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Hey, you made it in time, and I don't wanna stress you with stuff but here is my list of annoyances:

-When casting a skill, pressing the skill button again or right click should "go back" to movement mode because sometimes I just want to see my aoe, just to make it quicker
-Choose which way to face when ending turn, FFTA did this I don't know why you didn't, if for you is another layer of depth and being careful with the way you move and face enemies is kind of meta at least make it an option that it can be done spending 1AP
-Why can't I equip magic shields to the scholar, or why I can't equip some weapons to some classes, specify what is for who, dunno if I missed it but seems kinda vital
-Some confirmation promp when choosing skills please, I missclicked and got a skill I didn't want would be nice if those are respeccable until you are done and move to the next area

Now with the bugs:

-Menus are quite fucked unless you play on 1920x1080, I was playing on 1440p and the shop list was hidden by the inventory screen, never found a way to hide it or move it, similar problems happened when I later played on windowed on a lower resolution than 1080p, at least they work on one resolution which is nice (oh okay I went now to read the game page and saw that you recommended 1080, ok sorry)
-I stopped playing because there is a fatal bug that happened 2 times on the second battle encounter where, if I killed a bloke after stabbing him with a spear two times in one turn, the UI vanished and never came back, making it unable to do anything at all, once fixed I'll play the rest of it

At least you have a build for this demoday which is great, wanna play the rest soon.

Hey, thanks for playing, this was a jam game and I'm not really gonna touch it but if I ever do more there will be fov and sensibility options as well as camera smoothing in case someone is fond of that.

As for the skulls I woke up the next day after submitting thinking that it would be way more fair if the skulls stopped near you and started exploding rather than just insta killing you in one hit, would have been way more fair but, oh well, it was too late.

Hope at least you had a comfy time flying around the maps, I'm really proud of how it looks.

Hey thanks for playing, I didn't really change the controls from that playthrough, I'm guessing it was PHI's one but I did add some more tutorial hints and changed a couple of things in levels to make things a small bit more clear. 

Which is something I did before sending it to the jam page and haven't touched the project since then as I want it to stay as it was for jam reasons.

Anyway I'm glad you had fun with it, seemed to me at first that not a lot of people get used to the movement and end up not having fun at all but comments like this reassure me that I'm not 100% insane, so thanks a lot for that.


WASD: Movement


Left click: Shoot stuff

Right Click: Grapple

If you win a stage and you don't know why, it's because all the big demons have been destroyed by the turrets, which often happens offscreen.

This game rocks!

Btw I want to apologise in advance to any new players. I was almost done with the level and at least the basic route endings were working, demoday came by by surprise and it felt like a good idea to upload a build but it isn't polished at all since I wasn't prepared.

So sorry.

Hey that's a lot of feedback, must've gotten many tries to at least get an endings, thanks a lot for the commitment. I'm uploading a build that fixes a couple of problems right now.

  • Sorry for the cavern not loading, I was trying out a new system to load levels, new build should be fine
  • I did code a way to lose sight of the player if they couldn't see you after a while but I did it just before uploading it so I didn't test it a lot, welp
  • I'm fine with the bubble being a bit chaotic, I want to touch it up for it to be a little more predictable but it has some degree of getting good with it which I like
  • I'm fine as well with being able to skip parts as long as you use systems and not bugs
  • Sorry for the C button thing, I removed it now, I totally forgot about that
  • I have a solid idea on how to manage saves and checkpoints for later in the game but as it is right now I think I'll just have to make the player less likely to die rather than making a real save system yet
  • Carts and AI systems might be a thing just for a certain kind of player, I think I can work towards making it more appealing and interesting to interact to. There is still a few things I'd like to add  to them but the important bit is to entice the player to try it out
  • I want to remove the camera speed restriction and just make the object move slower rather than the players head, that should work, I meant to do that for when they are in bubble as well but it wasn't in my list of priorities

Anyway it's a lot of feedback, thanks a lot for it again.


I think I got some sort of degree of skill developed through this process but the walljumps at the end felt like I got lucky or cheesed the system.

So, it's a pretty cool game, like some people are telling you, there could be adjustments to make things a little bit easier to get good at. My biggest problem though was the legs, it was hard to do a few rolls without them messing up and I ended up only being able to move rolling and jumping and by the end of the level I couldn't make a single step lol.

But anyway it's kinda hard to give a full impression based on this demo. I've seen you have other cool stuff in store that I guess you haven't had time to put in here so hopefully for the next demoday there is more stuff to do!

