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Sweet Jesus, Marry and Joeseph slow down! My eyes are vomiting my brain is bleeding and I'm developing RSI from all the mashing.

I'd give more proper criticism on the game if it didn't make my physically ill. You're probobly alianating a good chunk of the audiance with how nuts everything is.

Alright now that the game's actualy playable, here's some bugs that didn't kill it completely:

-The game soft-locked while Chuck's dialogue about betraying him started when I was off screen
-I killed the boss and died in what I think was the same frame, so the regular level music and the game over theme played over each other
-the grim reaper guys knocked me into a wall I had to wiggle to get out of
-In the room after the boss the game started running at halfish speed and the background started to wig out
-At some point leaving it idle while typing the above out it started to worsen
-eventually it crashed and it now exists only as an icon in volume manager
-the candle dudes' fire seems to not do damage to anything

Well if nothing else it's the crashiest game of the show. I couldn't get too far into anything without one. About the only thing I was able to do besides talk to a trashcan full of nerf darts was die to the reaper guys.

Here's the crash reports: https://pastebin.com/ADhAcS6z

On my Dualshock 4, if you press R2, a second player spawns in, but the function and dirctions of the sticks are reversed (Right stick moves, left aims, both reversed). I forgot to mention, playing it in fullscreen also somehow messed up my Windows color settings.

The points you raised and the article you linked are very helpfull! I'll look in to staggering new elements more and some sort of interactive tutorial like the Battle Network games.

Solid foundation. Combat's pretty basic and I can't tell where all this life sim stuff is suppose to fit in, but what is in there is pretty good. Runs at a full 144 fps on my machine (specs) for comparison.

@Ogier -
The formula and effect for the flashing is still being messed with, the frequency or brightness will probably get toned down for the bigger enemies. The laser guys are also getting a nerf/retooling, they seem to be the main difficulty out liar

@Rokas -
A lot of those are just conventions of the genre, the continues specifically is so that players can't just credit feed to the end, since that cheapens the game as a whole. Options in game and other stuff like control rebinding is planned for later.

@NathanDearth -
Glad you had a great time! Watching your video and other people's, one of the main problem seems to be players are not utilizing all the tools at there disposal. Not sure how to fix this short of a big dumb prompt in the middle of the game.

This game just keeps coming back. Will it ever actually hit the fan? What is 'It'? Will the main characters ever do leg day?

Anyway, other than the new content the game still seems to have the same fundamental problems from around dd9 (and I imagine around dd2 and 3 too); the gameplay loop of serious sam + smash tv - level/enemy design just isn't fun, and there's tons of technical problems ranging from controllers buttons being bound to both accept and back, a second player spawning with reverse controls in single player (if this is intentional it's the most confusing thing ever), to the game refusing to let it's self be close by anything less than task manager.

To be completely frank, this project has been spinning it's wheels for far too long, it either needs a huge overhaul or scrapped. Continuing with this without some serious re-tooling would just lead to the game being nothing more than a .99 cent trading card vehicle.

This game is what I'd imagine Flashback (the original) and Gunpoint would look after a spin in the procgen blender. If I'm not missing something, the current gameplay of jumping around dilapidated buildings and gomba stomping woodland creatures is functional, but missing a lot.

Some of the game play seemed to betray the ascetic, like how a dog can get right back up after geting knocked 20 feet back by a baseball bat to the face or how gomba stomping thing at all. The random generation also seemed a bit loose, I got a lot of guns without bullets, doors guarding nothing and pre-killed critters strewn about.

And some bugs : https://pastebin.com/pRMTdzJk

So THIS is why the Double Dragon movie was so bleak! Everyone went around murked millions of Abobo's until the whole city was in ruin!

The game's a lot like a new grounds flash game but with good frame rate, pretty sure there's a couple that are even metal slug vs other game themed too. If that's what your going for then good job. It needs variety and length obviously, but even the file name knows that.

I'm having a problem where not guts will always move to the left if the movement buttons are left idle. It also still persists after unplugging any controllers.

Impressive presentation, and the little gameplay there is in kicking books in the face is pretty good. However, there's no indication of when you get extra ammo for booting things to death and the deceleration on boot jumping is such that bunny hopping with it seems close to frame perfect timing, and otherwise it doesn't allow for speedy movement. There also didn't seem to be a way to pause the game.

