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well good news the game is done

it's pretty gud yea

I can't believe Dhalism's H.kick is so fucking powerful it sends people off the stage boundaries, and if you do it at just the right place, it warps reality and cuts the stage in half.

Good stuff as always. Missed an opportunity to make a joke about the skulls around his neck having gold teeth.

Discord plz go

It's a neat little thing. The enemy capture mechanic's kinda cool if a bit inconsistent (though I suppose capturing the green dudes who do nothing but stand around wouldn't do me much good) and the aerial hitstop halting the pull of gravity's a bit weird. You should try and play more into the character being on a skateboard, get some OliOli type momentum going with the grind mechanics so people can BLJ (Breakneck Longboard Jabroni) through these stages instead of grinding to a halt having to kill stuff or wait for platforms.

Also, your style's pretty on point. It's truly the persona of Benbo. Gotta get the music up to match too, though.

Thanks for playing!

We're just waiting on Nintendo now, so we're anticipating the date announcement as much as you are!

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Yes and yes (the latter might even be possible right now, I haven't checked).

The balance has been tweaked a lot since then and we're still chipping away at it at the moment. Current version is overall a bit easier than this demo, IMO.

In the full game you can unlock several filters, including a few different CRT options, by obtaining high scores.

Don't you worry; I know the exact feeling of doing progress nobody can appreciate but the programmer, I'm in the middle of that right now.
Putting the effort to have unique content every time means a lot though, I always genuinely look forward to whatever cute dumb story mode awaits the upcoming demo day.

There wasn't much to the movment bug really; I just couldn't move the camera anywhere with wasd until i placed a slime and goal down then quit out of it.

>At the moment the demo and the full version are nearly identical, and the $9.99 is essentially a donation.
That's like the whole gimick with patron my guy. There's even itch integration so you can give supporters keys to the full version. Plus that way people don't see a price tag on it and they get lured in.

Finally, Saikyo is the strongest power! It can many reality bending things, such as speeding time up way too fast and letting the user harness the power of invisibility!

In the most danbitious crossover since Infinity War, journey though multiple universes to take up the harrowing quest of avenging your father armed with nothing but hard work, guts, and crouching strait.

The various Dans' scenarios are funny, though as hader to play then usual since the uncapped framerate bug is back in the Windows version and the web version is super wack in general (Dreamcast untested because I'm a lazy git), but thankfully the AI still falls for every frametrap. However, now that the AI can do silly shit like canceling out of tiger uppercuts after they've connected it somewhat levels the playing field in a roundabout way.

As usual, it's the kind of jank all true warriors should strive for. Very danlicious.

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Aw man, I download these things to play games, not be prompted to make one and remember I have one I need to hurry up on!

I was never any good with these sorts of 'make your own puzzles' type games, so I'm too much of a brainlet to extensively play around with it. Slime physics are neat, though simplified compared to something like Gish, which might limit weird non-Newtonian puzzle possibilities.

I also ran into a bug where I couldn't move the editor around until I cleared a level. Zooming the map out (if it isn't possible already, might be related to the former bug) would also be nice.

Also, putting a big price tag on this thing at such an early state's not a good look. Take that shit to Patreon, you'll get more traffic that way anyway.

I actually didn't test the web version because I thought I learned my lesson by now, but it is in fact locked to 60 fps on my rich people monitor now.Shame about testament and Cirno though, that sounds like it could've been funny.

And yeah sorry about the silence, being under NDA sucks.

This game is otherworldly. By that I mean it comes from some other world were Guilty Gear 2 wasn't the hottest shit on the block and somebody thought it was a good idea to make crouching jab a frametrap. Very elaborate story mode though, I don't think I've ever seen something like this in mugen besides the chronicles of Kung Fu Man and Suave Dude.

Unfortunately since neither best boy Testament or best girl Okuu show up I can't recommend it, unless you really have an affinity for the jank-ass guilty gear 1 sprites.

Finally, a way to play all those hot MUGEN 1.1 characters on everyone's 2nd or 3rd favorite Sega console! I hope everyone dosn't accidentally burn though CD's trying to index characters and get character select screens to line up properly.

The browser version seems to set it's frame rate to the monitor's refresh rate (144fps KFM has some sick frametraps) and makes all of windows eat shit while loading and unloading it, but why would you play MUGEN in a browser anyway? Unfortunately the Windows version dosn't support best boy Dragon Claw so I can't really recommend it, but it's a good start.

