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that's awesome to hear, thanks man

holy shit

I actually made the game quite a bit harder since DD16, so I'd say you got better at it! That could be a sign that the first boss did its job of forcing the player to learn the importance of blocking early on. It's been really hard to get people to hit the block button, so now I'm glad that's working out.

The 2.5d look is definitely new, and if people like it, I'll definitely keep it. Every decent Roguelite I can think of is purely 2d pixel art, so hopefully it will help make my game look unique.

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks a bunch, hits feeling impactful is the single most important thing to me for this game. It's pretty relieving to hear people enjoying it.

>its hard to see enemy attacks in the chaos

I agree completely. I've been working on this for a while, and it's a major priority. Having the immediate threats in the foreground and making the player aware is going to be super important for helping players learn the game. I was thinking I'll add very distinct, progressive sound effects for enemy attacks, and thin the hitsparks/blood a bit.

>One thing that bothered me was that the main light attack seems to have some kind of very small delay before it starts

This is most likely just an issue with the animation being very unresponsive. Luckily, animation is my number 1 priority until the next Demo Day, so that should probably be feeling great by then.

Hmm. I don't think I touched any of the controller stuff. Right now I'm using Unity's stock input system, hopefully that won't have to change.

With the multiplayer in a mostly playable state, I'm thinking I'm just going to work on animations for a while. COMPLETE notguts might be on the horizon.

Thanks for the feedback, as usual. I'd love to play a new build of Devil Engine if you're putting one up this time

Thanks for the feedback!

I've been considering overhauling the slide to make it more useful, as a lot of people are saying they wish they could dodge. I think that will be my next goal.

The advantage to blocking is a little hidden, which it maybe shouldn't be... Basically, you can attack immediately after blocking, and if you do it counts as a "perfect" attack so it comes out faster as well. Hopefully the new slide will contrast and fill out the defensive options.

Thanks! It's hard to give the greatsword that feeling of weight while still feeling responsive, but I think giving the attacks proper animations helps a lot. I hadn't heard of 2d toolkit before, I'm just using native 2d and a custom (shitty and broken) collision system with raycasts.

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Nice, this video gave me tons of ideas for tweaks and balance changes. I was planning on making the later areas a easier, so it's good I saw your feedback before I restructured/neutered the game.

I'm not sure why you couldn't see the new build, but it had a game-breaking bug anyway. Thanks for all the feedback!

Thanks so much, this is all very very helpful and great to hear.

The later enemies are all 100% placeholder and basically weren't intended to be seen by people because I didn't think players were getting there. So yeah, in the final game, all the attacking enemies will have attention-grabbing "startup" phases and aggressive-looking walk cycles like the CubeHead dudes do now. The dash has 0 invincibility frames, and I want blocking to be the right option if you have the time to block.

So dashing is there to cancel attacks into movement and just generally give tighter control over where you're standing. Like, you might want to just dash out of the way of an Axe and start a heavy attack rather than waiting to block it. The slide (down+c) does lower your hitbox under certain attacks  (all but the Scythe wielders and "Crystal Golem") if you crave fancy dodging.

I'm extremely pleased to hear most of the high-level stuff I designed is working right and enjoyable.

The lack of a pause button is completely due to laziness and not some kind of Souls homage. I'm going to start adding one very soon. Basically, I have a lot of dangerous code that would reset the timescale back to normal while paused, so I have to work around that.

I'll probably add a lot more visual tells and feedback on what the items do, alongside the new descriptions when equipping. I was thinking I'd add Risk of Rain style item icons to the hud, then I could make them flash for a couple frames whenever the stat is called to do something. That would still be subtle and give the player room to experiment, but give them a good direction. I'm kind of torn on whether or not I should tell you what the "hidden" glitchy-looking items were after you buy them. I at least gave it a description to say that they're normal, unidentified items. I love figuring out what you just equipped in OG Roguelikes, and there's a subtle mechanic/secret already in place that you can learn to partially identify the items before buying them.

I would be interested to see a video of you playing, reset or not, but you've already written two huge feedback posts, so I really don't want to ask for too much here. I DID just upload a new build with the last couple weeks of work, though.

Hot damn, I think you're the first person get that far. Once you "beat" the sixth layer it just starts looping with increased enemy spawn rates, so you pretty much had the game beaten.

So you're in a position to give me some hot feedback I've been missing out on (answer as you please, not trying to ask too much):

How long do you think it took to get there? Like, how many runs did you do prior to that one? I basically have no clue what the difficulty curve looks like. Did everything feel balanced and fair? Were you spamming attacks or blocking and weaving out of harm's way? Was enemy variety acceptable? What stood out as fun, what was not fun, etc.

