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Sweet Fukushu Demo v0.4.4View game page

Samurai battle bloodfest
Submitted by LK (@LKTheDev) — 3 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit)

Got to the main menu and couldn't do anything from there. My cursor disappeared, my controller did nothing, and my keyboard was similarly useless.  The window was partially offscreen, so I tried using various Windows shortcuts to move it. Those didn't work either.

This is the 64-bit version, I'll try the 32/86 one later.


The controller support is a bit funky, would you mind trying launching it without the controller plugged in? 

Submitted (2 edits)

Alright, that made it work for some reason. Movement in the game feels like it could be smoother and the levels are somewhat annoying to navigate with all the transitions. Combat is super interesting, but it feels like Iaijitsu-style single thrusts register and kill better than anything else. Attempting to frantically wave my sword around on destructible objects led to only a few of my slices counting. In addition, if you don't need the mouse for clicking on scene elements, I'd suggest moving your sword movement from following the cursor while clicking to copying the cursor's movement while clicking. That way moving your cursor out of range of your character doesn't stop your attacks dead.

For glitches, I ran into the parallax issue other people had as well as the lord getting stuck. Here's a webm I took of the lord error.

The game does not launch for me. It either does nothing when I run the exe or throws a Windows crash report. I'm on Win 7.


I uploaded a 64-bit version, would you mind trying that one out? (Honestly unsure if it will help)

Sure, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately same story. If there's anything else I can do to help just let me know.


Parallax is still completely fucked and is bound to give someone a seizure.

Addition of a dash and backwards walking animation is great, but there's no reason not to just spamdash everywhere.

Combat feels a lot better, but the game ended abruptly for me, when the sensei couldn't come up to me and stuck in place shaking crazily.

Love your game, anon.


Not much has happened since last DD, but I'm glad you found the combat to be improved.

The parallax thing seem to only happen for certain people, I think it might be something spec related that I'm not taking into consideration. Would you mind posting specs?  (I assume it's related to the problem of the lord getting stuck too)

I appreciate you taking the time to try my demo again, I'm gonna get around to handing some new feedback your way too!

>Love your game, anon.

Y-you too. We're both gonna make it!!