Also, did itchio remove the jam page comment section? How will I ever secretly shitpost now?

>lurking /fgg/ to absorb all that sweet fighter knowledge
I think you'd actively loose any street fighter knowledge you already had lurking over there. I'd say go to the SRK forums but those are blowing up at the end of the month (where will I get my poverty game tech now?).

Where'd all the color on the front page go?

Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat is the 3rd strike of Mortal Kombat vs DC. If only it had gameplay.

There's some other games too i guess but KFM is either some bootleg off of mugenguild or there's some weird things going on with hitstun in dream fight, I shouldn't be able to loop jab jab shoulder tackle for a blockstun infinite. I also love that eye of medusa breaks all boundries and expectations by punishing players for having high refresh rate monitors, forcing rich bastards to either git gud or crank that shit down.

The absolute madman! He finally did it! Notguts is (mostly) animated and not a cube!

I really like the guard point system for the heavy attacks (I'm pretty sure that's new?) and the new upgrades here and there. Now that notguts is actualy resmebling a human some better animations for the enemies would be nice, like some sort of reaction if they get hit but don't go into hitstun or even just more weight behind the big choreographed attacks (like the scythe dude) to better indicate to get out of dodge.

Good to hear. Didn't test the multiplayer because I'm friendless and don't have 4 hands, but it sounds like it could be neat, if a bit clusterfuckey.

No new demo this time, not sure if I'll do another one because adding stage 3 would mean more than half the game is in the demo, but we'll see in the coming months. I did update the dd16 build with rebindable controls and a JP translation (More news coming from that soon here...) if you didn't see that.

Good to see this keep at it, as usual.

Unfortunately I think something borked between versions because the game seems to think my controller's constantly pressing left (unless it's pressing right) even after I've unplugged it. Keyboard controls work fine but are sub optimal for this sort of game.

Frankly it's getting hard to remember what was in the last few versions and what wasn't, but I appreciate notguts and friends getting animation little by little and more and more upgrades getting added in. Combat feels great and weighty as always, just needs animation to give more celerity to everything (and quit it with the screen shake, save that for when it really matters!).

Finally, the most anticipated shmup since 'Mars Matrix 2:We're not on mars anymore', 'Cho Aniki One', and some chump game called 'Shmoop 2'.

In a brave move, this game dosn't have a framerate limit, so the faster your processor the harder it gets! Finally, my I7 and 144hz monitor come in handy to enjoy the game at a silky smooth 'way too fast' fps.  However the gimick is far too strong, rendering the game fairly easy as I got to the end of stage 2 without dying on my first run after quick mastery of the systems. The game is heavily inspired by 3D Mark series and the example project in Danmakufu, witch leads to a fresh and unique style of bullet vomit and framerate that swings lower than than Gogem's patreon account on the Dreamcast version.

While flawed, the game is enjoyable for roughly as long as it took to write this review. 7/10, god was only the 2nd boss.

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Are you strictly looking for VR games or are more traditional ones up for consideration? My game, Devil Engine is very similar to (and very inspired by) by some of the other games Mugen published.

Thanks for playing!

I'll look in to the burst not working (You might've just been using it the same frame a bullet hit you?) and the sound breaking. A lot of the other bugs I know about (leaning on walls and restarting being weird in general) but were a more complicated issue to fix.

Safe spots are a problem certainly, the stage 2 miniboss one is pretty easy to fix by just adding a bit to his lower hitbox, but for the stage 2 main boss I'll have to tweak the pattern. The weapons are designed in such a way that even if you get behind a boss you still can't hit it much (the homing shot is suppose to disallow aiming for enemies behind the player) but ideally they shouldn't be able to get into that situation in the first place (though I guess a couple minor ones on easy isn't the end of the world).

Also,the 1-up from the biker is a joke. He only drops it if he pops his wheelie.

Yeah, go ahead!

Thanks for playing, you had a great run in the video!

Since the game revolves so much around speed and score I hadn't really put much thought into safe spots since you're doing a disservice to yourself in the long run (you even loose the score bonus if you let a boss sit for too long), but since that seems to be a common strategy so far I'll try to counter that for later levels (level 3's already shaping up for this). The spread's got two main uses, reletively safe and reliable damage from a distance and huge close up damage that even out damages the laser, however that doesn't seem immediately communicated since the ladder is a high level technique. 

