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Sudokube (SteamGifts Demo)View game page

Now on Steam! Get ready to commit Sudokube!
Submitted by PhilBlank (@PhilBlankGames) — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline

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Haven't got that much too feedback on since last DD.  It plays pretty well, the addition of arrow keys was a huge improvement, ended up using only that and not the mouse. 

The only thing I can comment on is that the background music is a little "royalty free" sounding,  but that's honestly not a huge complaint even.

Love it, great concept, release it on mobile and you're going to tap into a huge market I think.  


Yeah, I'm replacing the music right now. The new stuff will be done by the guy who made the soundtrack for Tracks: The Train Set game.


I think the navigation is great the way it is, other than not being able to spin around the cube like crazy. I'll admit I was never good at Sudoku, so I appreciate the Beginner mode to ease players in. Nonetheless, I found it a little weird that Normal mode was locked from the start since you'd expect that to be the "normal playing experience".

Couldn't find any bugs and it was running really smooth. Hope your release goes well, it seems like a game that could get popular. Are you only releasing for Steam or also mobile later on? The GUI controls seem like they would transfer well.


Normal mode is locked because it's only 1/3rd done and so overconfident newbies don't try it out and get disheartened.

The release plan is Steam for Windows, then Steam for Mac and Linux, then DRM-free for all of those ( and maybe Big Fish Games if they'll have me). After that I'll try out mobile and figure out if I'd rather port it or just move onto another project.

Thanks for the feedback!


The navigation seems like a big improvement over the old version.

You might want to show if one side is solved correctly, or show what numbers are missing, but it might against your philosophy, since there seems to be no indication if the number you've put down is right.

Can't erase the placed numbers.

Unclear what tile you have selecte at the moment if you're selectin on of the "wrong" numbers you've put down.

No exit button.

Congrats on the looming release!


There actually is a system that shows what numbers are missing, but I need to make it darker and more noticeable (it's the colored background for each number).

"Can't erase placed numbers" Like the numbers you put down? You can erase them by hitting their number again, but I'll add in a backspace or clear option as well.

"Unclear what tile you have selecte at the moment if you're selectin on of the "wrong" numbers you've put down." Hm, good point. I'l look into that.

"No exit button." From the game or the main menu? In either case it's 'Esc', but the game will probably benefit from a GUI button as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

Here's a video of your game. Maybe I'm just getting retarded but I had a really hard time with it, I played sudoku before but the 4x4 grid and not being able to see the entire field really messed me up.


Yeah, the 3D element really makes it harder. I'd suggest sticking with Beginner mode until you understand what's going on.
There's a huge gap in difficulty between Beginner and Easy because you can play Beginner mindlessly (only looking for solo numbers). When players get to Easy and realize they have to take their own notes, it tends to trip them up.