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[Level Design] Looking for some level contributions in my puzzle game

A topic by Sirrico-Net created Sep 27, 2017 Views: 125
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Hey folks, 
We just released a demo for our upcoming game- Galactic Pocket Billiards!  Check it out:

The game is nearly done, probably 80% complete.  Besides a few art assets the only major aspects missing are more levels.  Currently there are 36 levels, but we would like to increase that number before release.  Levels are puzzle based, and they revolve around shooting an asteroid and planets into black holes, using the gravity wells that celestial bodies create to complete challenges. 

Each level has 2 stars that can be picked up that grant additional cue shots, and also every level has 2 "hidden goals" that the player can accomplish for more points.  I highly recommend playing the game to get a feel, it really is fun!

We would love for some talented level designers to help us out.  Either by taking a look at the stuff we already made, or by helping us create some more fun and challenging levels.  The game demo even includes a level editor, so creating and sharing levels is a cinch. 

You can contact me at, or through itch.  I look forward to working with some of you!