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Finding yourself on a distant planet, take part in a brief expedition (WIP)
Submitted by Plutoneus (@plutoneus) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

Why does the jump button (z) only work half the time? I'm using a 144hz screen if that matters.


Still trying to figure it out :(


I love this little game, the art is fuckin' adorable and the end screen spooked me lmao. If anything I'd say that the spin slash move should have a larger AoE? Some of the breakable blocks were hard to hit with it. Had a fun time and I can't wait to see how far this goes! <3


Thanks so much, and I was afraid the end screen might be a little scary because of how fast it happens lol.


Neat little game! 

For whatever reason I'm getting double inputs on things - when I jump or attack, my character always does it twice.

The effect where a room is dark when you enter but then gets illuminated looks weird against a bright outdoor sky. It would make sense for an underground setting, but doesn't really look right in this one.

Some explanation of what the items you're finding do would be great too!


Some other folks were having this issue even after I changed the way inputs are handled. I'll continue looking into it. I totally agree with the transition effect, and I implemented it when I was planning on having the whole game underground but then shifted that scope to begin the game outside. Thanks for your input!


This was fun! This reminds me very much of Mega Man X  (SNES) except we play as a tall Met. Because it reminded me of MMX, I want to suggest withholding the player input and animating the character when you get the powerups for extra juice (see the animation right after megaman gets his boots).


Huge compliment considering that's one of my favorite platformers of all time. I should've at least said what the upgrades do, I agree, but I know that'll be a whole juicy sequence (hopefully) I'll implement sometime soon. Thanks for playing


I'm having trouble jumping. I'm pressing Z but most of the time nothing happens.


Sorry about that, I’m not sure what the issue is but I’ll explore it when I get back to my computer. Thanks for playing! For now, the space bar should work to jump, but the issue might be with either. 


I couldn't replicate this problem but I changed the way input is handled and another dev who had this problem said it works now :) (version 002)


This was fun! I like your pixel art at lot. The game reminded me of Drill Dozer in a way. I was a little confused on whether the spin attack is supposed to be a double jump or not. I think it could use the same button as jump and propel you up a little more than it does. Right now the degree that it do so is very small so I almost felt like I was exploiting the game when I used it.


Good point. I had the thought of making the spin attack height variable depending on if you had space held or not, but decided against it and to keep it consistent. I might just make the height flat out higher. Thanks for the input


I like how you have to mine your enemies :)

  • I like the art
  • It needs sounds
  • White whip is hard to see against yellow clouds

There is no sound at all but I did like the game. also cat