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     Always a treat! When I first converted my save file my HP was in the negative and I was never able to heal it into the positive. The first time the enemy took their turn I auto lost the fight so I went ahead and started a new file.

    The fights themselves felt really well paced this time. I would have liked to have had something to do with the polarity gauge even when Rhett wasn't around. It was kind of sitting there awkwardly and maybe if it changed into something else entirely (or was removed) when not using Rhett it would feel a little better.

     I would have really liked some extra things to do "in between" fights. Maybe some more ways to interact with the crew or something else but going from the short intermission back into battle is almost tiring when you have such a wealth of characters and designs waiting to be explored in the downtime. Find ways to use them and I promise it will go ridiculously far with how charming they are! Looking forward to the next showing!

I played through the story mode twice. The first run I purposely brute forced my way to the end without using any of the battle systems. Eventually I was one shot by the final boss after he stacked attack bonuses against me but otherwise I was able to get through spamming AoE attack and healing without resetting my time.

The second time I used the different character abilities, polarity system and bonus time mechanic and I had a ton of fun doing it! Resetting time seems to be extremely lenient as I was able to reset anything I did with a single attack round. Maybe having some of the abilities take a few attack rounds to nullify their time additions would make it more strategic.

The only fight where I felt that I needed to use status effects and time resets though was the final boss. Everything leading up to it I was doing buffs/debuffs and time resets for fun but it wasn't really necessary. Did you intend to allow time penalty to carry over between fights to force you to manage it? Did you also intend for there to be an exploration component or will the battle segments be bookended by the VN content each time?

Loved the art and character designs. Jean is a cute! Can't wait to see how your game continues to grow!

This reminded me of the  Z.O.E games and that was a great feeling honestly. I loved messing around in the versus modes that series had and I think that this could really do a lot to fill in those long vacant shoes. A faster but weaker projectile could probably go a long way to making the shooting feel more rewarding honestly.

Possibly out of scope but I kind of also wanted if instead of RMB being combo you hold RMB and that locked you into a 'melee' stance and you could use other buttons to layer on different physical attacks (air launchers, slam into ground, circular spin, etc). Releasing RMB would then return you to your normal shooting mode. Again, probably out of scope or even against your personal design plans but just wanted to bring it up.

Really good thing you have going on here and I hope you continue to work on it! Thank you for the demo!

Had a blast just flying around and shooting down other planes (but not Patchouli. You never shoot down Patchouli). I hope you build this game up because it is extremely entertaining with just the core in place. Going beyond this is going to be a real treat! Thank you for the demo!

I had a lot of fun with this! I loved the atmosphere you were building and the interactions with the NPCs. I had just made my way down to the waterfall and started to slice fish when I 'caught' an unusual fish. Your sense of humor is great and I was really getting into it at that point. Unfortunately right after the next two showed up and I had cut one of them down I got a crash seen here:

Thank you for the demo, I am extremely interested in you continuing this game and seeing how it will grow!

Pretty fun! I might just not be good at these kinds of games but it felt fairly hard once I had more than one enemy on me. The player model looks amazingly sleek and the blue flames when charging weapons has a very cool feel to it. Can't wait to see what your new model will look like in action!

Very charming and fun collectathon! It kept me engaged for much longer than I would have thought and I enjoyed every moment of it. Only thing I can point out is that I was able to still plant bombs when the game was paused. They don't explode while paused but you can set them all up and then unpause for a nice big explosion. Thank you for the demo!

I liked how you streamlined the weapon pickups by removing the ability to cannibalize them for ammo. Exploring was still fun but I can't help but feel it could use just one more element of some kind to making it more engaging. (For example like if you had to find 3-4 switches around the levels to unlock the room the boss was in). Might be a bit too much honestly but that is how I felt.

Thank you for the demo! It was a lot of fun still and I liked the improvements you have made to the core experience!

