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Early prototype first person combat dungeoncrawler
Submitted by brum — 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline
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This is great! I love it and everything good has already been said by other comments so I'm gonna complain.

Windup is a bit long, specially for the shield, I found it almost useless. If you want to make it slow commit to your attacks combat like darksouls maybe make hits do more damage, spiders take too much to kill so I just went and bashed them off the ledge.

I love this keep it up!


The defending actually starts before the windup is fully finished, you start blocking halfway through. It can be adjusted ofcourse.


Oh I didnt realize, I thought It needed to finish the animation, so I hardly ever used it.

Good stuff! I like the look of the spiders more than the weapons, they're pretty cute. Combat is solid, judging distances is kinda hard, wind ups are a little long, and I'm personally not a fan of stamina meters. Take that with a grain of salt though, I'm more of a fan of spectacle fighters than Dark Souls.


Yeah stamina may be removed later on, i'm still trying to get a feel for what the game should be.

I did a video of your game.


it's bretty fun, but the areas need colour and the spiders don't look as good as the weapons do, eggs look fine tho

also you can use the error object to block spiders from attacking you


Very cool so far.  I too couldn't get it to work in Firefox nor Chrome, but the download works.  My own game has too many problems in HTML so threw it out. 

  • Combat is fun and interesting.  However the sword fails to combo if you like to spam click in certain ways.  Some improvements I would suggest would be to instant attack if you have your shield up, to allow shield bash with the shield up, and to maybe extend the reach of the sword a tiny tiny bit.  But come to think of it, having multiple weapons will solve the reach problem anyways since some will be better than others at stuff like that. 
  • Are you going procgen with the full game or are you going to handcraft the dungeons? 
  • Someone else mentioned the terrain/rocks/walls blending together at close range too.  I love the look you're going for besides this though.  Maybe increase draw distance.
  • Sound effects are good
  • I dunno man its really fun and I wish there was more so I could keep playing.

I followed you, curious to see what this one looks like in the future.  You've got the core of a great game.


Thanks for testing!

-I am looking into making attacks flow into each other more nicely, although i do not want to make it a spectacle fighter.

-It's too early to tell where i'll take the game, but i am trying to make a compelling vertical slice before thinking about procgen possibilities.

-The terrain blending is something i'm looking into

This is the next Skyrim. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks! Skyrim is one of my inspirations.. as in, don't make combat as bad as skyrim's.

ye the combat in your game is definitely more involved.


I liked almost everything about this. Visuals are really charming, enemies are cute and the combat is challenging.

Only two complaints: it's strange that the enemies flash red before attacking, common sense says that white or red flash means they are taking damage (which is also the same flash when you hit them), try changing for something else.

Another thing is that the shapes of the map disappear when you are near them. For example, there's a lot of rocks in front of a wall but you only see gray. I don't mind flat looks, but is bad when everything seems to blend togheter. 


Thanks for playing!

Not sure what else i could do besides a red/white flash. Currently they flash white if they take damage and red if they're about to attack.

I mean obviously if i had actual sprite animations for attacks, i wouldn't need any additional effects, but i feel like i need some sort of effect that starts when the enemy attack windup starts and ends at the end of windup, in order to give the player some sort of timer.


I got the web version black screen under Firefox, so I had to use the windows version.

It's very polished, the only thing that felt a little off was the long hit stun. I think the 2D sprite + special shader style is perfect the way it is, though I sometimes feel it makes it a little hard to judge distances.

Also, I broke the lock with no survivors before seeing the text, though this may not be critical in this demo, it may be something to keep an eye out for in a full game, in case hotheads play your game.


Thanks for playing!

I did want to remove hitstun from the sword swings, but i forgot about it.

I do agree that judging distances becomes hard indoors, i am looking into solving that issue. None of the ambient occlusion solutions really worked so far.


God damn son, did you steal all of agdg's juice?

Really really good, lots of weight and the combat is fairly balance.

At this point i'm starting to think the sprites just gimp your look, maybe you should try making 3D spider eggs and spooders, considering how nice your weapons look, you should do a good job.

Also, you might want to try to add some faint background objects, so it's not pitch black out there and maybe some dithered ambient occlusion, so the cave navigation is not a nightmare, but other than that, extremely well done!



I really don't want to bother with rigging and animation for 3d enemies, i'm giving my other project a break to not have to worry about that sort of stuff.

As for the artstyle of the weapons and the environment, it's all still kind of up in the air, i think i may go with more textured environments in the future.