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Thank you! It's been ages since O:TS launched. Who knows? Maybe this big sale/bundle will show a big enough swing in interest that it'd be worth revisiting, revising, and expanding it?

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>There is no actual difference between rolling a 'd100' or rolling '2d10 with one tens die and one ones die', this goes for any dice, digital or real.

I suppose I was taught incorrectly then. My understanding is that according to dice probability statistics all dice 'bend to their combined median' in results when multiple same-sided dice are introduced and that the probability curve becomes more a sin-wave the more dice are introduced but is only ever 'flat' when rolling a singular die. The median for a d100 is 50, where the medians for two d10s would be '5 and 5', which would leave me expecting 50s (and more specifically 55s) more often and for the 2d10s to skew very slightly towards the higher end of the table of possible results vs the much more neutrally weighted d100.

Any case, as goes 2d50: that's accounted for in my tables as in every table you don't get a different result when you roll a 1 versus a 2; I tried to keep it method agnostic so that it didn't matter what method was used.

I would caveat that with digital dice rollers, some use neutrally-weighted tables that treat every possible result of the given set of dice as equally likely, which would 'unbias' the dice. (Also some don't use particularly high quality RNGs -- but that's a separate matter entirely haha)

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Ah, I see the issue. I suppose I wasn't clear enough in the language. The 2d10 method works best on actually rolled ("offline") dice, because you're using each die as a substitute for the 'tens' and the 'one'.

  For instance, I roll a 4 and a 7 on my 2d10. That means I rolled '47'. 8 and 4 -> 84. 3 and 5 -> 35. '00' is 100, '01' is... 01.

I came up with the 2d10 method because most people just don't own a 100-sided die. They're basically a golf-ball anyway and just roll and bounce forever on smooth surfaces. There are 'd100' dice though, where you get a 'tens' d10 (10, 20, 30 [...]) and a 'ones' d10 (1, 2, 3 [...]) but I tried to not rely on folks having a full set of dice. The 'd100' dice is actually the same roll we're simulating with two d10s anyway, by virtue of the fact we're still rolling two dice.

Yet, digitally, if you ask some dice rollers for a 'd100' it will roll a literal 'd100' rather than the '2d10 with one tens die and one ones die', which 'unskews' the table. You can just tell whatever dice roller 'gimme 2d50' if it allows for custom dice though and it will output the correct sorts of results.

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Dice probability statistics are pretty funny like that, actually. If a D50 existed, those would work OK too instead of 2d10s!

Check out the following rolls on! The graph output shows the likelihood of 'any roll of the given values will land on that result'.

This is what the probability of getting any result on a d100 looks like...

...and this is what 2d10 looks like!

If we had the theoretical 'd50s', this is what they'd look like if you rolled them.

Dice probability statistics is how I know that the 'average roll on a d6' is 3.5 and that you should take a 3d4 (mean result 7.5) weapon over a 1d12 (mean result 6.5) ! Pays to know these things to help give players a subtle and useful edge over NPCs.

I'd love to participate in this as well. Sorry that I didn't hear about it until just today!

Fixed the Discord link up top! Sorry for the invalid link, y'all.

Welcome! If you have feedback you'd like to leave for the developer please feel free to submit them here!

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Send your thoughts using the box below. All manner of suggestions, bug reports, and requests are welcome.

Please note: not all requests may be implemented.


That's an intentional bug, yar, but it's also bugged somewhat ironically. What's meant to happen is that you get a bit of the ways in to the next level while being stuck in the air, and then the system crashes (so long as you're not in the inverted parts of the program). If you were in a white space and were floating, that's an actual bug. If you were in a reddish space and were floating, that's an intended bug-feature.

Being stuck in the air in the negative worlds is how you'll access sub-worlds of that particular program as it won't be possible to jump in negative worlds once that program's logic is done.

Sorry about the GES menu being bugged; it's a side-effect of the new interaction system. There's some interplay going on where inputs are being fought over by the standard player controller, the player interaction script, and the interactionRegion which boots up the SNN menu in question presently that I've yet to completely sort out.

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Music can be rough. If you've got a budget for it, I'd recommend contracting out for your music. You can expect rates anywhere from $10-70/minute  depending on the musician - and some might be willing to do it for free (you'll also potentially get discounts if your music is non-exclusive, meaning they can offer it to other developers/groups) or at discount/special rate if they're credited and/or are offered a revenue stream, such as if you include the game's soundtrack for sale or link directly to their bandcamp/site from the game.

If you just want one or a few throwaway ambient tracks to include in your prototype while you get that sorted and don't have much money to invest in your game for contracted music, feel free to reach out. I can do at least that much for you for free - though they won't be as high quality as you'd get from contracted musicians.

If you don't know anybody in the music sphere, I'd recommend reaching out to Artem Bank or Daniel Swearengin. Both are very friendly and affordable musicians who do good work with a fast turnaround (though I admit it has been a few years since I last spoke with Mr. Bank and I'm not sure how active he is these days) - also they won't rip you off and they play things straight and fair.

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Cutecraft - now with huge axes.

