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This is good stuff, very fun. Played it and had a blast. But then I got eye cancer from the screen shake and flashing. I think the pause when you hit enemies is excessive.  Shooting enemies point-blank with the assault rifle turns the game into a slideshow and throws off my movement.

Enemy bullets could use more contrast, and they could use some attack indicatiors because those bullets really come out fast outside of
slow-mo. The ripple effect when entering slow-mo was often disorienting since it reflects the main character and throws off my sense of my own location. The sound of bullets ricocheting all over the level is grating. Sounds in general could use some volume balancing, the sfx volume can be overwhelming. Would be good if there was some indication for when you can start sprinting again after you've already done it once, since there seems to be some kind of cooldown. Movement speed felt too fast to me, and player acceleration too slow. The sprint speed and friction is absolutely nuts, feels like you're ice skating.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Movement is so hard to adjust since im used to it so it's great to hear other peoples thoughts. I will work on visibility and making things clear, i agree with you it's an issue right now. Also i appreciate the feedback on the camerashake and effects, it's personal taste but i think i might have gone too far haha. 


Decided to record a video since I didn't do it yesterday. Collision bug 7 minutes dicked me out of my prize.  I say go the Nuclear Throne route and make the shakes/pause adjustable or toggleable, that will please everyone.  Also another thing regarding visibility, the gears/chips have a habit of getting lost in the clutter, making them more visible would help.


Thank you so much! Very good points, i will make it adjustable in the end and clean it up in general.

Must say it's very strange but satisfying to see someone play my game haha, thanks bro!