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I appreciate it a lot! It was very difficult to come up with puzzle ideas for this game without any other eyes on it, so this will help.

Ok ok, usability went out the window as I progressed and my demos aren't even demos, but glorified broken progress posts. I understand. Haha no S is not down, it's just 'special ability' which for that mech is to charge a jump. I know the controls are dogshit and are based solely on my preference, and it's probably easiest with a controller. I'm sorry!! Yes the saving box is funky and repeats your action. The dust is a meme, yeah. Spraying coins was for debugging. I will look into the screen scaling. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing! Did you fall into a void or something? The Valley isn't in yet

This is really cool. This has potential to be amazing with more polish and less camera insanity. I'd almost say ditch the rockets because of how fun the sword is to use, but it's good that the rockets can hurt the player (I think)

game is extremely cute and charming. The watering can usually does not let me water in a direction that isn't up, even if I'm facing that way and the cursor is there. corn and eggplant palnted are nearly invisible at night - dawn. Also since going "fullscreen" with alt-enter isn't really a thing, maybe add a zoom option for us eyelets, I couldn't tell what the watering can meter was saying.

Again, super cute.

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Couldn't make a longer description so I'm commenting this for better visibility

Thanks so much for all this. Yeah saves need a lot of changing, they will be the first big rehaul I do. 

I'm very glad you enjoyed what you played, I know it's kinda long for a demo.

Good point on the high hp enemies, I should adjust that I think.

I unplugged pad after it was spinning me around.

here's a vid. Don't know if there's a win screen or something, but couldn't kill the last enemy because it got stuck in the ground I think.

Very fun game and concept, a bit floaty though, specifically on just a simple hop you kind of slide on the ground for more than I'm comfortable with, but that may just be your stylistic choice. I'd prefer a more stiff aerial mobility but only while not tethering. Feels good to tether and swing though.

final fantasy piano music version - excuse the rambling

show us the big boss!! Is there a way to access other enemies other than the dummy?

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super helpful! you said you feel gimped while in the 1st mech. While that is on purpose, I don't like that the player is 100% helpless vs enemies, so I'm giving it the ability to stomp worms to escape being cornered.

You also say "it'd be nice to switch in mid air" that will be coming too! in some way, shape, or form

you said the savepoint looks as if it will interact with the mech1 better, and it does, but most players will be holding down while jumping with it, that's why it just exited the checkpoint instead of letting you get it. I'll change the key as some players have been confused by it.

Yes the worm under the room is mean, I revamped my systems to no longer keep worms persistent and so it will appear("spawn") to the right each time you enter the room rather than in an unknown position.

"doesn't appear to be a charge indicator." it's in the works (in my head).

"bomb doesn't work on those guns" they will.

"weird how the bombs roll forward, or backward" it is, it's a glitch with some of the physics I haven't looked into.

Tab key will be changed. menu has changed in every iteration of the game, I'm starting to get stuck trying to deciding how I actually want it to end up.

I'm 14 minutes through the first vid, and I'm really hoping this surprise isn't you jumping out of the boss room ;_; (EDIT: god damnit, liq did the same thing LOL)

Checkpoints weren't really checkpoints this demo, more like a teleporter you're sent to when you die. That is changed already at the time of me posting this, theyre real savepoints now.

The boss will also be changed a lot, thank you for the suggestions on him.

His fire rate is terribly unforgiving, and so is being unable to jump as tank, sorry for the needless frustration. Balance will be tough but there will be changes I assure you.

Yeah sorry about being unable to continue where you left off (for pt. 2), the data will truly be saved at checkpoints from this point on.

Thank you immensely for the gameplay, your comments and criticisms. Feedback this dense often helps me exactly understand where I should take things next, and what to fix, etc. You're a great help!

You never opened the map. Which is not your fault. I will most likely fill the pause screen with controls and include a prompt to hit pause near the beginning of the game.

great game and concept. It looks really nice too. flying on a cloud endlessly might be a bit OP and boring, since you can fight him before doing anything else, which I did.

