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Dogma: The Golden AgeView game page

Something resembling a game collection for Sega Dreamcast.
Submitted by Captain Dreamcast (@CaptDreamcast) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat is the 3rd strike of Mortal Kombat vs DC. If only it had gameplay.

There's some other games too i guess but KFM is either some bootleg off of mugenguild or there's some weird things going on with hitstun in dream fight, I shouldn't be able to loop jab jab shoulder tackle for a blockstun infinite. I also love that eye of medusa breaks all boundries and expectations by punishing players for having high refresh rate monitors, forcing rich bastards to either git gud or crank that shit down.


I considered remaking Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat in Mugen, but I think at some point games/memes just have to die. Of course I'll never stop bothering Max with random unfunny @s on twitter, but I'm sure he appreciates those on some existential level.

The Mugen port is still broken in every way imaginable. My current plan of action is first fixing the RAM/runtime issues (since those are the most embarrassing) and then pilfering some of the I.K.E.M.E.N. stuff for making it better. Another masterplan of mine is to start lurking /fgg/ to absorb all that sweet fighter knowledge, but at this point I still don't really understand a word anybody is saying.

I wish I could say anything about Eye of the Medusa's deep-seated desire to run at 999FPS. I'll have it run on some more VMs, but until now I've been unable to replicate it.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I must sound like a broken record by now, but the thing I hate most is when my games don't run properly.


>lurking /fgg/ to absorb all that sweet fighter knowledge
I think you'd actively loose any street fighter knowledge you already had lurking over there. I'd say go to the SRK forums but those are blowing up at the end of the month (where will I get my poverty game tech now?).


I played tipsy todd/drunk dave/off the wagon willie and it hurt

I got to level 12

I hope you're proud


Rotating Robert is an acquired taste.

Little did you know, there's a global ranking list, it's an official document attached to my fridge with official magnets. And yes, of course I'm proud, most people would have given up during the title screen. You can go to work next week knowing you're the 1%.

Thanks for playing though, I hope the damage heals.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Gameplay video. Sorry about cutting it short but I want to finish these videos within my lifetime.
I really liked Bombx, I will be going back to it and completing it!


D- did you just beat Fists of Justice? The game that took me myself three months to finally beat? I also noticed I forgot to fix the hitboxes, kind of a crass oversight on my part. Just to explain the German comment on the video, I was so amazed that I shared the video with the german general I also post my games in (The comment basically calls my games weird.)

One thing I noticed during the Bombx gameplay you sometimes won by exploding along with the final Bombx, that wasn't really supposed to happen. Glad you liked that one, I think it was one of the better concepts, though still pretty flawed due to the lack of saving, boring levels later down the road and an unsatisfying ending.

So yeah, lots of thanks for the video, I noticed a lot of stuff that needs fixing!