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An arcade game about blowing up robots
Submitted by boghog (@boghogooo) — 3 days, 59 minutes before the deadline

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So far pretty cool, good amen breaks, but I couldn't play too much because the game stutters all the time unless I'm holding the down key. Really weird. It also constantly uses about 30% of my CPU, even in menus. I have a more or less modern PC so I have no idea whats up.

Looks really cool though!


Thanks for playing! Someone reported this problem before in the threads, not sure what causes it. Can you try setting AlternateSyncMethod to 1 in the options .ini and seeing if that fixes it? I'm honestly not sure if it's my inept programming or something to do with GMS.

It seems to run fine on my friends computer, and that fix didn't work :(. One random comment from friend: enemy explosions are kinda big and cover up enemies and bullets so you can't see what's going on.


Well shit man, sorry about the technical issues. Setting the sleep margin to 1 fixed the problem for some people, not sure if that will work in your case. I'll work on the visibility.


Did you crank the difficulty up or is it just me? Shooting feels a lot better this time around, even though i had huge trouble dodging all that bullet hell.

Good job on improving it, rocket sliding represent!


On the new level? Yeah it's a bit tougher than the previous one since I didn't spend as much time balancing it. Thanks!

B O O S T   L O V E R   S O L I D A R I T Y
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I really like how tight and precise the movement is. The weapons feel quite satisfying to fire and enemy explosions are no different when it comes to juiciness. Music is solid and works well with the game. The only problem I had where the unclear visuals for things like platforms, it was difficult to discern if something could be jumped on. Also the overall colors seem a bit dead and desaturated with a lack of contrast, but this is my personal bias and perhaps this visual style was intended. Overall a fun game.


The idea was to have gritty, realistic backgrounds in the vein of Ketsui while keeping foreground objects well saturated. But I'm a bit too inept at mixing colours right now to make it work without looking lifeless. I'll definitely work on the platform visibility, though. Thanks for playing!


As soon as I got in, I thought the jump felt so weird because of how slow it is, but in combat I love how much variability it gives you. This is a very very promising project and I had a lot of fun losing 15+ times. Is practice mode not in yet? I clicked it first and the regular game seemed the same as practice mode.

As I just stated in another demo's comments, I am terrible at shmups, but these feel much more natural to me because I can control the pace of progression. Dodging these projectiles feels great.

Good amount of difficulty for the type of game it is.

Sound design stands out the utmost, and it's consistent and great throughout. 

You have a great thing going here, good luck. If I manage to actually get further, I'll edit this comment. 


Thanks, happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Practice mode is technically in, but I haven't yet added checkpoint selection to it. So for now it's just a level select with an additional boss rush mode.

I played your demo and recorded it.

The control config got messed up when I rebinded the keys and started pressing up and down twice so I had to reset it to default.


Sorry about the control rebinding issue, somehow forgot to test it.  Thanks for the video, going to help me sort out the difficulty curve.


Y- yay, got to the final boss this time.

I think it's really better than the last demo. I like the checkpoint placement, which makes the game possible even for casual scum like me. It's a bit of an outlandish request, but do you think it's possible to add switching to gamepad controls during gameplay?


Good to know that the work paid off. I can add it but my control config code is a disgusting mess, is it urgent or just something to keep in mind for next demo?


It's not urgent, I'm not even sure if there's that many people that would need it. I just noticed because I wanted to switch to gamepad controls for the final boss and couldn't.


I'll keep that in mind, thanks pal

This is a pretty awesome thing you have here. However I kinda wish I could crouch and shoot when holding down and shooting on a platform. Additionally, I think it would be better to have the robot run instead of just walking into action, and using the boost would essentially not have the robot move their legs and do a sorta gliding thing like some mecha anime and video games do. Additionally, and this is just my suggestion, but if double tapping down makes you go through platforms, maybe make it some kind of divekick attack as well? Though if you want to keep attacks to just projectiles, i can understand that. Anyways keep up the awesome work!


Thanks man! Crouching is something I've considered a lot (and still am honestly), but I think having the ability to shoot down while moving is more important. Especially since I wanna encourage players to go fast. That's a good point regarding the double tap down attack. There is already an attack  you can do by pressing down+jump whilst mid-air, so I'll just change the controls.