This was a phenomenal experience. You know exactly what you want your project to be and you move towards that goal with finesse. Shooting felt tight and well designed and the stage itself was laid out beautifully.  You and your team are very talented and have a bright future ahead. Please continue to work towards your end goal! I look forward to seeing more in the future!

I thought this was very neat! I was confused at first but was surprised at just how intuitive everything started to become. I love puzzle games so this was a nice adventure to go on. You would think the aesthetic would be distracting but it was actually a very nice compliment to the game as a whole and is extremely well executed. Hope to see you continue to nurture this project and grow it even larger!

The foundation you have laid here is extremely full of potential! I have never played Hearthstone before so I am without a baseline to compare it but what you have here was interesting enough to make me stick with it to the end. Upon victory I did get this crash message:
Thank you for the demo! I look forward to seeing where you go with it from here!

I really liked the outdoor aesthetic! I was also pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a 'puzzle' to open the large door in the facility. All that being said I wish I had a sprint/run option because while the walk is charming the pacing felt a little bogged down after I had fallen off the edge of the map twice and had to restart both times. Thank you for the demo!

The advancements you have made since the last time I played are really great! It feels much better to play this time around and the atmosphere is a major step forward as well! The nostalgia vibes I was getting from playing were making me smile and I am genuinely interested in purchasing this game should you ever finish it.

Combat felt very stiff, probably because while I could move in any direction I wanted I could only shoot in 4 directions (I tried both keyboard/mouse and controller and they felt the same). Enemies are such damage sponges that after my first encounter I took to simply running away. Maybe if you decreased their health but also decreased the ammo you can find it would make combat feel more rewarding while still preserving the need for resource management skills.

Thank you for the demo! 

Entertaining for what it was! Very nice reflection effect on the floor but I can't help but feel that maybe the floor itself is scrolling in the wrong direction each time? I cannot really be sure and might be wrong but it would be something to take references on. This is a neat project you have going on here and I am interested to see where you go with it! Thank you for the submission!

This was relaxing and enjoyable! The designs and world is cute and the music put me at ease. Gameplay-wise I really like the idea behind it and would probably sink a lot of time into it when finished.

A few things I ran into was that one NPC (lady near the fallen giant) only ever told me "more mushrooms" after I had planted bamboo and grass but never specified if I had fulfilled her wishes after. Also for some reason it became impossible to plant on about 80% of the places I had previously planted on. I figured maybe I needed to clear out some stuff to plant more but even after I had wiped out everything I had ever planted in game I was still unable to re-utilize most of those areas.

Thank you for this demo, it was definitely worth the experience!

Had fun! I was  big fan of SSX and Tricky on PS2 and the potential I can see in this is great! My only issues are the inability to turn the camera and not being able to jump using a controller. Otherwise a really solid little movement demo! Looking forward to following this project as it continues to grow!

Quick, fun sessions and a cute, charming character. Having the option to cannibalize a weapon for ammo , completely change it to an enemy's weapon or roll the dice and combine weapons is actually really fun (though I found myself stockpiling ammo after I made a good weapon). I like how you turned your original project into this and I am wondering if you will be returning to DinoSorcerer or maybe moving on to a new game (perhaps focusing on this mutation of it). Good stuff, thank you for sharing!

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I lost over a solid hour to this game having fun in it's current state. Most of the enemies can be trivialized with throwing your blade but the exploration was extremely satisfying. I managed to get the basically 'handout' red and the purple gem before I called it quits (I was hoping the maiden would acknowledge that I got the purple but she never did). I think I was close to getting the green but I never found a way to get to it (I remember a purple gem door somewhere but I wasn't able to find it again.)

Sometimes when throwing the blade it would come back and just spin in the middle of Frauki without her grabbing it again. It took jumping around and moving quite a bit to get her to recollect the weapon. While not necessarily game breaking it did lead to taking unnecessary damage when the blade came back but I was unable to actually grab it to continue defending myself in the middle of a fight.

