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Aw man, I download these things to play games, not be prompted to make one and remember I have one I need to hurry up on!

I was never any good with these sorts of 'make your own puzzles' type games, so I'm too much of a brainlet to extensively play around with it. Slime physics are neat, though simplified compared to something like Gish, which might limit weird non-Newtonian puzzle possibilities.

I also ran into a bug where I couldn't move the editor around until I cleared a level. Zooming the map out (if it isn't possible already, might be related to the former bug) would also be nice.

Also, putting a big price tag on this thing at such an early state's not a good look. Take that shit to Patreon, you'll get more traffic that way anyway.

Thanks for trying it out! Zoom is planned, thanks for reminding me to add it to the planned features.

Would you mind describing that movement bug more? You were editing and not actually playing a level, right?

As for the price, I think $9.99 is fair. At the moment the demo and the full version are nearly identical, and the $9.99 is essentially a donation.

There wasn't much to the movment bug really; I just couldn't move the camera anywhere with wasd until i placed a slime and goal down then quit out of it.

>At the moment the demo and the full version are nearly identical, and the $9.99 is essentially a donation.
That's like the whole gimick with patron my guy. There's even itch integration so you can give supporters keys to the full version. Plus that way people don't see a price tag on it and they get lured in.

Sorry, but I don't see anything in the code that could cause that unless I have more details. There's a bool for WASD camera control that is only changed when entering or leaving play mode, and it's only read in one location. It should work perfectly AFAIK.

Thank you for the advice, but I won't be setting up a Patreon or any other 3rd party donation service.