Good as always, and it's nice to see the game finally get visuals to help convey the action. It's a bit disappointing to not see the level or bosses return from dd9 or so, but I imagine those will come back later.

Playing around with the sandbags though, it seemed way to easy to lock it into a theoretically infinite combo. You could try a system like Hisoutensoku's single player where bosses have a meter separate from there health that will stun them and make them vulnerable to combing when it empties.

Very solid as always. This demo ran better than the last one, averaging around 70 fps on max (specs).
The gameplay is great, but my Dualshock 4 didn't work at all in the game so the controls were a little confusing. The guide for the gun also seemed to be a little unreliable, but that might've been a range issue.

You've got the Ace Combat feel pretty good also; The coms chatter/feedback is on point. A way to shut them up, ala Zone of the Enders 2, might be good for some players though.

Good shit as always. Difficulty seems more balanced now, and the bit with the buildings falling is pretty neat.
The only real complaint is dev faster, damnit. I don't want this to end up like Owlboy.

Ask panjak/herr-jak/Umbrella Warriors dev about the noise. He managed to mostly fix it when I was helping him debug Mega Q*bert on real hardware.
The slow motion function just causes it to press pause every frame until you tell it to stop, and since pause resets to the title screen, I'm guessing it's an issue in sprite loading.
Forgot to mention, there's no 6-button support obviously, but holding MODE during boot doesn't remap the x y or z to the other buttons, like what it's suppose to do for games that specifically don't support it.

If you need any more help with real hardware feel free to contact me outside of the demo days.

Attache Case: The video game meets The Oregon Trail is pretty neat, but it's suuuper slow. It's also not super clear how some of the mechanics work, like the benefit of adding more ammo to guns and the targeting thing on enemies. Some sort of tutorial and a more strait forward interface would help, and a fastfoward key for the vast sections of nothing that the game has.

Good stuff as always. I'm glad to see object interactivity back. I wish different selectable sub weapons would come back though.
The Nerf to slide kicking seems a bit extreme, maybe have it only lock you out of it until you either turn around or double the hitstun of the move. It's also a little weird that you can't jump cancel attacks that can be dodge canceled, which I'm pretty sure was in the last demo.

Hope your taxes are in order because you're going to make SO much money on this.
It's not my cup of tea, but for the seemingly endless amount of people that it is, they too can finally stave off lonlines with there new waifu.

This reminds me some of Metal Gear Acid, so if that was the intention lean in to it more! If you haven't played it, do it! (you can skip to 2, it's a bit better)

The deck drawing out seems like an inevitability, unless I'm missing something, witch probobly isn't a great choice for a randomly generated seemingly endless thing. Instead, Giving the player an inate but shitty melee attack would also help the decking out.

Pretty cool. I didn't have the controller issue this time, so it must've been some freak driver thing. The game also seems to softlock when you select level 6, but that might just be how the demo do.

The announcer needs to be louder or everything else needs to be quieter, the multiball should dither out instead of fading (to keep the art style consistent), and having some way of showing on the hud that you can take 3 hits to begin with instead of finding out the hard way when you die. And personally, the green lower lip kinda looks like a soul patch on the preview image.

The gameplay itself is solid though, keep polishing it!

Oh boy, Scrolling! And bubbles that refuse to pop! Still didn't play it on an emulator, but here's some problems on a real Genesis.

Random noise during transitions, fades and switching from TMSS to Sega logo
On soft reset, the game skips past the title screen and goes strait to gameplay
If you jump while holding diagonal forward, when you land aim will be rest to just forward
Sometimes the water rectangle gets stuck in the rock until you scroll it off the screen
If you enter the sound test then enter the controller test, the controller test prompts don't appear
Using the slow motion function on official 6 button controllers eventually cause the sprites to scramble
Upon entering the game, the pallate is black and white for a second before correcting it's self

The idea of making a pact with store brand Uncle Death to go bring calcium and shiny teeth to the world is cool and all, but the game's kinda buggy on top of the lack of content. Raising skeletons from graves dosn't seem to work, fireballs sometimes loop animations before disappearing, both enemy and friend skeletons don't even try to get around walls, and friendly skelitons only seem to attack thing if they were raised around where the target is.

Still a lot of potential. The action is good, but again, some of the attacks would probobly be better if they were telegraphed in a less abstract way;there's not much you can do about that right now, but those new particles look pretty good, so I hope you can do the game proper justice in the future.