Lastly thank you for making a standalone executable. In all of the previous iterations of the game (browser) I was unable to play it because of drastic fps issues. I had zero slowdown while playing this time and was able to enjoy the game properly. Thank you for sharing your game! Goodluck with your devving!
p.s. As a side note I would have liked to have an apple counter somewhere to display how many I was holding onto.

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. It reminded me of the days when I was playing Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father and other such amazing adventures. The only feedback I can really give is:
1) when text is finished during the intro the slow scroll of the desk area should finish early
2) like in the aforementioned GK series and others of it's ilk I would like to have more general questioning options with characters as this helps flesh out who they are and the world in general
3) I wish there was more to interact with. I know this was just a demo though so I can only hope there will be more hidden little tidbits of information to be found when clicking around!

Thank you for sharing your project! It was a really fun romp through nostalgia!

Pretty engaging. I played for about 39min and made it to Lv16. I put all of my skill points into HP+, HP Regen and movement speed which made me nigh unkillable. I am not sure of it is a glitch but when you complete your 3 hit combo, if you immediately tap and hold attack again the third part of the combo (the bladed twirl) will repeat itself giving you a 4 hit chain. I am unsure if this was what you wanted but it was fun to try and time it to get more damage.

Overall I had a lot of fun and you are on a really good path with this project. Thank you for sharing!

This had great atmosphere to it. Are you planning to have music/ambient sound eventually or will you go with the silent/realistic approach?

I initially tried playing with a controller (wireless 360 for PC) and movement and reload worked fine but when I held the 'aim' button (left trigger) the screen shook for a fraction of a second and the aim cursor appeared before disappearing again. I had to switch to keyboard and mouse to continue. On that note when holding down the aim button (mouse) the screen jitters and shakes constantly until I release aim. Is this intentional/mood/story based or just a bug? All that being said the shooting was actually satisfying and I would love to play this game when it is finished. Just give more love and attention to stage layout and puzzles and you have a really great game in the making. Keep it up!

It is a comfortable looking game visually. The suit mechanic is genuinely fun and I would like to see more interesting and creative uses for it added in the later areas of the game because it is pretty solid conceptually.

I am terrible with keyboard controls so my review of the demo can't be as indepth and rewarding as the others but if you could possibly see about maybe adding controller support in the next iteration it might go a long way to increasing your testing pool. I did encounter a charging jump glitch but no enemies were involved. I was holding down the charge key and released it the exact moment the 'overload' animation and sound started. What followed is I was unable to move or jump from my current spot. I had to change into chip to gain movement control back but even then the 'overload' sound effect was still playing until I suited up again and did a proper jump.

Thank you for sharing your demo! I hope you keep working on it!

Just finished playing your prototype! It has it's very apparent Castlevania feeling to it and I was wondering if that was the direction you were actually wanting to go in? If it is then you nailed the general feel of it (besides perhaps making the forward jump just a tad longer in distance).

What kind of visuals were you ultimately going to want for the game (theme etc)?  I can see the project going in many different directions thematically and that is probably a good sign. It means the very base core loop is solid enough to have a lot of potential! Thank you for sharing your game!

First I want to say thank you for including controller support this time around. I am terrible with keyboard gaming so I was able to get really comfortable with everything and truly enjoy the experience (and enjoy it I did).

You have extremely clever and well designed puzzles here. I cannot imagine the amount of work and iteration it takes to make a game this well put together but you are excelling in that regard beyond a shadow of a doubt. The character is cute and the visuals are very well done. I didn't encounter the sound issue you warned about so I cannot comment on that any further than saying the sound and music fit well.  If you can find it in yourself to finish the game (and I certainly hope you do) this would be a definite day one buy for me. Keep it up!

This was fun. The sprites were nice and I felt that the music fit. I know you said prior it is royalty free but the choice was still a very good one. My run was done using only the regular shot and never switching gears or gun modes/using abilities and I was able to coast pretty comfortably past wave 50 on Normal mode for a final score of 4,638,325 doing nothing but backing up and eventually doing a slow turn circle to sweep in and pick up all of the drops. I did enjoy the idea that different colors of enemies restored different gauges (I assume this is the case. I only got to eventually see that green orbs filled health when I took my first hit at around stage 30).

