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This is a good framework for a game, I'm interested to see where you take this, It's already naturally fun to just mess around with your group of minions; my main concern is responsiveness, it's not totally clear how to control the minions. Perhaps mapping an "all move to here" command would be nice, or the ability to drag and select a bunch like an rts.

Having a set of base mechanics that are on their own engaging, even without prominent challenge or polish is a good sign. Keep it up!

Thank you!

I'm gonna be completely honest, you'd be doing yourself a disservice learning from my code. I'm a designer before I'm a programmer and the way almost everything in this game is done is inefficient or poor quality.

The Game Maker community is vibrant and full of people that would be willing to help you learn to use the software, and I'm sure if you have any previous experience programming you'll pick it up quickly.

Thanks for playing!