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Khryse project for Demo Day 17
Submitted by khryse — 2 days, 11 minutes before the deadline

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Aight, so the controls feel really good this time around.  At times it's a bit complicated to initiate a wallrun (or a wallrun upwards to be more specific).  You used to have a tutorial that pointed out controls, I forgot all about the grapple when I started playing the game, wasn't until I took a look at the old demo page that I remembered the "F to grapple".  I really think you should put the tutorial text back in.  Otherwise everything flows a lot better, except for the combat.  Combat feels like it steals all your momentum, like the fighting animation steals all of your current velocity and sets it to zero.  The combat animations are too long and they feel hard to control. When someone gets real close and personal with you, the attacks feel very difficult to direct.  I commented on this the last DD, but I think you can do without combat, the parkour and movement is fun enough to carry the gameplay. Otherwise I think you should do the combat in such a way that you utilize the player speed.

Keep at it, I'm sure you are going to make it.


Please don't take this as a bad critic, but the overall wackyness of your game is on point. A whole game in this style and feeling would surpass a Goat Simulator in my book.


I agree with what people are saying about the wallrun speed. You should change the animation speed to convserve the player's momentum. Combat similarly feels really slow as the later steps of combos hold their poses for a bit too long unless I animation cancel them.

I kept forgetting to use the slide since nothing really required it. Hell, all you needed was F and Shift and maybe a bit of RMB. Everything else could be ignored.

Here's a video of your game, I didn't realize the recording was zoomed in, sorry about that.


I agree on the wall run speed being too slow. You still cannot run up walls infinitely, but like in the previous version, this is easily circumvented by mashing shift all the time, so right now the limit is kinda pointless. Another thing I noticed is that grappling from a standing position doesn't seem to work that well.

Movement feels a lot less loose than the previous version, I like that. I also like the new level design, even though I'd have hoped for another tutorial.

It's a pretty good improvement overall. 


Here's a vid, had a glitch that forced me to restart the game at the beginning.  Swinging around feels very nice, gaining speed with the grappling hook is especially satisfying. The ground controls are very stiff, though. Game needs at least a little bit of air control.  Wall running feels too slow, doing it ruins the flow of movement completely. Double jumping feels unresponsive at times, there were moments where I had to tap space multiple times before it decided to do the double jump. May just be an issue with my keyboard, though.