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Eye of the Medusa - BeyondView game page

Something resembling a bullet hell shooter for Sega Dreamcast
Submitted by Captain Dreamcast (@CaptDreamcast) — 3 days, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Eye of the Medusa - Beyond's page

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Not ashamed to admit that I legitimately smiled the entire time I was playing this. It was quirky and fun because it wasn't taking itself seriously and that only helped to bolster the enjoyment I had while playing. Obvious balance and design issues aside you really do know how to have fun with the development process and that is a feeling I think all devs should strive to always keep with them while making games. We do this because we enjoy it.

Please never stop making games, the world would be a little less enjoyable without you bringing your creations to life.


Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm always worried those small poorly-crafted games are seen as some sort of spamming, so that kinda comment means a lot to me.


D-pad didn't work for me (PS3 controller) and it froze on the second level, but fun, silly shooter anyway.
Poor little green puppies.


The absolute state of my controller input code.

Anyway, I also have a PS3 controller lying around, so I should be able to fix it somewhat reliably. Thank you very much for trying it with a controller and finding the bug!

Also, I'm really sorry it crashed for you. I never got any random crashes, but I wouldn't be surprised, since everything is barely held together by chewing gum and dreams.


Well I died at the same time I beat the first boss, so maybe that has something to do with it. Hope that helps.


Can't really say much since I bombed my way through it like a filthy peasant. Xbox 360 controllers didn't work well with it, some of the axes got crossed or something so you have to hold right to go down but up still goes up.


>me in charge of implementing anything

Thankfully I have a 360 controller as well, so I should be able to reproduce the issue. Thank you very much for the feedback! It  would have been quite a while until I had noticed something like that.


I'm not really a bullethell guy so I won't say much.  It is amazing you got it running on the Dreamcast though, I'll always wanted to try and dev for it since people say it is so easy.  Game didn't work at all in the browser, Firefox 56.0.2 64-bit, so I downloaded.

I got to the end boss of the 1st level before my first death.  It is a fun game but I don't think I'm good enough at the genre to get much further.  As such I don't have any complaints!  Great job!


The easiest way to start Dreamcast development is probably still KallistiOS ( There's also the Titan IDE coming out in December which tries to be something like Game Maker, though I don't know how that's gonna turn out.

You'd still need either a Coder's cable, a BBA or a LAN adapter to connect your DC to the PC. I would personally recommend the LAN adapter since  it's not slow like the Coder's cable and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the BBA. Alternatively, you could dev with an emulator like NullDC, though from my experience it tends to struggle with homebrew. Some Dreamcast devs actually use CD-Rs and always burn a new session for testing, but that's pretty much like having a compile time of 5 minutes. Maybe it's possible to dev with an SD card adapter too, but I don't have one so I can't say.

Anyway, thanks for playing and the feedback! I'll have to look into the web version again.

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I did a video of your game.

My first try was with the browser version but I changed to the Windows version in the second try, the browser version had some serious input lag. Also I didn't realize OBS was recording the cursor so enjoy Kursor, the canon sidekick and mentor of Kat.


Whoa, thanks for the video, it's really cool! Especially with that keyboard layout, I think that's a nice touch. You must be the first person this demo day to have made it to the final boss! I'm incredibly sorry the design of the final boss pattern was so poorly done. I just couldn't figure out a way to properly communicate what the player was supposed to do. Seeing this made me realize the whole plug-your-controller-in-port-2-to-win thing was a bad idea to begin with, because it doesn't really fit thematically. I'll remove it in a future version and just make the final boss tire out after dodging a thousand bullets or so. Once again, I'm sorry you had to go through that frustration, I'll try and learn from that video, I promise ;_;

There seem to be some V-Sync issues going around with this game.  I tried testing a little harder with VMs for this demo day, but it still wasn't enough. Anyway, thanks for playing and especially the large amount of feedback!


Finally, the most anticipated shmup since 'Mars Matrix 2:We're not on mars anymore', 'Cho Aniki One', and some chump game called 'Shmoop 2'.

In a brave move, this game dosn't have a framerate limit, so the faster your processor the harder it gets! Finally, my I7 and 144hz monitor come in handy to enjoy the game at a silky smooth 'way too fast' fps.  However the gimick is far too strong, rendering the game fairly easy as I got to the end of stage 2 without dying on my first run after quick mastery of the systems. The game is heavily inspired by 3D Mark series and the example project in Danmakufu, witch leads to a fresh and unique style of bullet vomit and framerate that swings lower than than Gogem's patreon account on the Dreamcast version.

While flawed, the game is enjoyable for roughly as long as it took to write this review. 7/10, god was only the 2nd boss.


It's CAVE inspired, the framerate has to be this low!
It's Danmakufu-on-Windows-10 inspired, the framerate has to be unlimited! but whyyyyyyy

Glad you picked up on the intricate design choices. I wasn't sure the subtlety of using the five-enemies-come-from-the-right-side-of-the-screen-shoot-and-disappear-to-the-right-again every single time again would be lost on potential player. There's a lot of easter eggs to find, too. For example, if you bomb on God's final card, the bullets disappear and never respawn. This deeply ties in with the game's Nietzschean leanings, as in that moment "God is dead". Truly the Evangelion of cat-based STGs.


Web version is stable now and Windows version no longer needs DLLs to run. Those technical achievements were only possible due to the brave souls who gave their lives and spare time during the last Demo Days.

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