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Slimy Puzzle Platforming
Submitted by nanimonull — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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I built the greatest level, then accidentally hit quit, which immediately closed everything, please press F to pay respects.

I also had the camera movement bug, until I played my first level, I couldn't move the camera. Otherwise I think it's a neat gameplay concept. I think it might need a bit of a "hook" to motivate people to keep playing, else it might run into the trap a lot of games banking on the player's creativity fall in and get boring fast after the initial burst of creativity runs out. Though I guess it's alpha, so I'm sure you still have a lot of things planned already.


Shoot, sorry to hear that. Tracking saved changes is on the laundry list. Next update maybe.

I've just updated the game and you can now use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to save/load so it's much more convenient. Other changes are at

Again, I'm afraid I can't help with the camera bug without more information. If it still persists after the update, would you mind telling me more information?

What you did (Which menus you went to, what buttons you clicked)

What You Expected to Happen (Probably Camera Movement)

What actually Happened (No Camera Movement)

And yea, I do plan on making many more levels of my own in order to show off mechanics and interactions. Not sure about another "hook" but maybe unlockables or something would be cute. Not sure.


Just tried and didn't encounter the bug again, even with the same settings. 


Nice, I didn't even mean to fix it!

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the review, PHI. I watched around 10 minutes while working on v0.0.0.1 and implemented some things you mentioned. Detailed change notes can be found at

Most notably:

-Completing a level goes back to Edit Mode without un-loading the level

-Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V now Saves/Loads as one would expect

-No more ghost icons when clicking buttons while playing a level

-Changed "Play" to "Play<>Edit" to make it clear that it's a toggle

After I get some food in me I'll keep watching your review of Slime Research and see if there's anything else that needs to be considered.

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Aw man, I download these things to play games, not be prompted to make one and remember I have one I need to hurry up on!

I was never any good with these sorts of 'make your own puzzles' type games, so I'm too much of a brainlet to extensively play around with it. Slime physics are neat, though simplified compared to something like Gish, which might limit weird non-Newtonian puzzle possibilities.

I also ran into a bug where I couldn't move the editor around until I cleared a level. Zooming the map out (if it isn't possible already, might be related to the former bug) would also be nice.

Also, putting a big price tag on this thing at such an early state's not a good look. Take that shit to Patreon, you'll get more traffic that way anyway.


Thanks for trying it out! Zoom is planned, thanks for reminding me to add it to the planned features.

Would you mind describing that movement bug more? You were editing and not actually playing a level, right?

As for the price, I think $9.99 is fair. At the moment the demo and the full version are nearly identical, and the $9.99 is essentially a donation.

There wasn't much to the movment bug really; I just couldn't move the camera anywhere with wasd until i placed a slime and goal down then quit out of it.

>At the moment the demo and the full version are nearly identical, and the $9.99 is essentially a donation.
That's like the whole gimick with patron my guy. There's even itch integration so you can give supporters keys to the full version. Plus that way people don't see a price tag on it and they get lured in.


Sorry, but I don't see anything in the code that could cause that unless I have more details. There's a bool for WASD camera control that is only changed when entering or leaving play mode, and it's only read in one location. It should work perfectly AFAIK.

Thank you for the advice, but I won't be setting up a Patreon or any other 3rd party donation service.