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Glad to hear it! And there's actually a decent number of good ones still being made, like GG Aleste 3, Natsuki Chronicles, Rolling Gunner, Aka To Blue, Zero Ranger, Crimson Clover, Sisters Royale, Super XYX. And even more awesome ones still in development, like Aleste Branch and Senjin Aleste

So the config menu recognizes your inputs, but the game doesn't? Try configuring it twice or quitting the game. I recall there used to be a bug like that but I thought I had fixed it

Will take some time, especially since I want to fill it up with content! But hey until then there's gonna be several demos, each one more or less unique probably.

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It's alright, I learned a hard lesson since I'm also responsible for this for not vetting him more thoroughly.

Thanks! Border art/gadgets, visible hitbox, ship tutorials/missoons are planned. The run timer seems unnecessary since it's an autoscroller, but a dedicated speedrunning mode/set of missions is something I'd love to add. I think there's enough incentives for aggression as is though since you get more energy, extra enemy spawns and higher damage. Grazing tends to do the opposite and encourage herding bullets while sitting somewhere safe, unless it's Psyvariar style grazing that is.

Awww yeah, good to hear! Fundamentals tutorials are quite important for me, still figuring out how to make them feel less tutorial-ish, and there's a lot more to come. Having those missions be available to new players helps me not worry about the arcade mode's difficulty very much.

The silver/gold medals are functionally the same, but since it's a cycle of 3 medals I wanted to distinguish each medal in the cycle visually a bit, probably needs some work. I'll definitely fix visibility though, common complaint.

Oh yeah that's a known issue thats a result of rushed TATE implementation, sorry about that one I'll 100% fix it down the line.

Thank you, we'll try our best!

Gotcha. I actually haven't added analog stick support yet so that would explain it, is there maybe a stick-to-dpad mode you could toggle?

Also good suggestions, most of it is on the list, besides savestates which while awesome would require a ton of work. Though I do plan on having "practice mode presets" of sorts that will serve a similar function.

Thank you! I'll make sure to write down some notes for that QOL stuff, all very handy and shouldn't take too long to implement. Though, why did you have to use JoyToKey? Does your joystick only use direct input without xinput support? I had to remove dinput because it was buggy, but software like x360ce should be sort out dinput compatibility.

Same, caravan time attack stuff is always a good time. It was always disappointing to me that so many games have one course split into 2-7 minute modes instead a fuck ton of unique courses, definitely want to have a crapton of these stages in Astra with their own replays and stuff!

That build is specifically made for people with older computers that dont support shaders, or people running the game on Linux via Wine. The custom ship palettes don't work there but the rest is identical.

Thank you! Framerate was rather low though, can set AlternateSync to 1 in options.ini that should give you a nice smooth 60 fps

Hell yeah! Great to hear. Was it the time attack stages?

Also yeah the direct links issue seems to be tied to a Windows update or something like that, it should be gone once I port the game to Game Maker 2

Wait, what's the issue with the config, couldn't you just rebind? Menus are quite iffy across the board though sorry about that one, will definitely fix that down the line.

Happy that you're liking it! Directinput joysticks aren't directly supported because game maker's dinput functions are buggy (at least in 1.4), you can bypass it with software like x360ce though. A joystick that uses xinput should work though

Glad you enjoyed it! Steam's 100% guaranteed (will most likely sell on itch and include steam keys), consoles are very possible too but I don't wanna make promises too early. Also gotcha & will sort out since that's either already on my list or really easy to fix


Probably E for the demo, it's quite abstract cartoony robot on robot violence with no visible human or human like characters. The final version will probably bump that up since the backstory is fairly dark and the violence will probably be less abstract as characters get added but idk.

I'll have to check it out! The French scene seems quite stronk from what I've seen. And yeah a french translation would be awesome later down the line once I set things up for convenient translating

Thank you! Yeah my bad about that, I kinda had to throw together the promo vids last minute so I didn't have time to rope anyone into some multiplayer games. Also if you've played co-op I'd love to hear what you think of it, I tried some wacky stuff with it and I'm curious how well that works in practice (if it makes you and your friend yell at each other that's a success in my book)

Aw shucks, thank you a lot! Really happy to hear that the scoring's clicking with you, it's something I put a disproportionate amount of effort into

Alright, similar to the crash the other person that tried Wine got and seems to be a result of shader incompatibility. I'll have to try releasing a build without shaders (unfortunately meaning custom ship palettes) soon and see if that works because if it ran great on Linux just from that it'd be great!

