inputs. 

There is a boss at the end of the demo, you get there through a different room.

Thanks so much

-escape fades the screen to black
-the new Tab interaction is odd, but maybe possible to get used to; it seems like you're biasing the player to using the suits for as short as possible; I still feel cycling on tab would be better; alternatively, show the equipped suit at the center, so tab wouldn't do anything without a direction input, that is: only change suit when tab is released with a direction held (only works with 3 or 5 suits, including no suit)
-jumping from the checkpoint down, 50% of the time results in hitting the worm
-seems like "Hello" is the end of the game

It's polished up quite a lot since the last demo

Developer (1 edit)
  • I'm planning on changing the menu again to something radial, where letting go of a direction puts the cursor back to the middle. Of course it's gonna change 5 more times until I like it, but thanks for the idea
  • that's not the end of the game, I added a boss,  break the window
  • Yeah worm spawning isn't handled well by me and I'm planning on most of my work for the next months to be qol/code cleaning

Thanks for playing again, Rokas