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Himawari's GardenView game page

A garden with a life of its own
Submitted by ludomyth, SquareDev (@squareanon) — 2 days, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Put your files in a folder, then zip the folder, not the files.

README too long, would have never bothered. Looks like you zipped both the project and the .exe (?). You support 320x200, but the text is unreadable and, by extension, game is unplayable at that resolution. Did the piano only have one key? The interface is great. Not a fan of the environment. It's odd how tabbing overtakes NPC text and refreshes on turning it off. The text should not show up until the text box animation is big enough to fit it. Please use other piano keys. As a grass mage, I'd expect to click-drag to grow, rather than click-click-click. The red-green indication is not stable, sometimes I can grow stuff in areas, sometimes not. Movement is clunky, the mage feels like its not used to her body. Should hold shift to walk by default.

I like the idea, the robots and the UI. Kill your music guy with that E piano key. Makes me want to see the mechanics utilized in some actual gameplay, rather than just NPC request slavery.


Thanks for the harsh, concise feedback that no one else was willing to give. Everything you mention is a problem, if not with the mechanics themselves, then with how they're presented. Appreciate you playing, since this isn't your cup of tea.

If you can, can you elaborate on what you liked and disliked about the environment and the interface?

I will never get the folder in zip thing. Semantically, a zip should be a folder. (Will fix it of course).


I can't open the zip and run the files from it without a good chance it will not run properly, which is the only thing that matters about it being a folder. My mistake about the project, probably more files than just the folder and the .exe threw me off.

It's easy to write off a game as not my type, but that's not the case here. I'd gladly mess around with a system that's deeper than "click on ground, thing grows on ground". The first thing you should add after reading this is a way to mute music or remove it entirely, I'm 80% sure it's what's ruining the entire experience; removing the piano would likely solve the problem too. The environment is bland, there's blobs of grey clipping into each other as rocks and a gradient sheet of paper as the ground. The characters are nice though, which is usually the opposite in these games. 

I don't see how you can use the current mechanics in an actual game in the state that they are now. Apart from the broken indication where I can grow things, the things just grow by themselves, so you're just starting a chain reaction, rather than making it happen yourself. You're taking away whatever little control you could have in the first place.  None of the other stuff matters (apart from the excruciatingly intrusive E key abuse) if you make the game interactions, as in the growing that you do, meaningful and game state changing, rather than post-indieist-quirky-play-for-10-min-and-forget-the-game-exists.


And uh, have you ever played a Unity game? They all use that .exe and data folder structure unless you put in effort to hide it.

That was pretty nice chill, it is fun to watch how the garden goes and managing it, still just a bit too fast imo. Looking forward for how the game develops!!

This was relaxing and enjoyable! The designs and world is cute and the music put me at ease. Gameplay-wise I really like the idea behind it and would probably sink a lot of time into it when finished.

A few things I ran into was that one NPC (lady near the fallen giant) only ever told me "more mushrooms" after I had planted bamboo and grass but never specified if I had fulfilled her wishes after. Also for some reason it became impossible to plant on about 80% of the places I had previously planted on. I figured maybe I needed to clear out some stuff to plant more but even after I had wiped out everything I had ever planted in game I was still unable to re-utilize most of those areas.

Thank you for this demo, it was definitely worth the experience!

Conversation with the bamboo/grass lady seemed kinda bugged. When I came back to her she'd only say the first half of any conversation and I could never tell if I had completed her task.

Aside from that I'd say watch out for resource utilization. You're spawning in a lot of objects that can spawn in more of themselves, so there's gonna be a CPU drain if you're instantiating and destroying the objects over and over. Object Factory design pattern would help with that.


I googled the Amanita and was surprised to find out that it was - indeed - the meme mushroom.

Also, I think I ran into a bug with the dialog system. After finishing  the dialog of a person (fulfilling their quest), they only ever show their first piece of dialog afterwards, no matter how hard I mash X.


thanks for reporting the bug, it's shown up a few times and i swear i fixed that exact one on the day of release

hello linux build plz


you get the special edition ground shader