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Good to see this keep at it, as usual.

Unfortunately I think something borked between versions because the game seems to think my controller's constantly pressing left (unless it's pressing right) even after I've unplugged it. Keyboard controls work fine but are sub optimal for this sort of game.

Frankly it's getting hard to remember what was in the last few versions and what wasn't, but I appreciate notguts and friends getting animation little by little and more and more upgrades getting added in. Combat feels great and weighty as always, just needs animation to give more celerity to everything (and quit it with the screen shake, save that for when it really matters!).

Hmm. I don't think I touched any of the controller stuff. Right now I'm using Unity's stock input system, hopefully that won't have to change.

With the multiplayer in a mostly playable state, I'm thinking I'm just going to work on animations for a while. COMPLETE notguts might be on the horizon.

Thanks for the feedback, as usual. I'd love to play a new build of Devil Engine if you're putting one up this time

Good to hear. Didn't test the multiplayer because I'm friendless and don't have 4 hands, but it sounds like it could be neat, if a bit clusterfuckey.

No new demo this time, not sure if I'll do another one because adding stage 3 would mean more than half the game is in the demo, but we'll see in the coming months. I did update the dd16 build with rebindable controls and a JP translation (More news coming from that soon here...) if you didn't see that.