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pls gib feedbak :) Sticky

A topic by jormy created Jan 26, 2018 Views: 91 Replies: 4
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ok so first off, its kind of fun at the start, which is a good thing. Quickly, many flaws pop up though. so i'm just going to list them

the fire effects that come from one of the upgrades clutters the screen and makes it hard to see actual projectiles, that I need to dodge.

there needs to be a more clear indication that i took damage, such as a screen flash or shake and a SFX, currently its hard to tell.

no map makes backtracking and getting lost easy which isn't a good thing in this case.

I have no idea how certain upgrades worked. E switches items with the one on the ground but that's it. everything else was a mystery. 

the blink seems useless and unsafe something like a AOE short range spell or a sprint would be better

it quickly gets repetitive and boring, im sure you are adding more but make sure to up the challenge/ add new enemy's that do more than shoot.

for the love of god add controller support.


Ohh there is a map if you press tab, forgot to mention it in game 


It was great, the shooting feels great and the artstyle is neat, i just wish there were more enemies with less HP, at least in the early game, since it's a lot of fun to splat them; i died in level 2 and it felt like a bit of a chore (psychologically) to re-do level 1, since it's so long and it takes forever to get through the enemies. 

It'd also be neat if the dungeon rooms had a bit more varied geography, so that the FOV plays a bigger role. Also i stumbled across an OP laser weapon that bounces off walls that made fps drop in the 20s. I'd love to see some synergies like in binding of isaac, or interactions with the environment, like blowing up walls or pushing them in acid pits.

Keep it up, this is some seriously good shit, i'll play it some more because i really hope the enemies get more wacky with their attacks in the later game!

edit: made a new thread accidentally, i'll just put this here