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A jam submission

Wasteland Rampage - Demo Coming SoonView game page

Visceral Action Roguelite
Submitted by RendahGames (@RendahGames) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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This actually feels better than dd16, not sure if you've changed some things, or i got better at it.

Combat definitely has some more depth to it, and you have to dodge or block.

I think 3Dish background/level is new, and it looks pretty good.

Nice tree assets, please replace some placeholder art, since you game is working pretty good.

Good job!


I actually made the game quite a bit harder since DD16, so I'd say you got better at it! That could be a sign that the first boss did its job of forcing the player to learn the importance of blocking early on. It's been really hard to get people to hit the block button, so now I'm glad that's working out.

The 2.5d look is definitely new, and if people like it, I'll definitely keep it. Every decent Roguelite I can think of is purely 2d pixel art, so hopefully it will help make my game look unique.

Thanks for the feedback

Very fun to play and very dynamic. Attacks feel juicy and impactfull. The available character animations are really good and weighty and I think they'll really shine once you get rid of all the placeholder art. One thing that bothered me was that the main light attack seems to have some kind of very small delay before it starts, I feel like it could be faster, also the combat sometimes gets too frantic and its hard to see enemy attacks in the chaos. Overall the game is wrapping up to be a solid brawler.


Thanks a bunch, hits feeling impactful is the single most important thing to me for this game. It's pretty relieving to hear people enjoying it.

>its hard to see enemy attacks in the chaos

I agree completely. I've been working on this for a while, and it's a major priority. Having the immediate threats in the foreground and making the player aware is going to be super important for helping players learn the game. I was thinking I'll add very distinct, progressive sound effects for enemy attacks, and thin the hitsparks/blood a bit.

>One thing that bothered me was that the main light attack seems to have some kind of very small delay before it starts

This is most likely just an issue with the animation being very unresponsive. Luckily, animation is my number 1 priority until the next Demo Day, so that should probably be feeling great by then.

Good to see this keep at it, as usual.

Unfortunately I think something borked between versions because the game seems to think my controller's constantly pressing left (unless it's pressing right) even after I've unplugged it. Keyboard controls work fine but are sub optimal for this sort of game.

Frankly it's getting hard to remember what was in the last few versions and what wasn't, but I appreciate notguts and friends getting animation little by little and more and more upgrades getting added in. Combat feels great and weighty as always, just needs animation to give more celerity to everything (and quit it with the screen shake, save that for when it really matters!).


Hmm. I don't think I touched any of the controller stuff. Right now I'm using Unity's stock input system, hopefully that won't have to change.

With the multiplayer in a mostly playable state, I'm thinking I'm just going to work on animations for a while. COMPLETE notguts might be on the horizon.

Thanks for the feedback, as usual. I'd love to play a new build of Devil Engine if you're putting one up this time

Good to hear. Didn't test the multiplayer because I'm friendless and don't have 4 hands, but it sounds like it could be neat, if a bit clusterfuckey.

No new demo this time, not sure if I'll do another one because adding stage 3 would mean more than half the game is in the demo, but we'll see in the coming months. I did update the dd16 build with rebindable controls and a JP translation (More news coming from that soon here...) if you didn't see that.


pretty satisfying hits, but I was kind of bummed about being unable to dodge. I feel like Guts, and I feel like that's what you were going for.

Satisfaction increased severely when I learned to block. Everything feels/looks much more smooth compared to last demo and I love juggling enemies. This has a nice learning curve with learning to block attacks, but considering the block is basically a parry, it feels odd that I don't gain some sort of advantage over enemies I block. This is just a personal opinion though.

Overall I enjoy it, and I hope to see more progress


Thanks for the feedback!

I've been considering overhauling the slide to make it more useful, as a lot of people are saying they wish they could dodge. I think that will be my next goal.

The advantage to blocking is a little hidden, which it maybe shouldn't be... Basically, you can attack immediately after blocking, and if you do it counts as a "perfect" attack so it comes out faster as well. Hopefully the new slide will contrast and fill out the defensive options.

This is a pretty fun hack n slash! Really enjoy the combo meter and stuff like that. I wish the characters attacks could be a tiny bit faster but maybe other people don't have a problem with this, idk. Looking forward to seeing more!

Oh also, by any chance are you using 2d toolkit or just unity's native 2d?


Thanks! It's hard to give the greatsword that feeling of weight while still feeling responsive, but I think giving the attacks proper animations helps a lot. I hadn't heard of 2d toolkit before, I'm just using native 2d and a custom (shitty and broken) collision system with raycasts.