Hey yo thanks for playing!

I kinda forgot to turn off or change the sprinting thing for the tutorial section, it isn't meant to be able to go that fast early on but it's cool. There is a couple of ways to go above the door, ideally you would bubble the box in front of it and while being on it jump over the door, there is a chain thing that lets you climb to behind the door if you explore a bit of the level down below. Still I'm okay if you forced your way through as long as it didn't feel glitchy, which is something I'm still trying to fix.

I know that holding things suck but it's part of the point, I still don't have the needs to  show this to the player but the character you control is a small and young lady who isn't very strong and moving objects early on it's inconvenient on purpose because later in the game you would get a spell that lets you move around anything physics based, even enemies, but this isn't present in the demo. But if enough people complain about it I'll make it a little bit less convenient I suppose.

But hey thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

So I haven't played this last build for long but here are a couple of early impressions.

I don't know if this is a bug but in the world map I started an encounter with some dudes and I thought that would be just one fight but it keeps putting me up to fight new dudes up to three times which I think it's kinda tiring.

The main thing that has bothered me and I don't think this happened in the last build I played but my units keep running around on their own free will while shooting, which normally puts them out of cover and I wonder if this is a bug or they just have free will, if they move to get close to shoot with more accuracy I don't think that's good, I want them to stay where I wanted and take my chances from there.

Anyway I'll post more impressions later after I play the whole thing.

Please remove the motion blur or add an option to do so.

Never thought a one sided battle would get this epic.

I'm not big on fighting games I also don't know shit about Bushido Blade but it feels like it's lacking mechanics. I would expect a game like this to have blocking, parring, a faster way of attacking. I like For Honor and I'm kind of picturing that but in a one-hit kill style. There is a lot of dodging, blocking and parrying in For Honor and when both parts are low on health it gets really tense which is what I would love to see for this game.

Besides that, I didn't know at all you were making a game this cool, the aesthetics are really solid, the models super nice, and even the animations are well made which is rare in a 3D game, congratz.

Memes aside, the problem was that it doesn't feel like it progresses anywhere.

Well I skipped all the narrative but I liked the demo overall, feels like you are almost there to have a fully fleshed out demo that shows what the game will be all about.

My main nitpick is with the AI, they don't seem to be aware of each other not even at a minimum level and their reaction time feels unnatural and artificial. I'm guessing that giving them more human-like behaviour is something you plan to do anyway, it's just that I wished that they got startled for a sec after I starting shooting them and I also haven't noticed them moving strategically to search for cover or anything and that would be pretty cool. Since you have different ranks of enemies it would be even cooler if the higher ups moved faster or reacted faster but at the moment it sort of feels that the AI just flipped the switch between idle and combat state which feels really artificial.

The other complain I mentioned was that they are not aware of each other because I blasted half of the squad of this guy with a grenade and the other half with a exploding barrel and he hasn't moved an inch.

Poor guy maybe he is traumatised.

Anyway not the grenade neither the barrel alerted the rest of the squad and that annoyed me, it's probably easy enough to make a noise system or shared senses system between nearby characters and that would go a long way towards making them act like a real squad.

But anyway, congrats on the demo it was quite more polished than I expected and sorry for skipping the story but I get really bored with warfare plots and whatnot.

So the dance minigame started and I was wondering if it would ever end and after like a minute or so I supposed that wasn't going to happen so I closed the game.


That's quite fair, glad to know there is sense behind that decision.

Best of luck!

The joysticks make no sense, except that I know they are there because it's a default thing in UE4. Ideally in a phone game you would just tap in a part of the screen to go that way and since this game only has two directions to go to seems like an easy thing to do.  Also for some reason you can crouch which idk if makes an effect on the game since collisions don't work and you can also jump but only on keyboard.

Jumping doesn't make a lot of sense to me but I think it would be fun if you could like change gravity VVVVVV style instead.

Visuals are horrible and I guess they're mostly placeholders but I would rather look at plain colors.

Obstacles don't work but the annoying thing about them is that they get in the way of the camera, work on a shader that hides them after passing them by.

Camera is very wonky, consider adding a spring arm with a bit of lag speed.

Overall feels like something made over half a weekend.

It's a really weird choice that you decided to change the camera, I think that with the proper adjustments a third person camera could work fine. You are kinda using a camera that feels more appropriate for a 2D game but your game is clearly 3D, with ledges, ramps and pits which also collide with the fact that there is no jump button (wasn't there one in the last demo?)

