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Max Payne meets Nuclear Throne. Shoot, dodge and save babies!
Submitted by Shotgun Anaconda (@ShotgunAnaconda) — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline

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Gameplay video:


Thank you so much for playing!

I noticed you didnt really go into slow motion that much, any reason you didnt want to use it or did it just slip your mind?


I was mostly just being too conservative, I think it's because I wasn't sure of how much slo-mo I had in the heat of the moment, maybe you put the health and slo-mo meters around the crosshair to make it easier to see.

Another gripe I have with the UI is how the ammo count distracts me when I'm not looking directly at the crosshair, I think it should be another color and not as bright as the crosshair.


Thanks! I will do just that with the ammo and overhaul the whole ui at a later stage.


Guns feel good to shoot and I love your mines, there's a lot of good juicy satisfaction with your equipment and I like how each gun behaves differently.

I like your enemies! I hope "Maskie" and "Big Boy" aren't placeholder names because cute stuff like that can keep my attention when I'm struggling with how hard your game is (which isn't a bad thing.)

It's not super clear that slow down is a toggle and not something you hold down right click for. I'd definitely prefer the latter given the option.

For twitch games like this where a lot of small objects are moving at high speeds, fidelity is super necessary and my eyes actually hurt after looking at all the crazy flashing that you have happening. Color theory and a more distinct way to tell the background from the foreground can help with this.

Enemies are crazy small and hard to hit with anything that doesn't have 100% accuracy.

On the bugs side of things my mouse kept disappearing which made restarting a pain.

I never used the sprint because to be honest even if it has i-frames it feels like it's just shooting me in the foot. Something more direct like a dash when you hit shift might work better here.


Thank you so much for the pointers!

You are right on pretty much all of it. I will have to work a lot on the clarity, i think i'm just so used to the game so for me everything is ok so thank you for pointing that out. Hopefully i can make a proper introduction/tutorial that makes controls clear but I agree that the sprint should be changed to a dash. 

The bug itself, was it in the menu or ingame too? Did the Crosshair disappear too or only the mouse?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is good stuff, very fun. Played it and had a blast. But then I got eye cancer from the screen shake and flashing. I think the pause when you hit enemies is excessive.  Shooting enemies point-blank with the assault rifle turns the game into a slideshow and throws off my movement.

Enemy bullets could use more contrast, and they could use some attack indicatiors because those bullets really come out fast outside of
slow-mo. The ripple effect when entering slow-mo was often disorienting since it reflects the main character and throws off my sense of my own location. The sound of bullets ricocheting all over the level is grating. Sounds in general could use some volume balancing, the sfx volume can be overwhelming. Would be good if there was some indication for when you can start sprinting again after you've already done it once, since there seems to be some kind of cooldown. Movement speed felt too fast to me, and player acceleration too slow. The sprint speed and friction is absolutely nuts, feels like you're ice skating.


Thank you so much for the feedback!

Movement is so hard to adjust since im used to it so it's great to hear other peoples thoughts. I will work on visibility and making things clear, i agree with you it's an issue right now. Also i appreciate the feedback on the camerashake and effects, it's personal taste but i think i might have gone too far haha. 


Decided to record a video since I didn't do it yesterday. Collision bug 7 minutes dicked me out of my prize.  I say go the Nuclear Throne route and make the shakes/pause adjustable or toggleable, that will please everyone.  Also another thing regarding visibility, the gears/chips have a habit of getting lost in the clutter, making them more visible would help.


Thank you so much! Very good points, i will make it adjustable in the end and clean it up in general.

Must say it's very strange but satisfying to see someone play my game haha, thanks bro!


Game seems very cool actually, I like it.

The slo-mo didn't feel very impactful at all but I may have been missing something. 

A suggestion I'd make is to say the name of the weapon you pick up, with a slightly hinting description. When I picked up certain things, the only indication of what hitting the trigger would do is the clip size. Even simple names like 'burst rifle' or 'charge gun' or whatnot would do wonders for people unfamiliar with guns like myself.

Also the subtle trap beats are nice and fitting, screen might be a bit too flashy and wild to tell exactly whats going on during fights, considering the amount of combat options there are.

Nice game


Thank you so much for trying it out!

Very good idea with the weapons name, i'll make it so the name flashes when you pick it up. Im thinking of making the camera shake and all adjustable in the settings. Thank you!


Fast and fun, but i'll second that it's confusing when/why/how you died, and that the screenshake is overkill; consider making the graphics higher-contrast so you can easily read what's happening; even with the lightsource on, the graphics are far too dark. Good job!


Thank you!

I'll have to work on visibility until the next version, playing around with how dark the game should be and clearing up sprites.

(+1) the folder with the game files, not the game files themselves
-first screen, I'm already sick of the screen-shake, leave it for tube stars, give me options to disable it
-impressed that the window is resizable
-forbid reloading on full ammo
-it's hard to tell whether or not you will pick something up or if it's just the background
-the number on the top-left of the reticle is annoying, at least change its color, I end up aiming with it, same goes for the recharge bar
-full screen gets disabled on death
-dying doesn't feel good when you can't see why you died
-sounds are ok, music gets repetitive

Yeah, it works fine but the action-packed thing you're going for doesn't attract me


Thank you for you feedback! I will make camera shake and things optional in the future.