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Obtain machines and explore. Buggy prototype.
Submitted by Plutoneus (@plutoneus) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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.zip the folder with your game files, not the game files themselves FUCK. Alt+Enter goes into fullscreen, goes back into windowed, windows BEEPS, game processes as if just Enter was pressed. Can't change the game to windowed when in-game, no access to the options menu. I wanted to use WASD, but too fuckin bad, because A is now the robot selection menu. Your window scaling code is horrible, pixels get mixelly, do snapping integer scaling with black borders. The game appears offset to the top by about 10 pixels, since the menu squares are "above" the window and the bottom row is black. Fuck arrow keys. The grass dust meme is retarded, how is the robot jumping on a metal ship causing dust? Sleeping is a nice touch. I'd prefer the A-menu to stay on the current mech, than revert to center. OK, so it's arrow key for movement, except for pressing down, which is S, what were you smoking? do both wasd and arrow keys, with tab. The spikes feel out of place. Jumping onto the recharging box from above while chargejumping, leaves jus WUBWUBBING. Assign the robots to 1-9, not spraying coins. There doesn't feel to be much skill in shooting. Oh wait D shows the map, ofcourse.

It's far more fleshed out than before and still good, but with the issues, while not the same, scale with the added complexity.


Ok ok, usability went out the window as I progressed and my demos aren't even demos, but glorified broken progress posts. I understand. Haha no S is not down, it's just 'special ability' which for that mech is to charge a jump. I know the controls are dogshit and are based solely on my preference, and it's probably easiest with a controller. I'm sorry!! Yes the saving box is funky and repeats your action. The dust is a meme, yeah. Spraying coins was for debugging. I will look into the screen scaling. Thanks for playing!


Really tight little game. Got stuck in the Valley after acquiring the Tanksuit. Needs some in-game instructions eventually but the devlog addressed most of my needs in that regards.

Movement feels good. Only thing that felt a little sluggish was the jumping action. Was hard to continuously jump on landing - I'm guessing it's a frame-perfect system at the moment?

Cool little game. Nice use of your B&W palette. With a little more music, polish, and juice, this could be a very nice game. Nice work!


Thank you for playing! Did you fall into a void or something? The Valley isn't in yet

Submitted (1 edit)

Might've been the entrance to the Valley. It's in the top-ish left section of the ingame map to the left of the tanksuit, surrounded by spikes. I assumed there must've been some way to open the door but it is somewhat relieving to hear that access at this time is not permitted.

It calls itself out when you reach the screen for it as 'The Valley'.

Developer (1 edit)

Couldn't make a longer description so I'm commenting this for better visibility