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I have, yes. In fact, I was toiling along with panstasz when World of Horror's progress was still mostly internal to the AGDG discord. His idea sprung up from wanting to make a Junji Ito game and mine sprang from the Arkham Horror board game and The Consuming Shadow. My combat, dice mechanics, events, etc, are all inspired from the Arkham Horror board game and my homebrew world setting (the 'Untamed World').

It's not remained that way, of course, as I've played Cultist Simulator and other big horror-themed games and I'm always keeping an eye out for things I felt worked great in the games I played and what didn't. This upcoming reiteration on the project is liable to look and feel a lot different than the Unity version as a result, because I'm always taking notes and try to learn from lessons to create a good game.

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Starting a new game (by either death or by quitting back to main and starting a new one) causing control/softlock errors is a known issue that's being fixed but controls becoming unresponsive is new.  I've not been able to get my local copy to have the same problem yet.

Could you e-mail your game's log to (You can do WIN+R to pull up Run and then put in "%APPDATA%" without the quotes to get to your AppData/Roaming folder; from there you'd want to go up a folder to 'AppData', down into the folder "Local" and then either "Forgotten Workshop/Unfathomed: Event Zero" or "Unfathomed: Event Zero".)

Can you also verify your game says it's "V0.02B" on the main screen? [version number is located in the bottom right]

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Thanks for the reports! RE: Controls randomly stopping working, how quickly did/does it happen? (Also do you have more than one input device [e.g. a gamepad, flightstick, wheel, graphic tablet] plugged in. Also did the controls stop working at any point before a death/before you went back to main menu)

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Initial collaboration has concluded.  'EVENT ZERO' participants may locate the MK-II Testbed and associated Mission Data Reconstruction efforts here:

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Cool, I'll bear that in mind and fiddle with it some. No worries about the design plan; it's rather loose on the particulars. I'm going for a 'vibe' but there's a number of directions I can approach it from. This sort of feedback's what the open testing is all about.

That said, I do apologize for anyone who tries to stream or capture the game as some of the noise involved with this game is going to be just devastating to bitrates for modern CODECs.  That said, I suppose it does lend opportunity for whoever's capturing to try and describe what they see/saw haha

Let me know if you do some capturing and if the noise causes the quality to drop too much. I might build an accessibility feature for something more CODEC-friendly for streamers if it's too harsh/makes it difficult for viewers to see the gameplay (same with the LiDAR dots themselves in terms of shape/color/size).

Thanks for your feedback thus far, Researcher ABG. Do feel free to record/post video footage of the game wherever you'd like to as well. (Of course we'd love a link as seeing folks engage with the MK-II gives a tremendous amount of data for us to analyze and consider)

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By 'spraying' you mean increasing how quickly LMB  fires off LiDAR points?

Either way, it is certainly possible. The system I'm using can support millions of points without much FPS loss; I'm just keeping the amount low because it 'makes more sense' versus the setting of 1990s for it to be capped to (presently) 65535 points of data. (ed: That said, I am actively listening to player feedback and it's not something I would mind adjusting if there's calls for it)

I am considering on the backburner things like discoverable upgrades that expand the amount you can have scanned, scan speed, scan fade distance, scan density, and battery maximums and charge speed. Would those be things you'd be interested in exploring the exclusion zone to find?

This is a LiDAR and SONAR focused first person mini-submarine exploration/horror game that is in active development. Perfectly playable at the moment, it's just missing some key features, polish, and some expected content near the anticipated 'end'.

Check it out here:

You may have noticed a file being uploaded without information or context surrounding it: it is not the MK-VIII submersible (codename 'STYGIAN ABYSS') testing application. It is a prototype reconstruction of the MK-II's mission data (codename 'EVENT ZERO'). 

Presently, said reconstruction is not complete. You may encounter bugs, missing information, and errors. It is being used as a testbed to explore various systems and design-patterns for STYGIAN ABYSS. Eventually, it will be moved to its own platform on this website but, for now, is sharing STYGIAN ABYSS' page.

Thank you for your attention.