But I also got an error when hitting lightning bolt on normal looking guy

Daunting puzzle game, and it's extremely difficult and satisfying in my opinion. Love the visuals and effects, though the fisheye gets a little tiresome. You deserve a vid playthrough because of how many you upload on demo days. You might as well watch this at 2x speed because I've never felt this brainlet in my life. I didn't understand how blue squares worked until I was deep into one of the later puzzles. Also note I started recording in the middle of my progress on (I believe) the 3rd puzzle. 

I have to agree with a point rokas made, I don't like that black on the map indicates both unseen areas and normal ground. Also reading these comments I see there is an undo button I missed... oops. Enjoy this mess of a video, as I enjoyed your game quite a bit.

You didn't get to the boss area.

Thank you for playing! you made me realize I need better hit detection on breakable walls. Your vids are a great help

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>quits when you hit esc


Oh my god this game is a blast. I had so much fun in all the combat and exploration. 

I feel like these weapons are just clearly better than the others:

I love the weapon combination system, it's absolutely great. I was extremely satisfied getting to the top of the tower and destroying the last pillar. But please consider making it so enemies stop shooting when they are killed, most of my damage taken was from this.

I'm super excited to see where this goes.

edit: sound was a little hard to understand where things were coming from, but I know that's tough to implement (or I assume it is, I've never done 3d)

Super fun game, played for quite a while but didn't get to the big boss (I know he exists because of AWK's vid). I did kill Lefty though.

I absolutely love how you did the walls systems, and I very much like the combat. Rewarding players with checkpoints via kill count is also super neat. 

Excited to see more.

I became a strong yellow slime qt, with lots of power.

I love this game! It's very cute but I mostly love the combat, puddling to dodge and spinning my fists to attack. Camera seemed super stuttery most of the time. 

I wish I could attack upwards and downwards

good luck with dev

This game is wild, and difficult.

I like the upgrade system, though all I did was pour them into paddle speed, which made my experience as a whole a lot better. It almost feels necessary.

I like the game though, good luck w/ dev!

I played tipsy todd/drunk dave/off the wagon willie and it hurt

I got to level 12

I hope you're proud

Hard to tell how impactful these stats are that you choose at the beginning though.

pretty odd game, but it's fun and interesting. 

Very fun game, man.

When I realized the penalty/reward system for changing gears, everything opened up a bit and I enjoyed it a lot. 

I dislike how the enemies fade when killed, as with so many things going on, it's hard to even tell if you've fully killed something during a big fight. The sound is super loud above everything else too, which doesn't actually solve the problem, but makes it so you can't hear a single other noise, considering enemies are always dying, that noise never goes away and you can't actually hear missiles or important cues.

Those are my only complaints, everything else seems solid and improved from last demos. good luck with the rest of development!

Thank you for playing and the thorough feedback.

Yeah the boss was just a bit rushed to where as soon as I finished him, and I dislike that the best route for the player is to sit on the ground and charge bombs for its entirety. I agree with what you said.

Checkpoints will work as real savepoints at some point, they were kind of hammed in as a safety net to not send the player back to the beginning, as it would be much too punishing. 

progress being kept on the 'stage' of the boss fight are also something I plan to fix, as it wasn't intentional and I just wanted the boss in the demo even though it's, to my standards, broken. The boss will be a truly restarted sequence in the future.

Ok I'll most likely have multiple keys for switching other than tab in the next demo, as I've already gotten a bit of feedback telling me that it's uncomfortable and hard to get used to.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the tips and suggestions.

Game seems very cool actually, I like it.

The slo-mo didn't feel very impactful at all but I may have been missing something. 

A suggestion I'd make is to say the name of the weapon you pick up, with a slightly hinting description. When I picked up certain things, the only indication of what hitting the trigger would do is the clip size. Even simple names like 'burst rifle' or 'charge gun' or whatnot would do wonders for people unfamiliar with guns like myself.