You may be the first person to have pressed the "Training" button, but I could definitely add hostile enemies to it.

I was thinking I'll add slightly less vague, Souls-esque item descriptions to the equip area, so that should fix that issue.

Your starting Soul Count is the total souls earned in your best run divided by 20, plus 2000. I was going to write that on the screen somewhere but that was a late addition and I didn't get around to it.

Thanks a ton for the feedback, this stuff is super helpful.

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>The enemies are not a problem unless they have the ranged attack (and maybe the winged ones)

This is completely by design, those enemies are supposed to be "filler" that make dealing with the real threats harder. The "threats" force you to block or dodge around their attack. I think the problem with this version, and why people were calling it easy, is that I wait until Layer 3 to introduce the threats into the spawn pool. 

I already made the first Layer harder, and I'm going to add tanky bosses you can't stunlock to introduce the importance of blocking/dodging early on.

Thanks for the feedback, difficulty balance would be impossible without it

(Edited 1 time)

>Blocking is kinda weird too

Yeah, it's harder to use than I intended. Objectively, it has a longer window and a shorter recovery than fast-rolls in Dark Souls, so it's a powerful tool. The problem is most people just press it too early and don't realize they're hit in the "not guarding, but you can cancel into anything" phase. I'm hoping a clearer animation and players learning enemy attacks better will fix that up, because blocking is fun when it's working

Once you've equipped an ability to a slot, it works like special attacks in Smash Bros, but they cost a lot of stamina. The other items are always working, but you might have to experiment to find out what they do.

When I asked my artist friend for concept art, I asked him for a legally distinct Guts, so you're right on the money

Thanks a bunch for the feedback

Compared to DD14, I got farther in my attempts (up to the miniboss in Level 2 instead of dying to the boss in Level 1.)

A lot of the stuff that felt hard to react to before felt easier to react to. Specifically, the small laser guys in Level 1. I don't know if I got better or if you touched those up, but I enjoyed my session more this time around. I also really appreciated the ship outline and hitbox options. Still love the aesthetic. Love the title itself and the cover art with the ship.

Not spawning power-ups during boss fights seems a little cruel, but if you want to punish those deaths hard that's fair.

The Equipment UI is definitely shitty and placeholder, but fear not!

I'm going to completely revamp how items work so they're more like those in Risk of Rain, with very unique effects that change how you play the game. I was also going to make them equipped in a similar manner, so there's not going to be any UI, and the game flow isn't paused.

And when you're in the screen equipping these, you'll get a description of what it does and a list of what you have equipped.

I've been planning on making a LOT more "hallways" (the short platforming segments) so that you don't see the same ones as often, is that what you meant by variation on level layouts? Or the "arenas" where you do the fighting? I was considering adding some kind of hazards you have to play around, but I kind of like the purity of the fighting as it is now.

Love the aesthetic and art.

The controls feel a bit stiff in a few places though.

It seems like you can't crouch if you have even a bit of momentum, which makes doing slide attacks harder than it should be. From other metroidvanias I'm used to being able to jump out of the backdash, so that would be nice. Maybe even crouch, although that would be a very strong option. Otherwise, it seems hard to do minor spacing-adjustments, the backdash throws you super far back.

I also don't see the point of the third slash in the basic combo. It seems better in every situation to do a low attack instead, because of the significantly lower recovery time and only slightly lower damage. Maybe the third attack is a noob-trap or punishment for messing up the combo?

Absolutely looking forward to seeing more progress.

Cute, juicy, fun, and manic in a good way and a bad way.

It feels a little unfair when the green guys hit you when you're both on the ground, right when their hitbox becomes active. Maybe they could have more startup, or a more obvious startup? Maybe I'm not supposed to let them get that close? And it's often hard to see enemy projectiles/attacks amongst all the chaos. I think a more unified, "enemy attack" color could go a long way for making getting hit feel more fair.

That being said, this feels like a game that just needs content, the polish is all there.

As Sinoc said, there's nothing special here yet. I play a bunch of Stepmania and IIDX and there's no gimmick or feature that would make me choose to play this. Also, you might want to make the good/great text be different colors or something, it was kind of hard to tell which I was getting while still focusing on the game.

Pretty much just going to agree with everything the previous people said, I like the art, animation, and love the music in the second level. I think some hitstop and a bassier hit sound effect could go a HUGE way to make hitting stuff feel more satisfying. Also, in this area, (http://imgur.com/PWIR5SK) It was hard to see the skeleton. The tree and the skelly have the same color, kind of making him blend in.

Fixed it. There seems to have been a problem uploading it to itch the first time

Feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated!

Please leave feedback! Any constructive criticism is welcome.