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I agree with Preece, the character makes you want to move fast, but enemy placement and obstacle placement makes you go slow, the rest is fairly solid, even though it refused to go fullscreen.

Nigga, do you expect me to read all that shit in this tiny ass window?

This was virtually unplayable for me, from the tiny window size that refused to go fullscreen, to the intro crawl that was broken and crawled so slow i couldn't take it and hit ESC, which showed me a girl waving goodbye, but the game did not exit. At least you can hit ESC again and again to make her twinkle and reappear again and again.

I remember not liking dd16 version very much, but this one did not leave me frustrated (almost).

There's no reason to just spam dash everywhere, you don't even need to touch WSAD.

Hitboxes are pretty bad and combined with the lack of any hitflash are pretty  annoying.

Owls are virtually unkillable, since they're flying in a weird pattern, but your weapon doesn't have a wide enough arc or something.

Keep at it, it might turn into a decent Castlevania clone.

Parallax is still completely fucked and is bound to give someone a seizure.

Addition of a dash and backwards walking animation is great, but there's no reason not to just spamdash everywhere.

Combat feels a lot better, but the game ended abruptly for me, when the sensei couldn't come up to me and stuck in place shaking crazily.

Love your game, anon.

This actually feels better than dd16, not sure if you've changed some things, or i got better at it.

Combat definitely has some more depth to it, and you have to dodge or block.

I think 3Dish background/level is new, and it looks pretty good.

Nice tree assets, please replace some placeholder art, since you game is working pretty good.

Good job!

The only issue i've had is having to drag out of the windows border for every shot, but the rest is great. Love these kinds of games, and glad this one is looking like a finished game!

The navigation seems like a big improvement over the old version.

You might want to show if one side is solved correctly, or show what numbers are missing, but it might against your philosophy, since there seems to be no indication if the number you've put down is right.

Can't erase the placed numbers.

Unclear what tile you have selecte at the moment if you're selectin on of the "wrong" numbers you've put down.

No exit button.

Congrats on the looming release!

Did you crank the difficulty up or is it just me? Shooting feels a lot better this time around, even though i had huge trouble dodging all that bullet hell.

Good job on improving it, rocket sliding represent!

I couldn't make it through the same memesauce again, i seriously think it's a huge detriment to your game and hope you'll scrub it and make something serious out of it.


Wow, this ended suddenly and very abruptly. Nice style, even though it might need some tweaking, the weapon seemed to jitter when i walk. The combat is flat but the movement is nicely.

Did you record that [HUH] yourself, big boy? ;)

God damn son, did you steal all of agdg's juice?

Really really good, lots of weight and the combat is fairly balance.

At this point i'm starting to think the sprites just gimp your look, maybe you should try making 3D spider eggs and spooders, considering how nice your weapons look, you should do a good job.

Also, you might want to try to add some faint background objects, so it's not pitch black out there and maybe some dithered ambient occlusion, so the cave navigation is not a nightmare, but other than that, extremely well done!

I walked on water over the river and completed the demo.

A short, but definitely an experience that makes you think on how if you work towards your goal, you can achieve anything!

Pretty cool, i was expecting to grow bigger all the time. You can also hit enemies through glass and, i guess, other walls and obstacles.

Otherwise, a pretty competent game, i just wish for shorter attack animation, or some mobility during attacks.

Pretty cool.

I kinda wish the ship was less on ice, and the movement was more snappy.

Lerping rotation to the cursor position also had weird result, like stubborn ship refusing to rotate.

Otherwise it's really good,good job. Will you be able to select upgrades in the future, or is it just locked sequence and it gives you upgrades based on the amount of gold you have?

Cool, i've tried to break something and the only find i've found is mashing LMB, RMB and 1 will just lock you in place unable to move.

Combat did not feel very well, but it's an issue of those infinite small tweak to the animation lenghts and stamina drains.

Having two attacks disable enemies completely seems too OP, hell, even Sledgehammer charged attacks just neutralizes one enemy completely, since you can recharge it while he's down.

Spear charge missing should probably not play the rest of the animation.

Good job on fixing all the input stuff from the last time, keep at it.

Is that break-a-neck fighting style is see on the cover art?

It feels like you need to stop with whatever you're doing with the game and get back to the basic systems and make sure they work, because they sure as hell did not work for me.

Movement is floaty, your attacks send you flailing through the air, you can grab invisible walls (with the weirdest fucking ledge grab animation ever, is she turning 360 degrees and walking away?) and you can climb walls with the ball-roll.

Then for some reason there's an insane slowdown whenever you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you which coupled with you flailing your pixel body 40 meters culminates in you getting stuck in walls.

Turn off the graphics and make sure your core game works, please.

Click to move is the worst thing you could do, please stop doing it.

Character rotates to the mouse curso if you hold the RMB, i guess he should hold his orientation while the animation plays.

The only difficulty there was came from click controls, you're so not in control of the situation.

Or you just plain can't pass under something, or your click controls stick on walls.

Just stop using click controls.

It seems the same problems that were in the DD16 are still there. Even though there's a mouse sensivity setting now, which actually makes the game trivial, you just set the sensivity to the max and flail your mouse like a madman.

