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Finally, Saikyo is the strongest power! It can many reality bending things, such as speeding time up way too fast and letting the user harness the power of invisibility!

In the most danbitious crossover since Infinity War, journey though multiple universes to take up the harrowing quest of avenging your father armed with nothing but hard work, guts, and crouching strait.

The various Dans' scenarios are funny, though as hader to play then usual since the uncapped framerate bug is back in the Windows version and the web version is super wack in general (Dreamcast untested because I'm a lazy git), but thankfully the AI still falls for every frametrap. However, now that the AI can do silly shit like canceling out of tiger uppercuts after they've connected it somewhat levels the playing field in a roundabout way.

As usual, it's the kind of jank all true warriors should strive for. Very danlicious.

Oh no, I know exactly what caused the gotta go fast bug, I stopped manually limiting the engine to 60fps on Windows and left synchronization to opengl. To quote the Street Fighter 3 announcer, yeah that makes sense.

I know it may seem like it's not really going anywhere (demo 2 and demo 3 are pretty comparable gameplay-wise), but at least on the technical side, everything is still getting more stable. Even when Sagat starts walking on air, or Ridley flies away to never be seen again.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I still haven't given up on a jank-free future yet. I WANT TO BELIEVE.


Don't you worry; I know the exact feeling of doing progress nobody can appreciate but the programmer, I'm in the middle of that right now.
Putting the effort to have unique content every time means a lot though, I always genuinely look forward to whatever cute dumb story mode awaits the upcoming demo day.


Thanks, jank may be less one day, but dumb is eternal.