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EXCELLENT. We ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT of your PILOT TEST APPLICATION and thank you for your time. We APPRECIATE your DISCRETION. █████████ is a █████ RESPONSE to ████████ ██ █████ █ ████ ███████. Please RESUME YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE while your application is CONSIDERED. We will contact you INDIRECTLY VIA THIS FORUM in respect to your PILOT TEST APPLICATION should it be ACCEPTED OR DENIED. -W.

Congrats on your win! Please e-mail me at so I can arrange the delivery of whichever prize you'd like!

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Firstly, Congratulations to All!

Just having made a game for this gamejam, you're already a winner in my eyes! Not just my eyes, either, looking at the votes. Many of y'all's games were only separated by a single vote from your peers! Y'all made it pretty hard for the KO community to choose a clear winner ... 

... but the votes are tallied and the winners have been decided!

Winner of Best Use of Theme:

[Removed at Entrant's Request] - 2/2/23

Winner of Community's Choice:

"B-Ball Inferno" by kosmossen


I will be contacting both of you through your game-jam entries or whatever other contact methods may be available for me to get y'all's choice of prize taken down and then delivered as speedy as I can.

With so many amazing entries and such fierce competition for the wins this jam, I'm super looking forward to the next KO!! Game Jam. At this moment, I'm unsure when that will be, but outside it 'not being next month and probably not the month after that' I'd like it to be sooner than later and I expect the Knockout community would prefer the same.

If any of y'all go on to polish up your games and submit them to Steam, we'd love to hear about them!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted their entries to the competition and we look forward to hosting for y'all once more! Until then.

Vote thread is live on KO! Results should be in by Jan27.

Feel free to go check it out over on Knockout!

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Thanks to everyone who submitted! We're thrilled to see the really high level of engagement this gamejam had and are excited to show your games off to the community.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty exhausted and I don't think I'll be able to get the vote thread up tonight as I had planned to.

I'll be putting the thread up on on Wednesday to let the community start voting on your submissions. I'll be letting the polls run for a week before we announce results (that way folks have a chance to really play through the games and hear about the vote thread). Once results are announced, I'll contact folks who won through your gamejam entries to exchange information and get you your prizes. You'll have 10 days to claim them from then.

So to recap:

* Vote thread goes up on Wednesday

* Voting goes til the next Wednesday

* Winners announced. I contact winners through your game jam entry.

* You have 10 days to claim prizes; nonclaimed prizes will be given to the community by random draw.

I'll update this thread once the voting thread goes live on Knockout and will announce the results both here in this thread and over there.

Thank you all for your patience and this beautiful array of really cool looking projects. Best of luck to everyone in the voting!

Stay tuned to (by which I mean subscribe to) this thread for further updates.


Congratulations for coming so far! Thank you for your participation and I'm glad you got a lot out of the jam! We hope you'll be joining the next one the community runs, though I'm unsure when that will be just yet.

We're happy to have hosted! Congratulations and good luck on your entry winning a prize!

It is ok! You might get less folks playing it though as we can't guarantee voters have access to a working controller but we'd love to see what you come up with!

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Slam is a theme, artistic is the suggested spice for that theme (you can use it on another theme however). You can mix and match and use as many of them as you like so long as you use at least one theme.

No discord channel, but we do have a thread for it on the forums:

Nope, there's no need to provide anything but a game that runs by the end of the competition.

Yep, precisely!

Those are the themes, yes. You can use any or all of them; the words to their left are meant more for inspiration/optional guidance/flavor.

The $10 cash prizes are now $110 thanks to a very generous and kind member of the community!

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EXCELLENT. We ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT of your ███-██████████ TYPED PILOT TEST APPLICATION and THANK YOU for your TIME. We are EXCITED to see that you are ENGAGING with ██████ █████ ███████████! ENTHUSIASM and ███ █████ are two of the ██ markers that we find BEST INDICATE █████████████ with the SNN-HID-001. BEST OF LUCK with your UNDERWATER ADVENTURES as part of your █████ ███████. We will contact you INDIRECTLY VIA THIS FORUM in respect to your PILOT TEST APPLICATION should it be ACCEPTED OR DENIED. -W.

Awesome to hear and congratulations! I'll be heading over to take a look.

