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Regarding 0.0.7 update: 

  • Tab switching feels much better than the old method.  I still recommend you experiment with tab release though (later on), just because I can imagine there being tons of mechs further in the game and it would take a while to cycle through lots of them until the right one comes up. 
  • I like the addition of the floor spikes, and the checkpoint is a cool idea that came at just the right time when I was running out of health.
  • After getting the bomber it didn't show the tutorial prompt, and I think I remember snakes in the previous room to blow up that weren't there. 
  • End room works great, but did you remove the text?  It didn't show for me. 
  • Keep up the great work!

Good to know you think so, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback.  I'm still searching for a viable solution for that.  Stay tuned.

Hey thanks for trying it out.  In my next build the cue travels at light speed!

Yeah some are gigantic, because I am wanting to port this to iOS eventually.  I just need to find a look that works for all platforms. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback and definitely thank you for playing so long!  You were able to point out a few bugs to me and also show me a few levels I could tweak.  In reference to the difficulty in hitting the asteroid, the game now pauses when taking a shot, so maybe that will make the game a bit more manageable.  Be on the lookout for other changes soon.

I'm not really a bullethell guy so I won't say much.  It is amazing you got it running on the Dreamcast though, I'll always wanted to try and dev for it since people say it is so easy.  Game didn't work at all in the browser, Firefox 56.0.2 64-bit, so I downloaded.

I got to the end boss of the 1st level before my first death.  It is a fun game but I don't think I'm good enough at the genre to get much further.  As such I don't have any complaints!  Great job!

Very cool so far.  I too couldn't get it to work in Firefox nor Chrome, but the download works.  My own game has too many problems in HTML so threw it out. 

  • Combat is fun and interesting.  However the sword fails to combo if you like to spam click in certain ways.  Some improvements I would suggest would be to instant attack if you have your shield up, to allow shield bash with the shield up, and to maybe extend the reach of the sword a tiny tiny bit.  But come to think of it, having multiple weapons will solve the reach problem anyways since some will be better than others at stuff like that. 
  • Are you going procgen with the full game or are you going to handcraft the dungeons? 
  • Someone else mentioned the terrain/rocks/walls blending together at close range too.  I love the look you're going for besides this though.  Maybe increase draw distance.
  • Sound effects are good
  • I dunno man its really fun and I wish there was more so I could keep playing.

I followed you, curious to see what this one looks like in the future.  You've got the core of a great game.

Howdy!  First off I feel as though this will be an awesome project in the future so I went ahead and followed.  I played around for about 45 minutes until I was able to clear all enemies (except 1!).  Just so you know I played with kbm, but I might try and dig out my controller to see how that feels.  I prefer to play souls games on console with controller anyways.  While playing I wrote down some stuff:

  • Having all the weapons available on demand is great.  I bet that in the full game, being able to choose 3 weapons to have at the ready will lead to some neat player choice and interesting strategy combos.
  • Consider queuing the input for the phase dash so that when an attack animation finishes it will go straight to the dash. 
  • Phase dashing through the fences is cool, but you can also dash through the brick pillar at the spawn and that feels a little weird. 
  • If you kill an enemy with the charged impale the spear will stay.  I enjoy that part, but I would probably make the spear "cool off" if you know what I mean.  Also live spiked enemies come back with a vengeance!
  • Showing the enemy stamina is a good choice.  My biggest complaint with some of the other games in the ARPG genre is that AI cheats and has unlimited stamina.
  • Spam clicking LMB while not locked on sometimes only plays the first part of the rapier combo before it resets.  Is this intentional so players are timing their clicks better?
  • Game ran fine on my machine, a 6-core AMD with a nano card. 

I see the potential for tons of fun.  I know that most of what I posted sounds like negatives, or stuff you already know, but I honestly enjoyed the little bit I got to play.  I'll keep an eye on it for the future, good luck.

Great core gameplay here.  1st run got to wave 23 on normal.  I wrote down some things while playing:

  • Music is fitting, catchy, enjoyable.  Many more tracks like that would be pleasant to listen to during gameplay.
  • The gear idea is fantastic.  My strategy was downshifting to a low gear to kill momentum and then kick it to highest possible to quickly change direction.   Personally I would rebind gears to mousewheel, but you probably have another feature in mind for that.  You allow rebinds anyways so on my next play I'll do that.
  • I would reduce the frequency of stars.  Especially when there are bullets on the screen, I cannot tell which are which.  But when I played my stars did not look like they do on your screenshots.  This might be because I was playing in 1080p.  Furthermore, I would increase the size of bullets to make them easier to see too.  What is your intended play resolution?
  • Escape for options would be nice, as well as being able to use arrow keys in menus.
  • I love the "sucking in" effect when you pick up stuff.
  • I see that some people don't like mouse control but I think you should keep it in as an option, it is the control style I enjoyed most of all.

I'm interested in what you're going to do with the game, I'd enjoy the adventure mode for sure.  I followed!

Good game so far, I had some fun playing it.  1st playthrough I died after finding the 2nd switch, 2nd playthrough I completed the demo.  Here are some notes I made while playing:

  • It would be nice to have a "falling jump".  I guess I'm conditioned to jump at the latest possible moment between platforms, but this isn't possible because it seems like you can only jump when you're touching platform. 
  • As another said, tab release switching would work well with this control scheme.  That said, I do like how easy it is to switch between machines.  So either make it tab release switch, or a toggle tab.  Furthermore, wasd controls would be nice too.
  • I had a lot of fun jumping high and throwing bombs.  I hope you keep adding more machines! 
  • The scrolling room at the end was a little buggy, like when pressing escape the pause screen was not centered correct.  Also I think that the text at the end messes up after pausing.  For future scrolling rooms, add a stationary point of reference so the player knows they are traveling in a direction.
  • Sound effects feel nice.
  • Squiggly worm is mesmerizing.
  • I really appreciate that you are using a small resolution and not a large one with sprite scaling. 

I've followed you and I'm interested to see where you take this game, or any other game that you decide to make.  I know my comments are mostly negatives but that's because you have a decent foundation.  Keep it up!

Hey folks, 
We just released a demo for our upcoming game- Galactic Pocket Billiards!  Check it out:

The game is nearly done, probably 80% complete.  Besides a few art assets the only major aspects missing are more levels.  Currently there are 36 levels, but we would like to increase that number before release.  Levels are puzzle based, and they revolve around shooting an asteroid and planets into black holes, using the gravity wells that celestial bodies create to complete challenges. 

Each level has 2 stars that can be picked up that grant additional cue shots, and also every level has 2 "hidden goals" that the player can accomplish for more points.  I highly recommend playing the game to get a feel, it really is fun!

We would love for some talented level designers to help us out.  Either by taking a look at the stuff we already made, or by helping us create some more fun and challenging levels.  The game demo even includes a level editor, so creating and sharing levels is a cinch. 

You can contact me at, or through itch.  I look forward to working with some of you!

Howdy folks,

We are Sirrico-Net Games, a 2 person team that just started making stuff.  We just announced our first project, Galactic Pocket Billiards- a puzzle game about playing pool in space with planets, asteroids, black holes, and more.  Check out this screenshot below:

The game is about 80% done, and we wanted to post a demo and get some feedback before we finish everything off.  I highly recommend downloading it for Android or Windows (more platforms coming for release).  Let us know what you think! Especially if you find a bug, have a suggestion, or want to make some levels with the built-in level editor.

You can download it from the demo page:

We hope you enjoy, and we are looking forward to hearing some feedback so we can incorporate it in the final build of the game!