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A jam submission

DinoSorcerer - αlphaView game page

Roguelikelike thing
Submitted by jormy (@jormungandev) — 2 days, 7 hours before the deadline

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Escape should never quit the game immediately. A teleport cooldown indication is missing. Windows-key does not minimize the window. Don't shake the screen on every shot, it loses any impact it's meant to convey and makes it annoying. It's hard to differentiate the bullets. The different pattern variety is nice, although I don't understand how the weapon combinations work as dropping and picking up weapon doesn't change the pattern back. 

Patiently waiting for the next DD.

I liked how you streamlined the weapon pickups by removing the ability to cannibalize them for ammo. Exploring was still fun but I can't help but feel it could use just one more element of some kind to making it more engaging. (For example like if you had to find 3-4 switches around the levels to unlock the room the boss was in). Might be a bit too much honestly but that is how I felt.

Thank you for the demo! It was a lot of fun still and I liked the improvements you have made to the core experience!

The first level I was generated was huge and took about 8 minutes to fully traverse, compared to 2 for the next. I'm also not a big fan of all the narrow chokepoints between rooms, since the enemies will end up firing there for cheap shots. Teleport helps deal with that, but I liked the level structure from the older demos more (or maybe it was just the forest level).

The boss AI has a tendency to get caught in corridors. For bullet hell types this makes it a peek-and-shoot game that takes forever, for melee types it just means you have to kite them through the whole level.