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I had fun playing this. The potential it possesses to be a great Metroidvania is great and it will be exciting to see the project progress from here when you get to start working on an actual 'castle' (or equivalent) map.

The animation is clean and cute which both go a long way to making it fun to play and kept me engaged enough to give it multiple run throughs.

Combat felt good but I must admit in it's current form the shooting felt very unsatisfying. This will most likely change when/if it gets upgrades later.

The only thing I saw was that sometimes when killing the stacked turret enemies the top ones wouldn't fall down after clearing out a bottom one. This was rectified by killing the next one up which seemed to correct the logic and they would fall accordingly. Really good stuff here!

Don't worry, I do plan on having plenty of projectile upgrades in the long run. Thank you for playing the demo!