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A game about swinging and wallrunning
Submitted by khryse — 2 days, 17 hours before the deadline

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More feedback for why a move didn't work would be helpful, I found myself just spamming out RMB and hoping. I suck at action games, but I can see with a  smoother system the grappling and swinging could be really fun. The character design is cool. I did eventually learn to wallrun, but not well enough to combine it with swinging and grappling. Also it didn't seem like I could build up momentum with swinging. But congrats on getting it this far


Thanks for the video man, i laughed out loud when you climbed a wall just by using RMB, that was inventive.


I'm glad as hell someone's trying to make a spidey-like! Removing jank and polishing up the parkour stuff is what I'd like to see most. Enjoy this shitty gameplay video, I was kinda tired.


So thats how it looks when you know what you're doing


Hahaha, oh man, i'm surprised that you've found the gliding button, that is broken as hell and i thought i removed it for the demo, but skipped the F to grapple button.

Thanks for the input, i'm glad you got the hang of it, looking at the videos people posted, i figured that the wallrun will not take your input if you're looking up, but that's how people want to wallrun up, so i already fixed that.

Thanks for making it a video too, it really helps to see all the ways people play the game going in blind.


This controls pretty satisfyingly. Sometimes it felt unclear if the "F" grapple was going to work or not. I think there was an indication that grapple was going to work whenever the crosshair changed to an x?  The combat bit felt kinda janky, I don't know how much it actually adds to the gameplay, the parkour aspect of the game felt like it could carry itself pretty good without any combat.

The biggest concern I had was that the rope felt kinda elastic/slow. It kinda took too long for it to attach to objects and when it eventually stuck to something it kinda felt like the rope was way longer than it should have been.

Also: Highest tower climbed!


Yeah, i should've put some more tutorial in when grapple works or not.

I'll try iron out the combat and take other feedback about keeping your speed and maybe it'll work better, that's what the next demoday is for, right?

Swinging is something i'm going to look into again, since i found some good resources on physics in vidya, so that should make it more responsive.

Thank you for playing!


Alright, that was more fun than I expected. But also less fun.

Lot of comparisons to Pepsiman, Spiderman (I swear that midair animation is straight off Spiderman Enter Electro or something), but it's momentum based. Which means a lot of not really having anything to do midair since your grapple is out and you can't change your direction midair if your life depended on it. Which fortunately it doesn't, but it does mean a lot of tumbling all the way back to the beginning, back to the same two admittedly nice Delorean assets.

Other than that, though, pretty darn nice. I mean it's obvious what you just cooked up to be in there for the demo build, but it's just for the demo build so it's not even a factor. All worked well, would love to run an obstacle course ala Lemma or something with these mechanics. Good job!


Cool, thanks for pointing me towards Lemma, going to play that and see what i can learn from it!


Look out, Pepsiman stole that guy's pizza!

The controls are kinda janky (Especially the F grapple) and the animations look like he's got Pepsi cans in his pants, but the swinging and sense of speed is fun to mess around with. The combat's kinda non existant, but that's also true to the inspiration. For lack of a better term, the game could use some un-janking.


Haha, thanks for playing, i should probably just add a subtitle "The Unjanking"!


Finally, the fanfiction lovechild of Spiderman and Pepsiman swings into action! An interesting little parkour demo, it was fun to swing around the city once I figured out the controls. As it stands, jumping isn't all that reliable or great due to the low air control and high momentum that can send you bouncing off the platform you just landed on. Instead, it's better to rely on the swinging and grappling mechanics. Grappling is actually so overpowered that I forced myself to re-do the demo with less grappling since it trivialized it. Sliding doesn't work on Xbox controllers, but that doesn't matter since the demo doesn't really require it.

To improve 3D movement, I'd suggest adding a shadow directly under the player that is independent of lighting (just like Mario 64). This will help players know what platform they're currently above. Wallrunning seems to be dependent on your momentum rather than your input/camera angle, which became a problem when I tried swinging onto buildings. Also consider having the second jump override your momentum (if the vectors are significantly different) instead of adding to it, it'd allow players to re-orrient themselves on walls.

Fun demo, looking forward to more progress.


oh wow, you actually got the highest tower, that's dedication!

Thanks for the feedback, i actually just thought about the Mario64 spot shadow to show where you're going to land. The jump is something i really want to iron out, guess i'll need to look into some 2D platformers for inspiration!

You used an Xbox controller, wow, i'm surprised it worked at all, since i only keymapped the keyboard only.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Made it to the tippy top. Very fun to move around when you get the hang of it. Only thing I don't understand is when you can do the F key boost, it seemed random.  Also I never learned to slide, but never needed it to get up high. did I miss something?

Very nice so far!

EDIT: I see it now, the orb is the indicator and you can only do it in the air. I had a feeling that was it, but I was trying to hit F while on a wall, so I dismissed it.


Thanks for playing! The slide was mainly put in to pass under low obstacles, i guess there wasn't a lot of them in the demo level. You can also use it to launch yourself off the building and grapple to change you direction.

The grapple is indeed shown by the orb, by i never properly explained it, sorry!


This is a really really good game! Sometimes the wallruns don't go in the direction I wanted them to go in, but it's really fun to play!

I also got the big coin. Please make something happen when it's collected next demo day, okay? ;_;


haha, thanks! I'm working on fixing up the wallruns, some of the other comments put me on a right track to make it feel better.

Good job on getting the coin, i'll make something even better for the next demo day, thanks for playing!