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[FULL] REDPULSEView game page

An arcade game about blowing up robots
Submitted by boghog (@boghogooo) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Hi, unfortunately had some controller input issues with this game. I made a video examining some things but couldn't play this time as I somehow managed to get the controller to stop working altogether. If you know of how I might fix it I may give it another go.

Developer (1 edit)

Oh man, my options screen is an unholy abomination. Try selecting xinput and then "map keys" instead of save and exit. Or maybe it was set to dinput by default? Save & exit should make your gamepad work though, so I'll have to go and check my code again. The config file should be in appdata/roaming/RRShooter, though if f4 didn't help deleting it most likely won't either.


Gameplay video: 



That was a lot of fun to watch, thanks for playing! By the looks of it level 2 is gonna need A LOT more difficulty balancing.


Posted this comment in the wrong spot the first time:

I love it, same as last DD. If I have one gripe, it would be the input for the fast-fall. Down+dash would feel much more natural to me for that action, and wouldn't cost you anything to implement. I already enjoy this more than similar indie run and gun games, keep up the good work!


Thanks man! That's a good suggestion, but I ended up making it so that you down-dash if you press jump mid-air, I think that should be even easier to do.  Do you have any comments regarding the difficulty of level 1? Quite interested in hearing about it.


The difficulty of level 1 seemed normal. I guess it depends on what the player is expecting. Not much easier or harder than games like Metal Slug and Alien Hominid, although the boss gave me some trouble. On that topic, I found myself dying a few times to the snakeboy when he came up from under me, especially in the middle of the screen. You can get used to it, and learn when he's going to come up there, but it's almost impossible to react to the first couple times. The second boss does a great job of telegraphing the slam while still being hard to avoid. The checkpoints do a good job of letting you get back in the fight without making you feel like you cheated when you win.

Final thoughts: I'd actually really appreciate a speedrun mode or ranking system to push me to 1cc the game. The former shouldn't be too hard to implement. Also, I still have no clue what the fuel pickups are. I guess they're bombs? Fuel might be a bad word to illustrate that


Oh whoops, I knew I was forgetting something. Forgot to add attack telegraphing to the snake boss before releasing the demo, will fix it asap. Scoreboards and extra unlocks for 1cc are definitely going to be a thing, possibly replays too if I manage to figure out how to do it. Thinking very hard about the best way to encourage new players to go for a 1cc in general. The fuel bar just a timer to keep you going, "borrowed" the whole system from Out Zone. Seems like most people don't really get it, so I'll scrap it for a normal timer. Thanks for the feedback!


The tutorial does a great job or covering all the movements and powerups! All the shooting is great and the explosions and effects looks and sound good! Nice work!


Thanks man! Good to know that the tutorial was clear, thought I worded some stuff awkwardly.