It's been three years since I downloaded the demo! Sadly, I'm of the belief this project has been cancelled; the author's website is no longer available, no updates on twitter, and no devlogs to say otherwise. I do see that the page has been updated recently but I'd figure there'd be a devlog if there was news to be had.


EXCELLENT. We ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT of your PILOT TEST APPLICATION and thank you for your time. Please RESUME YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE while your application is CONSIDERED. We will contact you INDIRECTLY VIA THIS FORUM in respect to your PILOT TEST APPLICATION should it be ACCEPTED OR DENIED. -W.

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We're thrilled to see your interest in the upcoming PILOT TEST of the MK-VIII SUBMERSIBLE PROJECT, '██████'!

If you would like us to consider your application, please do ENDORSE yourself in the thread below.

We are looking in particular for APPLICANTS in the following FIELDS OF EXPERTISE:

  • Scavenger SV-4
  • Fear Equation
  • Iron Lung
  • Genesis Alpha One

These SUPPLEMENTARY pieces of experience are desirable BUT NOT NECESSARY:

  • FNAF (Any, minus Security Breach)
  • Barotrauma
  • Subnautica

Please do be sure to note if you are a MEDIA PERSONALITY with a SOCIAL FOLLOWING in your application to the program!

We take great interest in all applications to the MK-VIII SUBMERSIBLE PROJECT. Please note that your APPLICATIONS will be REVIEWED quickly after being submitted but ACTION WILL NOT BE TAKEN until the MK-VIII is ready for ██████████████████████ in accordance with ██████████████ █████████████████ GUIDELINES.

Should we accept your application we will respond to you INDIRECTLY, VIA THIS FORUMS!

Please resume your normal ████████ scheduling once you have finished REVIEWING, POSTING IN AND/OR CONTEMPLATING this thread.


Thanks so much for all the data and analysis. It'll definitely help me drive some of the UX decisions for my own projects.

Gravekeeper Academy

A gothic fantasy visual novel with horror themes. Drug from the mud, our shattered protagonist is quickly put to work learning the art of the Gravekeepers -- a cloistered group of warrior-priests who protect the dead. Her allies will be tested; her friends may be slaughtered. This once-prestigious academy may wind up as your final resting place -- if you can't escape from your destiny and protect the lives of your teachers and friends.

Browser-playable with a downloadable desktop version for Windows; still a work-in-progress.

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Folks should have the ability to unsubscribe from all e-mail notifications from all projects in a bundle whenever they purchase a large bundle. It's infeasible to unsub from each and every project manually as each individual project sends out an e-mail to their buyers. Either a 'unsub from all mailing lists' button or a 'unsub from all mailing lists included in bundles this project is attached to' (but, y'know, more concisely stated).

On the creator-side we also can't discriminate on who we're sending e-mails to, so I can't exclude purchasers from a bundle from who I'm sending e-mails to. Improvements on this system would likely greatly increase the value of the e-mail system in general as folks would be more in control of their messaging and therefore more likely to engage.

That's awesome! It's great to hear all this stuff is helping folks out. Oh, also, if you didn't see it there's a companion app available so that you don't have to break out the dice (digital or otherwise) and can get results straight from the table. I just launched it yesterday and, though it's still an early version, it's got everything but the villain plans and pre-rolled NPCs in it. No definitions or long-form explanations in it yet that the book provides but it should help if you're doing prep-work and want stuff done in a hurry.

Best of luck with your game!

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I have a project which was included in two large bundles last year and, at that time, the content was only a single PDF being sold.

I've recently created a companion application to go with the book and set it up with the separate minimum payment option as a higher-tier reward. I'm wanting to inform my customers of the availability of this new app but am uncertain how they'll see/interact with it.

If new content is created for a project which would be both downloaded separately and is a different type of product (e.g. PDF vs EXE) does the user have automatic access to it due to their prior purchase? It's set up as a higher tier purchase reward currently.

I'm suspecting that those who've already bought the product previously will automatically gain access to the new content (as I'm expecting it'll be handled like an In Development purchase, despite it being a Released project) but wanted to double check before I sent an e-mail out to thousands of folks.


Mods to the rescue. Thanks!