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Thanks.  It's not in active production at the moment; I restructured a lot of the story in January and various life situation changes have significantly narrowed the time I have to work on the game.  Additionally, haven't seen much interest in the project yet aside from yours and a few other comments.  If support grows for this project, my interest in putting more hours into it will as well!

Thanks, WRIT! Your game's pretty neat too. I hope by the time I'm done with it it'll be a nicely polished and fun thing to experience.

Thanks very much! I've put your feedback on my list of to-dos and they ought help the game out some. New build coming later today featuring some of those changes.

That error should now (hopefully) be resolved. Let me know if you encounter bugs, issues, or would just like to leave some general feedback!

An error in Ink is causing a trigger to fail to fire in the introduction, locking the player in to that first CYOA text section. Sorry about that. Attempting to resolve the problem and will update the build ASAP. Watch this space for updates on that.

Hm, yeah. I agree with all of that - though that does put me in a bit of a bind with what I've put time into with that last point of feedback. I thought going full book would make more sense given that there are some actions which are described purely in text which I thought would look weird, set against characters that mostly don't move or change expressions etc (at least for the time being). I'll see if I can't dream up another way while I continue the work.

Thanks for the feedback!

New build uploaded.

New build that changes the introduction coming up soon.

Super cute. Can't wait 'til this has actual gameplay.

New build is up now - should be playable.

Thanks; hope you'll enjoy it even more when it's finished!