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A cute action RPG starring a qt 3.14 slime girl!
Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 6 hours before the deadline

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Pretty engaging. I played for about 39min and made it to Lv16. I put all of my skill points into HP+, HP Regen and movement speed which made me nigh unkillable. I am not sure of it is a glitch but when you complete your 3 hit combo, if you immediately tap and hold attack again the third part of the combo (the bladed twirl) will repeat itself giving you a 4 hit chain. I am unsure if this was what you wanted but it was fun to try and time it to get more damage.

Overall I had a lot of fun and you are on a really good path with this project. Thank you for sharing!


Some of the attack animations are a bit long. but I kinda guess that is the point is to make them faster with the skill system?

The game feels and controlls pretty good, the skill tree is a really compelling mechanic. I found out a way to trick enemies off of ledges. They kinda stop falling after just a little while and kinda just float in the air. Maybe you're aware of this.

Really cute style,  really digging the UI.  I was a bit confused what all the things on the skillmenu was. Maybe this game would benefit from having a more fleshed out tutorial?  Anyways, i had pretty fun with it, keep at it!


A bit on the easy side since all obstacles can be destroyed and level-ups are easy to come by early on. The only enemies I couldn't one-shot by the time I entered their rooms were the thunderclouds, and that was because all of my magic passed right under them instead of hitting.

Some things I noted:
*You can see the thundercloud's eyes through walls, such as the camerabot room with all the sand.
*Crouching automatically grants the effects of crouching, regardless of current animation state. That means you could be mid-combo, hit b, and you'd still be standing up but no one would target you.
*For the early levels, level reset costs increase faster than you can get currency.
*+10% and +20% movement speed bonuses actually confer ten times that amount. At level 19 I was able to take every speed boost but one and go Sonic-level speeds.
*It's possible to permanently miss out on experience points if they fall off a cliff or into unreachable areas.

Keep up the progress!

I made a video with a playthrough of your game, the keyboard overlay is on top of the minimap but that's only in the recording, I could see it fine while playing.


Pretty cool, i was expecting to grow bigger all the time. You can also hit enemies through glass and, i guess, other walls and obstacles.

Otherwise, a pretty competent game, i just wish for shorter attack animation, or some mobility during attacks.