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I fucked up, i couldn't finish the tutorial. 

I got as far as lowering/raising the cages, but couldn't figure out what the point of the cages was (i only spotted the door in the video playthrough PHI made).  Maybe just poke a hole through the wooden ceiling so there's a beam of light falling on the door, so dumbos like me can spot it more easily?

 I've also spotted the ladder after i've already successfully bubbled my way up a few times (and fell), maybe it's that wood material throwing me off. 

Gun feels nice and the bubbles are neat, really fun to mess around with, wish there were more mechanics in the demo!

I think you are a bit of an exception but I am planning on having more readability on the environment anyway.

There is a couple ways to get around the "puzzle", I wasn't even trying to make a puzzle out of it I just wanted to be sure that the player is familiar with contraption interaction but well.
In the future the player will have the ability to grab objects but that will only help you to slowly move them to other place.

Thanks for the feedback though, any amount of it it's valuable.