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Obtain machines and explore. Buggy prototype.
Submitted by Plutoneus (@plutoneus) — 3 days, 58 minutes before the deadline

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It is a comfortable looking game visually. The suit mechanic is genuinely fun and I would like to see more interesting and creative uses for it added in the later areas of the game because it is pretty solid conceptually.

I am terrible with keyboard controls so my review of the demo can't be as indepth and rewarding as the others but if you could possibly see about maybe adding controller support in the next iteration it might go a long way to increasing your testing pool. I did encounter a charging jump glitch but no enemies were involved. I was holding down the charge key and released it the exact moment the 'overload' animation and sound started. What followed is I was unable to move or jump from my current spot. I had to change into chip to gain movement control back but even then the 'overload' sound effect was still playing until I suited up again and did a proper jump.

Thank you for sharing your demo! I hope you keep working on it!


No problem that you didn't finish. Not a good percentage did. Thank you for playing. Pretty sure this is the same bug as the normal freeze glitch, but thanks for letting me know.


Good game so far, I had some fun playing it.  1st playthrough I died after finding the 2nd switch, 2nd playthrough I completed the demo.  Here are some notes I made while playing:

  • It would be nice to have a "falling jump".  I guess I'm conditioned to jump at the latest possible moment between platforms, but this isn't possible because it seems like you can only jump when you're touching platform. 
  • As another said, tab release switching would work well with this control scheme.  That said, I do like how easy it is to switch between machines.  So either make it tab release switch, or a toggle tab.  Furthermore, wasd controls would be nice too.
  • I had a lot of fun jumping high and throwing bombs.  I hope you keep adding more machines! 
  • The scrolling room at the end was a little buggy, like when pressing escape the pause screen was not centered correct.  Also I think that the text at the end messes up after pausing.  For future scrolling rooms, add a stationary point of reference so the player knows they are traveling in a direction.
  • Sound effects feel nice.
  • Squiggly worm is mesmerizing.
  • I really appreciate that you are using a small resolution and not a large one with sprite scaling. 

I've followed you and I'm interested to see where you take this game, or any other game that you decide to make.  I know my comments are mostly negatives but that's because you have a decent foundation.  Keep it up!


Thanks so much for all the feedback! Others have talked about the falling jump scenarios, and so I'll have to figure that one out.

Tab release switching will most likely be the decision I make for bettering the controls, many others have said the same about that as well.

I realized that the camera was an issue in the final room, and it will most likely be an easy fix, but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I'm very happy you enjoy the sounds and mech mechanics. The low res is so I can focus on learning to add mechanics :) but it happened to come into its own as an aesthetic, and I'm pleasantly surprised that some like it! 

Thank you for the follow and thank you for the feedback.

I did a video of your game, I couldn't figure out what to do next so I ran in circles for a while, I am not clever.


Thank you so much for playing and making a video. I love that you showed input display as well. It is noted that I should definitely make switching easier as it's such an important mechanic for smooth gameplay. I see you ran into a lot of the glitches too, sorry about that :X I'm glad you played so much of it, even though you got lost!

With the two video playthroughs I've seen, and friend's comments that I got, I feel like the difficulty in my game is much more frustrating than it is fun. Would you agree with this? 

I'm so sad you gave up on my TERRIBLE kobe trick shot room, but I comepletely understand why! I hate it, and it was added very late. It's technically not "required" to "beat" the demo.

Oh no! you didn't finish it, and you ended the video in the room where you were supposed to do something. But this is fine, because that is the type of game this is anyway.

Thanks very much!


If you get hit while having your jump charged, the being charged sound effect stays active even as Chip. Other than that, I had the teleport-one-room-below bug, when I was two rooms above the starting room.

I like the bomber, although I feel like it was probably a recent addition because it was only used in one, possibly two instances and didn't really feel fleshed out yet. Glad you managed to come up with a good way to encourage switching between Cannister und Chip though.  Pretty good additions, looking forward to the date.


Thanks for bringing my attention to a sound glitch, and thank you for playing. Yes, as much as I wanted more content for the bomber, the bug fixing came first, and is probably all I'll be spending time on between now and mech jam :(

Will you be making playthrough vids for this demo day as well?


Ahh, I get it, that's the mecha jam date, I'm dumb.

Nah, I'm not making proper gameplay videos this time, I'm sick and my voice is dead. We can only pray PHI's PC came back to life, though if I remember correctly it literally went up in flames last Demo Day


In short: patch switching and add a way to refill bombs. It's still the amazing game it was.

-when zipping the game files, put the in a folder first:
-to switch the bodies you have to press tab then enter to confirm while holding tab, I would prefer just releasing tab on the option you want
-the switching was the most annoying thing, especially that it resets the arrow to the top option
-because of the uncomfortable switching, parts where you need to switch quickly became frustrating
-even just pressing tab to cycle your body would have been better
-switching from canister to bomber teleported me one screen below
-looking to the left with the cannister seem to offset the spritesheet position, looking glitchy
-same thing happens with the bomber and the chip too
-at some point I ran out of bombs and they don't seem to refresh, making me unable to progress


running out of bombs is a very new problem, hadn’t heard of this til now, so thank you!

I agree with switching mech on tab release being much better, I just hadn’t figured it out before demo day, so I’m glad you agree. 

Switching is very buggy, and I already know which room you’re referring to falling through the floor on. 

The sprite glitch happens after certain stuck instances, it’s on the big bug list haha

The bombs are never supposed to run out, I’m sad you didn’t get to finish because of this. I will check it out this afternoon and try to replicate it. Thanks so much for your feedback again, Rokas.