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Dan & Friends Make Gamejam Games Mostly

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Thank you so much for writing this, we will treasure it always!

Great fun, if a bit short! You might wanna put the link to the ldjam page in the description!

Good call, thanks!

Very strange, thank you very much for letting us know!

Good stuff, i like the new systems you've added, but difficulty-wise, it feels like instead of playing level 1 and 2, i played level 3 and 15; it was fine for the first tower, since the puzzle areas came one at a time, but the massive rollercoaster area lost me. Maybe pad it out with smaller, more digestible areas, and introduce mechanics one at a time. Looking forward to your next build!

I did, thanks for letting us know!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play this and share your thoughts (especially since it can be a pretty frustrating experience), i got a LOT of good stuff out of this! Sorry for writing a small essay in reply, i just wanted to cover your points!

I thought that the lack of controller support was a pico8 limitation, but it looks like there's ways to make it work, so i'll definitely look into that. Unfortunately there's nothing to be done about the font, as it's the one that comes default with pico8; if i ever end up expanding this in unity or unreal, i'll solve that problem too :)

It never occured to me that it might seem counterintuitive for the player to get hit by arrows during a jump, that might be something worth experimenting with, as it'd relax the stress from having to dodge bullets AND land your jump properly. 

I designed the game with the idea that you'd have to play aggressively to succeed, and i made the arrows/machinegun pretty relentless to encourage the player to keep moving; it's not instantly apparent, but the enemies stop shooting arrows once you're in melee range, and they start charging at you with much less potent melee attacks; even so, i feel like it degenerates into a spamfest pretty quickly. Maybe it'd be interesting to increase that melee range and allow the player to block melee attacks as well?

Someone suggested i'd make the bounce-back arrows actually deal damage to the enemies, and i was planning to try and implement that as well. The reason why i never did it is because i thought it'd encourage sitting back and picking off enemies by reflecting the arrows in their general directions, which is also why i added a 5 frame cooldown to the sword-slice (i'd just hold down the attack button throughout the game as the player became virtually invincible to arrows). Still, it seems a bit wrong for those bounced arrows to never deal damage.

That's also why i made the 'sinister scimitar' upgrade improve that attack speed, but i'm not sure that's the best idea; i'd rather have fights be more like precision strikes, and less like spamfests. Maybe allowing the player to either spam, or charge his attack for a stronger/longer range hit would make it more interesting.

Like you noticed, the floaty jump and smash were designed that way to allow the player to jump large distances, and the pound doubled as a way to control where you land; that's also why i only allowed the player to pound while above a surface, otherwise it'd insta-kill you. This way, you can spam the pound and make sure you'll land on a surface. However, the player starts with a less-than-ideal jumping speed, which i nerfed when i made the speed upgrade/fad diet potion option. After 2-3 upgrades, you can really soar across the rooftops in one jump, but i feel like not a lot of people get to that point. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to immediately tell when the player is airborne, originally i wanted to communicate that via sound, but the dd20 deadline was too close and i didn't get to add any sfx in. Maybe that could solve part of the issue?

I've already implemented a few changes based on previous feedback, made the game pause before each round and show you where the player and the targets are, since i've gotten a lot of criticism about the player instantly taking damage, and not being able to tell where he is. I'll try to add your tips as well, and update the game soon!

Interesting! I wish it had a better splash screen (like a screenshot of the game), i just ignored this for a very long time since it looked like very little effort was put into it. I love the planet exploration concept, looking forward to a future iteration!

Now that's something i never considered, thanks for letting me know! Unfortunately the keyboard settings don't seem to be changeable due to the engine (pico8) restricting them, but it does have alternate controls on the keys C, V and N,M, so i'll add that to the tutorials instead. Cheers!

You're right, someone else also mentioned it so i'll definitely put that in soon. Thanks for taking the time to play and comment!

Good stuff, i wish there was progression since i kept wanting to play more. I love that you can reuse balls after they smash into enemies, i could see some neat combos happening, especially if the bounced balls had modifiers! 

I think it was just Avast hating some engines, i got the same problem for all the love and godot games i played for demoday; i ended up disabling the realtime protection thing and it stopped quarantining stuff. Still pretty weird that it decided these are "suspicious"

Very cool! After a few tries, i ended up just sticking to one shape though, constantly shifting took too much coordination and threw me off

Pretty fun! Maybe some stronger feedback on the weapons, some screenshake or something like that? Made me think of grim fandango, with the skellies and flowers

Just a heads up, avast REALLY hates your build; it won't let me run either 32 or 64-bit version!

I fucked up, i couldn't finish the tutorial. 

I got as far as lowering/raising the cages, but couldn't figure out what the point of the cages was (i only spotted the door in the video playthrough PHI made).  Maybe just poke a hole through the wooden ceiling so there's a beam of light falling on the door, so dumbos like me can spot it more easily?

 I've also spotted the ladder after i've already successfully bubbled my way up a few times (and fell), maybe it's that wood material throwing me off. 

Gun feels nice and the bubbles are neat, really fun to mess around with, wish there were more mechanics in the demo!

I died because i tried to shoot the girl instead of DABbing. Am i gay?

I think you could pick better keyboard controls, and i just skipped the entirety of the tutorial without any problem, maybe consider making the windows auto-pop up instead of requiring an interact. the character itself feels good to me tho, the combat and movement is nice, hoping for a more content-rich version!

It was great, the shooting feels great and the artstyle is neat, i just wish there were more enemies with less HP, at least in the early game, since it's a lot of fun to splat them; i died in level 2 and it felt like a bit of a chore (psychologically) to re-do level 1, since it's so long and it takes forever to get through the enemies. 

It'd also be neat if the dungeon rooms had a bit more varied geography, so that the FOV plays a bigger role. Also i stumbled across an OP laser weapon that bounces off walls that made fps drop in the 20s. I'd love to see some synergies like in binding of isaac, or interactions with the environment, like blowing up walls or pushing them in acid pits.

Keep it up, this is some seriously good shit, i'll play it some more because i really hope the enemies get more wacky with their attacks in the later game!

edit: made a new thread accidentally, i'll just put this here

Nice! You already know all the annoying stuff (known bugs) i was about to mention, so fix those and keep it up!

Fast and fun, but i'll second that it's confusing when/why/how you died, and that the screenshake is overkill; consider making the graphics higher-contrast so you can easily read what's happening; even with the lightsource on, the graphics are far too dark. Good job!