Your game felt like it was going in a direction that would end up with exploration and interaction with all kinds of stuff but it's hard to explore comfortably with a camera that doesn't allow much free will.
I'd like to see the reasoning behind this change because I feel it only damages the game.

Besides that I don't have much to say, it was very short with an abrupt ending but with everything fleshed out it could be nice and comfy.

Not really, I guess I didn't express that enough in the description. This is more of a 3D environment showcase than a game.

All the keys are there tho and you can open the safe but I don't really know which of them you are missing but I would guess one is in the secret room, which you can find using a red book on a shelf. And maybe the Earth key which is behind the painting of Prometheus eating his son. The rest of the keys are around the room in plain sight so I would guess you got all of those.

Sorry for the trouble, thanks for playing it anyway.

I think you are a bit of an exception but I am planning on having more readability on the environment anyway.

There is a couple ways to get around the "puzzle", I wasn't even trying to make a puzzle out of it I just wanted to be sure that the player is familiar with contraption interaction but well.
In the future the player will have the ability to grab objects but that will only help you to slowly move them to other place.

Thanks for the feedback though, any amount of it it's valuable.


Cute game, the movement is quite wonky and I found no use for the interaction move of the knight but what I was thinking while playing is how nice would it be for this game to look like papercraft.

I don't really know and can't imagine what you look for in this artstyle or what the setting for the game is but the design of the main character and many props reminded me of handpainted papercraft stuff and since it's fairly low-poly I thought it would fit very well.

Couldn't move some rock that was blocking a cave, didn't find the room with the gears from the screenshot but I'm guessing this is a different demo from your last time and the content varied.

Very rude ending btw.

I did't like this gem

Project Sorceress community · Created a new topic Feedback

Feel free to leave any comments regarding the game here.


That's very kind thank you.


Damn, something is very very wrong with your walls (and boxes), I keep going through them by accident and that's the only thing that I find frustrating with the game right now.

Shooting feels pretty good, graphics and atmosphere are awesome. Keep it up, very promising.

>Also I noticed I can't deflect the arrows back to the archers, is this mechanic gone or needs more precision now? Because I couldn't pull it like I did in the build before.

Yeah that wasn't intentional, it looked really goofy that an arrow that had no strength whatsoever just touching other character damaged it.

The sounds are not your pcs fault, the game has no sounds. I would like to have them but I spent my time doing environment and interface and other stuff and since it wasn't needed for the assignment I just never added them. I would like to have them though, I know sounds would improve a lot the feedback received.

Played on Windows, the interface looked screwed up for some reason, the thing in the corner with the TASKS was cut, like out of the screen. And when I got to the door some text apparently appeared, I heard the sound of the text but no textbox whatsoever appeared.

I tried to play it on window mode instead of fullscreen but it didn't fix it.

I didn't really expect a complex game but the design in that last level was great, keep it up!


  • Good and ultracomfy music
  • Very very nice environment art
  • mushroom in games are my weakpoint, great use of them
  • spirit arrow mechanic feels great and polished, needs some feedback when you are using it wrong
  • Why did you make a place with nothing but spikes in the third area? It felt so cheap falling in it, I know you can see it beforehand but there is no way out once you go in it. I bugged inmediately.
  • MC's animations could be way better
I also expected a longer demo since you've been working for so long in this game but it looks pretty consistent what you have so far.

    The Good

    • Combat works ok
    • Attack animations give the feedback needed for an action game
    • Different items
    • Controls are ok but it would be nice if jumping was actually useful in combat or platforming

    The Bad

    • Claustrophobic feeling
    • Camera feels a bit like the one in dark souls when you play with mouse
    • Game is too dark
    • Stamina bar is very big but life points are quite difficult to see
    • Are you serious with that name?

    The Ugly

    • Voxel style feels forced
    • Main character looks like it's broken when makes an animation

    I guess you already know this but Paranautical Activity and Cube World have a more consistent artstyle than your game, these 2 games use a lot saturated colors, which feels really nice specially in Cube World. I would take them as a close reference if you plan on keeping this artstyle.

    I've never driven a car but having to pay attention to the driving mirror's felt very real to me. I didn't really cared about the goal of the game but it was nice to drive the car around.

    Horrible control scheme, I dropped the game after a couple of minutes.

    I felt kind of bad destroying happy pillows, I would make them look angry or evil in some way. I didn't really expected to receive damage from a cute happy thing.

    Fucking steamchat.

    Thank you, next version will be available the 8th of next month. And it would be a finished student project.

    What comes after that? Who knows.