A boss rush was planned for the final, with maybe even some extras in there if all goes to plan.

Oh man! Somebody who actualy played Shmoop 1!
Most of that game was just practice making games in order to make this one. It shows a little better in the boss fights than the rest of the game,but I generally learned a lot about what works and what doesn't in shmup design from that.

Thanks for playing, and glad to see you stuck with it. Spread shot is life, shotgun strats all day.


Thanks for the praise! Multiple monitors gets kinda buggy with how the display manager works. It also kinda freaks out if you try and full screen with a non even resolution scale.

I totally forgot about the bios version (especially since you can skip that animation now) so at this point I might just keep it at dd14 honor the first public release.

I'll look into it after the game's done, but no promises. The way the levels are scripted on my end is pretty complicated.

Pitfall Harry Abuses Animals seems a lot less jank and a lot better flowing since last time I played it (dd12 or so?), but other than some Tonami bumper tier breakbeat music for the tutorial and the removal of the dos prompt (rip) there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new content. That's kind of a bummer too, because with the controls set up as they are some actualy designed levels with good flow would be a lot of fun instead of tight procgen corridors.

4.4.2, Kernel ver 3.4.0-964333 w/root

A lot of weird stuff refuses to work on it (like Fire Emblem Heroes) so I might've just mucked something up when ricing it.

oh god everything's wrong

There's no feedback on anything, your ship has all sorts of momentum before it eventually sliiides to a halt, the enemies are a step down from Galaga's in design and behavior, the dash dosn't have any i-frames, there's a health bar,the text is super aliased, the music is loud, my feet hurt, and the arrow keys still scroll the page around!

woah shit look at those rock textures

In all seriousness, it's kinda neat as a prototype, though a lot of seeing if it'll work in action would rely on how the enemies work. Since there's a whole lot of nothing right now, the only thing I can really say on it is to add a screen bob/shake slider. The fog shader thing's kinda cool, though.

Also, a weird bug with the block that lets you attack if you move towards an enemy with your shield up.

The android version kept crashing on startup (Galaxy S5) so this is all for the windows version.

The mechanics seem kinda at odds with the level design and the whole touch screen interface; the game encourages you to tap like it's going out of style but then punishes you with a hard rocket limit so you can't rocket projectiles out of the air, and since enemies drop hurtey-balls seemingly at random (and the levels seem to be random too, bad move) there's no strategy or perceivable though line to the level, contrasting to the bosses that are mindlessly easy. There's also a sort of Gradius syndrome going on here, as the power-ups are crazy good and you feel like a wimp without them. 

The SFX are laughably bad (if you are going to use s/bfxr  at least layer a couple on top of each other and post process it), and I hope that music's placeholder because it sounds like FL default loops mashed together, the graphics evoke a euroshmup vibe (in a bad way) with how nothing they are,  but the biggest problem on top of all that is it's just not fun.

Thanks to this tool I have entered a zen like state of peak performance.

At least until I exhale, anyway.

I'd make a Parapa joke, but since you can't actually kick it's not all in the mind.

Since the only enemy in is the Glass Joe analogue it's kinda hard to gague difficulty and AI and such, but the mechanics for the player work pretty well as far as I can tell. Of course the game needs more content, but what's here is good for a start.

Thanks for playing, I'm ecstatic you like it so much!

Z used to be the button to continue, but some people cominted they were continuing without even knowing what happened, so I thought it'd make more sense (if a little annoying) to move it to the start button so you atleast have to make conscious thought about it. Full screen will scale to whatever your monitor resolution is, so only even scales of 640x360 (720p,1080p,etc) will escape being all strechy and weird. I'm looking into black bar options to keep it pixel perfect in full screen, but for now stick with windowed.

Also, the guitar is real! It's got a vst amp/pedals and some post processing effects that make it sound sorta synthy.

Look out, Pepsiman stole that guy's pizza!

The controls are kinda janky (Especially the F grapple) and the animations look like he's got Pepsi cans in his pants, but the swinging and sense of speed is fun to mess around with. The combat's kinda non existant, but that's also true to the inspiration. For lack of a better term, the game could use some un-janking.