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Oceanfarm Demo Day 21 BuildView game page

Submitted by Giik — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Controls are a bit unintuitive, constantly swapping between right click, e, and tab for similar actions. You've got some sprite ordering issues as well.

The base of your game is getting more polished, hope to see more content over time. Especially fishing, since you already teased us with those juicy progress gifs of the fish.


I guess you're aware, but this is a bug 

Baits you into pressing alt+enter too. Sneaky.

But! I love the art/UI, and even the movement physics are pretty nice for a non-action game. The shift button was unintuitive though — spent a while swimming around without realizing I could climb.

Not much to say yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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Really nice game overall, very comfy to play.

I rebound the cursor to right stick, but I couldn't use it at all outside of menu. Being able to use it to point the watering can in a direction would've been nice.

Speaking of which, I think watering could use a bit more leeway. It feels really unrealistic how tight the limit is right now. Real life strawberries will do fine if they get a nice big dose of water every few days, even during hot days. The water cap should go up by another 50%, or even 100% imo. Because of this, right now the spread watercan is pretty dangerous to use if your plants aren't equally watered, and I just gave up on my 7x7 strawberry patch because of this. Maybe the water could drop by bigger amount, the more water you have, something like if the water level dropped by 30% if it was at 50% at the end of the day, and by 50% if it's at 90%? Something like that would equalize the hydration levels over time and make for a more pleasant experience. Oh and maybe being able to see hydration level without pressing button, like the water bar showing up if you have a crop "selected" with watering can in hand.

Also how the plants grow at the same rate feels unrealistic too, if they had small deviations so the crops would mature at different times would feel great, for example if corn took between 8 to 10 days to harvest.

FUCKING .zip the folder with your game files, not the game files. 400 fps + no option to lock it burns CPUs. It's not obvious to my simple mind how to start the game, says "Left click to confirm" then left click takes you to the menu changing, which has no accept only to go back and do the cycle again. Had to use AD to start game, why no arrow keys as well? you're even showing them instead of AD. If not for the video below, there's no I'd have figured out shift to climb the first platform, have the controls in the ship without the chance to fall out. Accessed the kb hint text around 5 min into the game. z-rendering. Menus look great, but use isn't intuitive, clicking a thing insta buys it and locks to cursor, but then clicking others buys the items and they disappear? 

2 confusing 4 me at this stage, but at least the runnign feels great.


Very endearing art style with fluid animations. I was pretty charmed by the art on display here.

The gameplay, unfortunately, was rough by comparison. Had a lot of trouble figuring out why I couldn't hoe the grass into soil. Would be helpful for that to be called out or for the vending machine to be placed down in the dirt for first-timers as a temp solution before you put tutorials, hints, and that sort in.

Sadly, can't evaluate the growing mechanics as I appear to have simply eaten all of my produce rather than having successfully planted them - and with no money left I was left to starve on the island, a total failure.

Would appreciate being able to fullscreen this - and some subtle background music -- or even just the sounds of the ocean lapping -- would greatly enhance the game's atmosphere in a heartbeat. I'm intrigued and will be giving this another shot when it comes around again.


game is extremely cute and charming. The watering can usually does not let me water in a direction that isn't up, even if I'm facing that way and the cursor is there. corn and eggplant palnted are nearly invisible at night - dawn. Also since going "fullscreen" with alt-enter isn't really a thing, maybe add a zoom option for us eyelets, I couldn't tell what the watering can meter was saying.

Again, super cute.

Very solid movement system i love it, didn't know how to do shit because i don't know if something is functional or not, I don't know if you have already a plan for this but for me show context buttons could be really great for this kind of game.