Wasn't able to figure out how to actually build things like the screenshots show, but I was able to mess around with cutting down trees and moving about. Good ambient sounds, movement speed felt right, and though the UI is a little confusing and could do with some polish, I'm interested to see where this one goes.

Watch out for obscuring the player though - there's a lot of cases I encountered where the player was completely obscured behind trees and the like. You might want to raycast from the camera to the player object and fade whatever gets in the way just to make sure the player maintains visibility to their character at all times, especially with a realtime combat system.

Alternatively, enemies could have a sphere/cylinder collider trigger volume which, when they're after the player, fade world objects to ensure the player can see where enemies are coming from and aren't surprise attacked easily.

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This is a ton of fun! Wow!

You're really making the simplistic art style work for you. The combat's fun, you have UI elements which help the player out a lot in learning game mechanics, and there's a lot of polish in here already.

Add in some music, some atmosphere, and give my cards hotkeys so I don't have to click each one of them, make player turns automatically end if they have no cards or have no energy and no 0-energy cards, and you'll be well on your way to success. As-is, this game is already ready to be public alpha'd and I'm certain that with the right marketing you'll definitely find not just an audience for this title but an enthusiastic one.

I've yet to finish a campaign yet - but if you can keep the game fresh by adding in Challenges (specific ships with specific decks in more linear campaigns, making it a bit more of a puzzle game) and unlockables (cards which are added to the 'deck of possible cards' when you meet certain conditions) this game I could see easily being worth $20-30 when it's all done and finished.

I'm very excited for you and this project and I hope you gain some measure of fame and reward when this game's done and out.

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It's pretty good! Some of Dan's moves are a little more powerful than others just because it seems like the AI doesn't know how to deal with them very well and can get stunlocked for a while - but it's pretty responsive. Not super responsive, but more than enough to be playable.

Dialogue is pretty funny. 8 taunting Hibikis out of 10 so far, with the potential to become 9 or even 10.

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It's literally Earthsiege, though that much is apparent from the name.

Not much to comment about regarding the gameplay at this time. Fire doesn't work (if X was meant to fire) and presently the mech doesn't respect the height of the terrain they're on. Art looks spot on - but I'm not sure how much of it is just directly taken from Earthsiege itself.

One hell of a nostalgia wave from me watching the mech hanger light up again after all this time. Will you have the flying mech in the game?

Yar, most of the ingame menu stuff isn't functional at this time. I focused more on the core assets and gameplay to get a single, complete, gameplay loop in before I started putting in the player menu, intros, polish, et cetera. The locked regions don't presently display their locked message, which results in nothing happening when you hit E on them; sorry.

The IG Menu is liable to send the player back to the Main Menu room while saving their previous position and scene to allow you to access options by the WoH-computer desk. I might need callouts for a couple of seconds over those positions just so the player knows that they have to move around the room to access various parts of the game.

Thanks for checking it out and the resulting feedback though. I've added your feedback to my devlist to ensure I don't forget any of it.

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Might've been the entrance to the Valley. It's in the top-ish left section of the ingame map to the left of the tanksuit, surrounded by spikes. I assumed there must've been some way to open the door but it is somewhat relieving to hear that access at this time is not permitted.

It calls itself out when you reach the screen for it as 'The Valley'.

Servicable animation. Protagonist could use a better silhouette as goes their shape.

It's obviously very early in development, but your cameras are working well enough to support the rest of the game as they are right now. I'm curious to see where this is going to go.

Getting Alone in the Dark (1992) vibes.

I think it'd be more fun if the fox-wizardess was less floaty in general. Skeletons could continue to be super floaty and ridiculous, but the controls for the player are rough to mess with in the same vein. Makes it more like you're fighting the game and less like you're fighting your opponents.

Cute graphics, OK sound design (needs more ambiance, sound effects from characters so that you can tell when skeletons die, et cetera), serviceable level design, and somewhat funny skeletals. I'm interested to see where you're going to take this.

A neat, pretty highly polished, little craft/survive game. It's pretty slick and it looks like you're more or less geared up to go - just needs a little more sound design packed in.

Additionally, if you color blended the creatures to match the tones of the environment they're in, it'll look that much more polished.

Controls well, plays well, has challenging combat, and reminds me of Warning Forever in a lot of ways. I've nothing but praise and positive suggestions. I'm looking forward to seeing this project being sold en masse and will be following it to track its progress to that ends.

Very nice work!

Very endearing art style with fluid animations. I was pretty charmed by the art on display here.

The gameplay, unfortunately, was rough by comparison. Had a lot of trouble figuring out why I couldn't hoe the grass into soil. Would be helpful for that to be called out or for the vending machine to be placed down in the dirt for first-timers as a temp solution before you put tutorials, hints, and that sort in.

Sadly, can't evaluate the growing mechanics as I appear to have simply eaten all of my produce rather than having successfully planted them - and with no money left I was left to starve on the island, a total failure.