Also the subtle trap beats are nice and fitting, screen might be a bit too flashy and wild to tell exactly whats going on during fights, considering the amount of combat options there are.

Nice game

Yeah the boss 'intro' in which you're getting shot while having to hit the button is a little silly

Thanks for all the kind words & for playing. I hope to have a longer more involved game at some point, glad you liked it.

Yeah I suppose most of my control preferences are 100% personal bias and that will never work for everyone. At some point I hope to have remappable inputs. 

There is a boss at the end of the demo, you get there through a different room.

Thanks so much

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  • I'm planning on changing the menu again to something radial, where letting go of a direction puts the cursor back to the middle. Of course it's gonna change 5 more times until I like it, but thanks for the idea
  • that's not the end of the game, I added a boss,  break the window
  • Yeah worm spawning isn't handled well by me and I'm planning on most of my work for the next months to be qol/code cleaning

Thanks for playing again, Rokas

No problem that you didn't finish. Not a good percentage did. Thank you for playing. Pretty sure this is the same bug as the normal freeze glitch, but thanks for letting me know.

game is challenging and looks really nice. Lewd themes hurt it more than help it, they just seem forced/random but that's just imo.

Control is great, and the platforming feels refined, as do all of the mechanics.

All around fun game and I'd love to see more to come. Great job so far and good luck

Thanks so much for all the feedback! Others have talked about the falling jump scenarios, and so I'll have to figure that one out.

Tab release switching will most likely be the decision I make for bettering the controls, many others have said the same about that as well.

I realized that the camera was an issue in the final room, and it will most likely be an easy fix, but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I'm very happy you enjoy the sounds and mech mechanics. The low res is so I can focus on learning to add mechanics :) but it happened to come into its own as an aesthetic, and I'm pleasantly surprised that some like it! 

Thank you for the follow and thank you for the feedback.

Thank you so much for playing and making a video. I love that you showed input display as well. It is noted that I should definitely make switching easier as it's such an important mechanic for smooth gameplay. I see you ran into a lot of the glitches too, sorry about that :X I'm glad you played so much of it, even though you got lost!

With the two video playthroughs I've seen, and friend's comments that I got, I feel like the difficulty in my game is much more frustrating than it is fun. Would you agree with this? 

I'm so sad you gave up on my TERRIBLE kobe trick shot room, but I comepletely understand why! I hate it, and it was added very late. It's technically not "required" to "beat" the demo.

Oh no! you didn't finish it, and you ended the video in the room where you were supposed to do something. But this is fine, because that is the type of game this is anyway.

Thanks very much!

If you're planning on going for the classic ff/dq feel that I felt it had, then yeah, removing it would probably be the best move. It's a sort of modern mechanic for it to sway like that.

pretty satisfying hits, but I was kind of bummed about being unable to dodge. I feel like Guts, and I feel like that's what you were going for.

Satisfaction increased severely when I learned to block. Everything feels/looks much more smooth compared to last demo and I love juggling enemies. This has a nice learning curve with learning to block attacks, but considering the block is basically a parry, it feels odd that I don't gain some sort of advantage over enemies I block. This is just a personal opinion though.

Overall I enjoy it, and I hope to see more progress

This feels so calming to play, like final fantasy 3 if it were on the gbc, but I'd suggest changing the camera sway to really nail that feeling.

The music is super good.

damn, a pink eye 1-shot 2 of my companions (named QT, QT2, and QT3 because I'm extremely creative) that seems a bit harsh for the first encounter I see in the game. But more power to ya if that's how you want it to be.

On the other hand, I see the I don't end up at my last save when I die, but the last church. That's good at least.

Very cute game, good luck in future development.

Interesting little thing you have going here. I enjoy the aesthetics, but it's quite hard to tell what's going on without at least a little indication. Such as whether or not I actually planted seeds or used an item.

Very comfy. Good luck on development.