To be honest I don't know how you can design the game to encourage movement beyond moving backwards and circling since that is an extremely safe and efficient playstyle but if you can I think you have a really good base game from which to build on top of. Thank you for sharing your project!

Not ashamed to admit that I legitimately smiled the entire time I was playing this. It was quirky and fun because it wasn't taking itself seriously and that only helped to bolster the enjoyment I had while playing. Obvious balance and design issues aside you really do know how to have fun with the development process and that is a feeling I think all devs should strive to always keep with them while making games. We do this because we enjoy it.

Please never stop making games, the world would be a little less enjoyable without you bringing your creations to life.

Fast paced and tight controls. This was good fun. With a nice roster of opponents/rivals you have a really great game in the making.

I didn't see anything particularly unforetold with the way it played and ran. If there were bugs I didn't find them.

My only regret was not getting to use a controller for this game because it feels like the kind of game that would present better using one. Keep up the solid work!

I had fun playing this. The potential it possesses to be a great Metroidvania is great and it will be exciting to see the project progress from here when you get to start working on an actual 'castle' (or equivalent) map.

The animation is clean and cute which both go a long way to making it fun to play and kept me engaged enough to give it multiple run throughs.

Combat felt good but I must admit in it's current form the shooting felt very unsatisfying. This will most likely change when/if it gets upgrades later.

The only thing I saw was that sometimes when killing the stacked turret enemies the top ones wouldn't fall down after clearing out a bottom one. This was rectified by killing the next one up which seemed to correct the logic and they would fall accordingly. Really good stuff here!

This was a cute, little adventure. Bun's expression while holding onto a ledge is adorable and I loved her swimming sprite. I saw you address the spike visibility issue already in your posts so I cannot say much on that.

I suppose I wish this was just a little bit longer because I think something truly fun  could come out of this given time, love and care. I hated the controls until I was able to finally bind to a controller. From then on it was very responsive and I never felt like a death was because of the controls themselves but because of my own inattentiveness.

I hope you have the desire to polish this up a bit more, even if it is only on the side. Animations to the large threats (water spout head, snake, worm) would go a long way to breathing even more life into this little gem.

Great project as always.
I could definitely see your balance changes to the first stage, allowing it to lean more towards the reactionary and less towards the memorization (though memorization has it's own dedicated fanbase of course).

Powerups seems to suffer from a screen coordinate lock that is completely independent from the actual background. What this leads to is a powerup that spawns in an obtainable position but then ends up in a wall or floor or ceiling because the background has scrolled up or down and the powerup hasn't changed y position to compensate (this was all Stage 1 issues upon entering the ship.)

I enjoyed Stage 2 for the most part and it absolutely gave the impression of a city under siege but a lot of the time the enemy waves felt extremely chaotic (sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad) and it started to lean back into the memorization camp of shmups. This isn't a bad thing though, because stage progression should be harder, but the jump from what you made Stage 1 into with your rebalances going into Stage 2 is almost jarring.

Again, great project and I look forward to seeing where it continues to go!

Great experience. Very 'oldschool hori' where memorization and execution came with dedicated practice. Laser was my favorite weapon and I liked that bursting the powerup matched yours. Would have liked if bursting swapped a powerup to another type if it already matches your current loadout. There were times when I was getting only normal shot and wanted laser. If there will be more weapons you could make a bursted powerup bounce to mid screen before coming back left. This would give more opportunity to grab it but also to cycle through types until getting the one you want. Make the ship sprite the hitbox for powerups and keep the cockpit for collisions. Would alleviate the issue of overshooting an upgrade in the heat of battle.
For what it is going for you delivered on the difficulty. Maybe add an easier option but don't shy away from going harder as well. This is the kind of game that gets a dedicated fanbase competing for leaderboard and easier settings can be for everyone else. Keep it up!