I found a couple bugs thought - Reflected projectyles from Shade sometimes go strait though ice barriers, and when fighting shade this happened. http://puu.sh/tfaFP/707709e030.png

Top notch as always. The difficulty seems a lot more balanced this time, and the boss fight is pretty cool.
Can't wait for this to get further along.

There's barely anything here, this isn't so much a demo as a week 1 proof of concept.

On real hardware, the game has issues with random colored pixels during the title screen and fading in and out logos. If there is sound, it's not playing on real hardware either. On subsequent resets, the game also immediately starts itself from the title screen.

At some point in my life I thought 'shit why doesn't somebody make an entire game about the Suplex ability from Kirby Super Star', but lo and behold somebody beat me to the punch.

There's not much here now, but there's a good foundation for a puzzle platformer. an ability to toss things softly could add a lot to potential puzzles, and various non throwing options for grabbing on to stuff, like more manuvarability options and more grapple animations, would be nice.

The game is still great, but I'm not too big on some of the changes. The object intractability is down (Lanterns, barrels), the game seems overall way too easy, and the removal of the Castlevania style sub weapons cuts down on potential different playstyles when there's more weapons.

Instead of a whole button dedicated to special moves,try doing it by charging the regular attack button or proc buffs like the flame sword by backdash canceling an attack or dash and attack at the same time.

I don't know if it was just an issue on my end or something, but the controls are completely fucked on both DS4 and keyboard. The button assignments are all over the place, left goes slowly and right only goes full speed, up goes in random directions, it's strange.

I couldn't play much of it due to control problems, but the game seems pretty lively and upbeat. Keep working on it and look into the playability part.

Awesome as always. It's light on content, but these things take time.

Thanks for listening to the suggestion about infinitely spawning mooks in the first bit, the balance seems better over all.

Just an update; the game does not run on real DOS, or at least not on my IBM 350 pc. No errors or anything, it just dosn't launch.

This plays a lot like your typical newgrounds game, and not in a good way. There's very little variety to it and everything feels samey and limp. The art is deviant art-tier, and by the looks of it your trying to carry your game off the back of generic waifubait. Put the gameplay before art or sound or anything else, and come back when that's up to snuff.

@Raflosti Something along the lines of the Coropata or The Increadable Machine, where you can click on the object after it's placed and it sticks to your mouse, as well as some buttons pop up with things you can do to them. What you described is more or less what I meant, so you seem to know what to do.

A good improvement over last time. I'm still not a big fan of the keyboard controls, and the only thing my controller was able to do was skip dialogue, but the game plays fine with them. It might just be the random nature of the game, but I saw a lot more content this time around, including the first boss (he's really easy to exploit) and most importantly, the Sellitons!

I wasn't able to recreate the room generation weirdness from last time, and I didn't find any bugs, besides easily exploited enemy patterns. Keep up the good work.

This is still the most promising game around here, and I understand about the lack of progress from last time due to hardware failure (Hope you can resolve it soon) I'm still really impressed with what's here. Devil Triggering is great, and the new enemies are pretty cool and complex. Keep at it.

The wave based setup doesn't lend itself to a shmup very well, and the enemy and bullet patterns are kinda bland. There's also very little feedback for anything, like getting hit or even dying, making it kinda hard to tell if you've been hit or not since your mouse is covering the hitbox. It's a little bland, but it's more functional and complete than half the other games on here.

I get that it's early, but it seems like you spent some months on the visuals and then handed the assets off to an intern at an accounting firm to make the game in a week. It's barely functional and has about as much polish as Action 52. Truth be told, I don't even really like the art style either, the levels are bland and the enemies look like they've been taken from the stereotypical candy themed episode of a shitty 80's cartoon.

I mean, if your aiming for the 7 year old girl audience, then compared to the barbie games your competing against this is decent, but for everyone else it's pretty crap.

I don't quite know how to critique this. It's clearly a hot meme game, and it's effective at being dank, but as a platformer it's completely non offensive and functional. If you want to improve on the gameplay, have not sonic have some momentum to him, and add a roll or some sort of spin dash.

@Kvrepo Regarding the keyboard controls, it's like you are trying to reinvent the wheel here. Arrow keys + ZXC + Numbers was never broke, so I don't understand why your trying to fix it. The way you have it set up, with enter and both alts and what have you, makes the player take his hand off the keyboard to reach those buttons, witch makes doing things that require those buttons quickly difficult and finding the right keys again strange with the layout.