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Submitted by Squire Grooktook — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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Yup, this is really fun. Love having so many mechanics to play around with in a shmup. Here's a vid. I've been having difficulty getting a feel for the melee attack's hitbox. It either feels massive or tiny, and there are moments where I felt like I hit the enemies visibly so) but it didn't register, usually when I try to hit enemies from the side. 19:51 was a bit frustrating, I got hit because I accidentally activated a special attack that I forgot even existed, instead of shielding. My fault for not refreshing my memory, but it's still frustrating that the inputs overlap in such an inconvenient way. Those wide aimed triangle bullet patterns feel a bit too quick for how much space they take up. It's very noticable during the second phase of the midboss where they're faster than both the aimed shots and the lines despite being more dangerous. 

This was a phenomenal experience. You know exactly what you want your project to be and you move towards that goal with finesse. Shooting felt tight and well designed and the stage itself was laid out beautifully.  You and your team are very talented and have a bright future ahead. Please continue to work towards your end goal! I look forward to seeing more in the future!

Attempting to set 'Escape' as a button for config exits the game. Probably best to let the player know if that's a reserved key.

Shooting controls were a bit confusing, as I'm sure you've heard many times before. I get that there's benefits to not firing, but they hardly felt worth it and I'd much rather have auto-fire so as to not kill my fingers. The bomb key didn't seem to do anything and the focus key did... something I never figured out, probably a projectile barrier but I think I saw it drain two bars instead of 1.

The level was fast but it wasn't all too difficult aside from a moment or two of tight bullet patterns. I never beat the boss, though, that form where they shoot aimed attacks and can't be hurt until you pop the bubble got me every time.

For some reason when I went to edit keyboard controls it would never save them so I have no idea what button focus or pause is. Which I would like to know b/c the default movement speed is a bit quick.

also more of a personal opinion but escape should not be an equivalent to alt+f4