Hell yes!

Happy to hear it! Time to bust out my speech to text and translator

In the game's folder, open "options.ini" and set AlternateSyncMethod to 1. Also changing the Sleep Margin to something like 10 might help. Hope this works!

Thank you! Yeah the fullscreen thing kinda slipped my mind to be honest, since I'm so used to doing it the oldschool way! Also what seems to be the problem with TATE? Can't you drag the game's window into your second screen and then fullscreen it from there, and set up TATE in the screen options? And yes, feel free to post stuff here!

It really does seem to be an issue with Game Maker and either certain Windows or computer drivers, WoB was made using the same version of Game Maker so the shared bug is unsurprising to me. I believe the problem has been fixed in Game Maker 2 which I'll be switching to soon, but I'm glad the alt sync method helped! I had forgotten about that thing

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I've run into this issue before and couldn't wrap my head around it. Some rigs just can't get a consistent 60 FPS for some reason, doesn't seem like it has anything to do with specs at all. It SEEMS to be a problem with Game Maker. I'll be switching to Game Maker 2 very soon, so that may fix things

Yeah it should, very strange. Have you tried fullscreening it with alt + enter and disabling forced vsync? Maybe windows Aero too, hard to say.

Consider that bug fixed!

Want to share some of your thoughts about the game? Do it here!

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Report your technical issues here and I'll try to sort them out!

Common problems :
1.) Framerate is too low (<60 FPS)
Go to the game's folder, find the "options.ini" file and change AlternateSyncMethod to 1. Changing the SleepMargin to something like 10 could help as well.

I am stress but also excite

I'm joking, I do enjoy making it a lot. Just wish there were more games in a similar vein as a fan of both genres, is all.

Yeah getting close to the end now since it's gonna be a standard 5 levels. And thanks, it's the style of gameplay I love myself when I can find it. Sadly it's so rare I had to resort to gamedev myself.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun with it. I'll redesign the bosses eventually once I get all the main content finished, they're rushed and inconsistent now. The platform jump thing has been changed, added a dedicated crouch button too which will be there next demo.

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Here's another video. Not a whole lot has changed since the last version, it's still very fun and addictive to play but also very janky. I like having a dash instead of a run though, and the enemy bullets being slower makes for some really fun gunfights. But the game still has too much flashing, too much shaking, too much freezing and a lot of glitches. Path finding is still very weird for certain enemies like the knife and shotgun guys where they charge at me so suddenly it feels almost like a glitch. Enemies still get stuck in walls. Sound mixing is still all over the place too. Still wish the movement was tighter with less inertia. The bullet freeze power up feels useless. Grenade is surprisingly awesome and versatile though. Had a lot of really long hallways this time for some reason. Last is a small, extremely subjective nitpick but it always bugs me how the enemies keep their momentum even after you kill them. Makes the kill feedback unclear and thus a bit unsatisfying.

Yup, this is really fun. Love having so many mechanics to play around with in a shmup. Here's a vid. I've been having difficulty getting a feel for the melee attack's hitbox. It either feels massive or tiny, and there are moments where I felt like I hit the enemies visibly so) but it didn't register, usually when I try to hit enemies from the side. 19:51 was a bit frustrating, I got hit because I accidentally activated a special attack that I forgot even existed, instead of shielding. My fault for not refreshing my memory, but it's still frustrating that the inputs overlap in such an inconvenient way. Those wide aimed triangle bullet patterns feel a bit too quick for how much space they take up. It's very noticable during the second phase of the midboss where they're faster than both the aimed shots and the lines despite being more dangerous. 
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Oh man, my options screen is an unholy abomination. Try selecting xinput and then "map keys" instead of save and exit. Or maybe it was set to dinput by default? Save & exit should make your gamepad work though, so I'll have to go and check my code again. The config file should be in appdata/roaming/RRShooter, though if f4 didn't help deleting it most likely won't either.


That was a lot of fun to watch, thanks for playing! By the looks of it level 2 is gonna need A LOT more difficulty balancing.