Would appreciate being able to fullscreen this - and some subtle background music -- or even just the sounds of the ocean lapping -- would greatly enhance the game's atmosphere in a heartbeat. I'm intrigued and will be giving this another shot when it comes around again.

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If the physics were adjusted so that the impacts hit a bit harder and you zoomed in to slash from a slightly longer distance away, this would feel really good to play once the animations get boosted and juiced some.

I would like a separate control for sprinting rather than dodging though - crossing large gaps is a bit of a pain if your enemy continues fleeing at the moment. Also would like a slow lock-on system if you hold down RMB to increase the number of missiles fired in a single volley so long as you keep your mech more or less on target, rewarding precise dodges.

This is a nice foundation to add on to that you've built here. I'm eager to see where you take it.

Really tight little game. Got stuck in the Valley after acquiring the Tanksuit. Needs some in-game instructions eventually but the devlog addressed most of my needs in that regards.

Movement feels good. Only thing that felt a little sluggish was the jumping action. Was hard to continuously jump on landing - I'm guessing it's a frame-perfect system at the moment?

Cool little game. Nice use of your B&W palette. With a little more music, polish, and juice, this could be a very nice game. Nice work!

Aah, it's cute! Even the title screen is cute.

Not a terrible wave fighter, though it felt a little unclear that I was receiving health/mana from the vending machines. Showing them filling the bars up (for instance having a transparent slider which always displays the present health and a fully opaque slider which slowly moves towards wherever the transparent slider is) would help solve that I think.

Enemy variety wasn't bad, level was comfy and high quality, and the animations are fun and cute. Loved the lighting in the darker sections of the map, you really nailed that.

With a little more work on the animations, more levels, and generally more to do I could see this doing very well.

Very nice work! I'll be subscribing to make sure I get to see your progress on this one.

Art style is cute and the animations are pretty clean.

You'll want to put in some protections to ensure zombs can't be planted like daisies into the ground by the compressing plates; a few of mine were lost to the void.

Not a bad start!

I think there's an audio bug? Not sure how to reproduce it, but my game was dead-silent all 30 minutes I was in it.

Not shabby - but it needs a bit more direction, I think, and there's a few grammatical/spelling errors here and there to tend to. Characters are cute if a little simple.

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Blasted my way through 70-odd waves, quitting when I max'd out my stats and had well in excess of $80k. Surprisingly, the most powerful weapon in the game by sheer DPS is the AK-47-like. It's reliable, reloads quick, has plenty of (pretty cheap) ammo, and does decent damage. The shotgun was the most disappointing weapon for me -- granted, it was also hard to see its pellets.

If the swarm got much thicker than it is now, I'd be forced to move between it and the grenade launcher I think. Speaking of weapons, you should give your flamethrower bullets the same speed as the player and then give them their normal speed. Otherwise, it's not particularly useful to fire ahead of yourself but it makes a great retreating weapon.

Would be useful to know what the powerups do as some of the iconography/effects aren't immediately obvious for some of them (in particular the 'fire directly from your ammo stores rather than your magazine' powerup took me quite a while to figure out). I'd also like to see some sort of stats whenever I'm looking at purchasing them, just to know what benefit I'm going to see out of it. I don't necessarily need to know I'll be going from 3.2 to 4.6 units per second if I upgrade Speed - but I would like to know that each pip is, say, a cumulative 20% speed increase.

Sound design needs a little love, and I'd like a 'reload finished' sound to cap off the 'reload started' sound. Some more polish and this game could be very fun. I'd recommend, for cheap enemy variety, giving each enemy a 20% +/- scale difference when spawned just to make things a little less uniform.

I'd also recommend putting in spawn-fountains, where enemies will continue to spawn indefinitely unless dealt with.

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Calling the whole thing Prototype might be underselling where it's at somewhat, yeah. I'm still not sure how hard to push the Diagnostic View mode's filters and its gameplay at the moment (how difficult was it to walk the corrupted path down to the Core Memory portion of the tutorial scene?) but it is more than just a framework as-is I suppose.

I look forward to your impressions as the project develops. There's a lot of ground to cover (for instance, the entirety of the introduction isn't in right now) but I hope to finish it up with 1-3 hours of gameplay.

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Very curious about people's paths through the demo. What did you see? What did you do? (What broke or got you stuck?)

How far in did you get?

Thanks.  It's not in active production at the moment; I restructured a lot of the story in January and various life situation changes have significantly narrowed the time I have to work on the game.  Additionally, haven't seen much interest in the project yet aside from yours and a few other comments.  If support grows for this project, my interest in putting more hours into it will as well!

Thanks, WRIT! Your game's pretty neat too. I hope by the time I'm done with it it'll be a nicely polished and fun thing to experience.

Thanks very much! I've put your feedback on my list of to-dos and they ought help the game out some. New build coming later today featuring some of those changes.

That error should now (hopefully) be resolved. Let me know if you encounter bugs, issues, or would just like to leave some general feedback!

An error in Ink is causing a trigger to fail to fire in the introduction, locking the player in to that first CYOA text section. Sorry about that. Attempting to resolve the problem and will update the build ASAP. Watch this space for updates on that.