The biggest issue i have is that the mouse control is your main enemy, it doesn't work in a cicrcular motion like it should, but just reads horizontal movement and works as clock hands, which is fucking stupid. Just make it a proper circular motion and it'll be a ton better.

I still don't get why the blue asteroids hurt you but red asteroids don't hurt the enemy.

Also, having a planet gravity as an option is a weird choice, it probably should be like a difficulty setting or a challenge mode.

You can do it anon!

I dropped all of my spaghetti and when i tried to hold hand with a dude in the shed, the game teleported me back to spawn.

Couldn't do much else, except click on the menus and walk around, huge slowdown when you open the inventory, for some reason.

The look is pretty bad, in my opinion, too many high frequency details on everything, really makes my retinas go pop.

Also all of the mixel shit is going to produce a ton of accuracy issues, just make your game in 320x240 and upscale.

Thanks for the video man, i laughed out loud when you climbed a wall just by using RMB, that was inventive.

Hahaha, oh man, i'm surprised that you've found the gliding button, that is broken as hell and i thought i removed it for the demo, but skipped the F to grapple button.

Thanks for the input, i'm glad you got the hang of it, looking at the videos people posted, i figured that the wallrun will not take your input if you're looking up, but that's how people want to wallrun up, so i already fixed that.

Thanks for making it a video too, it really helps to see all the ways people play the game going in blind.

Yeah, i should've put some more tutorial in when grapple works or not.

I'll try iron out the combat and take other feedback about keeping your speed and maybe it'll work better, that's what the next demoday is for, right?

Swinging is something i'm going to look into again, since i found some good resources on physics in vidya, so that should make it more responsive.

Thank you for playing!

Cool, thanks for pointing me towards Lemma, going to play that and see what i can learn from it!

Pretty fun, if it wasn't for one thing. Enemies that are facing you have instant reaction time, so unless you shoot at them from a distance and immediately start moving you're bound to take a bullet or more.

Button activation zones are wonky, some require you stand in front of them, some working from afar. I expect to interact with an onject if there's a label in the air, disregarding my position.

The inventory scrolling should loop around.

Couldn't find a way to use a medkit or pick up the camera.

And if you fail enough time to hack the terminal, the prompt goes beyond the screen.

Keep at it, sorta reminds me of Teleglitch.

I mean that when you mash fire, sometimes it'll start charging up, even though it wan't your intention. Like the threshold that separates regular fire and charging up  is too small.

Ah, okay. You might make a switch between the free camera and the "cursor" mode.

Your brother is right, camera is awful (but making it controllable with a MMB only is even worse),  just about  everything you needed to interact with can be just done via an Interact button, and the only time you needed a cursor was the puzzle.

Flight controls were really weird, i expected to control the nose with WS and mouse to rotate the camera, instead it's like a flying Warthog.

Decent start, you don't need to play out the animation and the dialogue every time you fail the puzzle.

Sick style, fat beats, the problems start the farther you go.Going backwards still play the forward walk animation, which is really weird looking.

Combat seemed fun, until i had to fight the fish, and then it got hectic, random andweird. Can't tell what's going on and where you should strike. Also, the sword seems to do no damage after some combination of movement and drawing.

And the parallax seems not to work as intended.

Fuck dear lord, you can't make your character blend in the background that much anon, please.

Make a light that he emits go behind him or something.

- The running animation is too fast for this movement speed, you really need to tweak one or the other.

- The diagonal run seems faster than horizontal/vertical.

- If you aim while running, you'll play run animation all the time you're aiming, and when you stop aiming the character turns right all the time.

- Some interactions were pissy about me having to face them.

Fighting was fine and seemed fairly balanced, with active reloading, and how fast enemies and you were.

I've skipped past a few zombies pretty easily.

Good SH/RE vibes, work on the level design and maybe implement a map if you're planning for this thing to be non-linear somewhat.

"do you play on 1920x1080?"


"There is an option to disable that"

Oh, did not see that!

"It is op yes, as it is the last weapon in the game :)"

Ah okay, then it makes it better. I thought it would be the first and only weapon, but if there's a progression, it's way better.

Great job on fixing stuff, you're the best.

Haha, thanks for playing, i should probably just add a subtitle "The Unjanking"!

oh wow, you actually got the highest tower, that's dedication!

Thanks for the feedback, i actually just thought about the Mario64 spot shadow to show where you're going to land. The jump is something i really want to iron out, guess i'll need to look into some 2D platformers for inspiration!

You used an Xbox controller, wow, i'm surprised it worked at all, since i only keymapped the keyboard only.

Thanks for playing! The slide was mainly put in to pass under low obstacles, i guess there wasn't a lot of them in the demo level. You can also use it to launch yourself off the building and grapple to change you direction.

The grapple is indeed shown by the orb, by i never properly explained it, sorry!

haha, thanks! I'm working on fixing up the wallruns, some of the other comments put me on a right track to make it feel better.

Good job on getting the coin, i'll make something even better for the next demo day, thanks for playing!

Not enough happening to give real feedback, but here's something.

Textures look nice, and the fog effect you've made is cool.

Weapons have a nice timing and impact, controls feel pretty good overall.

Really needs enemies moving to test out how it works in a "real" environment.

Oh and there's ugly seams all around, maybe that's a unity thing or your UV thing.