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A jam submission

(FERAS) Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE.View game page

Its a 360° inverted bullet hell planetary defense game
Submitted by brazileirobr — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline

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(FERAS) Federation of the Empire from the Republic by the Alliance of SPACE.'s page

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It seems the same problems that were in the DD16 are still there. Even though there's a mouse sensivity setting now, which actually makes the game trivial, you just set the sensivity to the max and flail your mouse like a madman.

The biggest issue i have is that the mouse control is your main enemy, it doesn't work in a cicrcular motion like it should, but just reads horizontal movement and works as clock hands, which is fucking stupid. Just make it a proper circular motion and it'll be a ton better.

I still don't get why the blue asteroids hurt you but red asteroids don't hurt the enemy.

Also, having a planet gravity as an option is a weird choice, it probably should be like a difficulty setting or a challenge mode.

You can do it anon!


I made a recording of your game.

The upgraded black hole kinda broke it.


Thanks for playing man, cant belive its not saving the upgrades when you use the stage selection in game. i'll fix that ASAP. the blackhole was supposed to be kinda broken since its realy expensive to fully upgrade it. but i'll nerf it a bit . You trully have no idea how happy it made me when you actualy avoided that first red meteor on the first 1-5 stage.
All 90 stages are in the game, i just forgot to fix the button on the 3-10 in game, you can just go in the game files and in there there is a save file named StageData, just set the number to 90 and it will unlock all stages for you,
Thanks again man.