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Entertaining for what it was! Very nice reflection effect on the floor but I can't help but feel that maybe the floor itself is scrolling in the wrong direction each time? I cannot really be sure and might be wrong but it would be something to take references on. This is a neat project you have going on here and I am interested to see where you go with it! Thank you for the submission!

That was a good catch, the floor really is scrolling in a wrong way. The original has "parallax textures", the top of those textures moves with a different speed than the bottom part. I couldn't implement that in time for this demo, so I had to make do with what worked.

The reflection is using additive alpha blending. Mugen in general is using a lot of interesting blending effects I hadn't seen before, so I'm learning a lot from working on this.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the kind words and for testing it!